Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spend More Time On Facebook?

Ok guys, how many of you spend more time on Facebook than doing your personal chores? I have to admit, I think I spend more time on Facebook than writing more entries in my blog that I used to. Oftentimes, whenever we start surfing on Facebook, we allowing the hours to wile away unnoticed  and the chores we tend to do is uncompleted. For me, I have to spend time doing my household chores first such as cooking, laundry and cleaning if necessary. However,  I cannot complain because Facebook and other social media help me to communicate with friends and family back home. It is one of my outlet whenever I am at home , feeling homesick and wanting to chat with friends and family. On the other side, it is addicting! But its depend on how you manage your  time! I've realized I have found most of my old time friends and classmates on Facebook that I never thought I still have in contact with.
To all my friends, readers and followers in blogospher, you can find me on Facebook.