Friday, September 30, 2011

Watching The Secret Circle with my circle of friends

Guest post written by Rachel Wilcox

My friends and I are pretty big on our TV shows. We'll get started watching a show and just get pretty obsessed with it. The latest show that we're fixated upon would have to be The Secret Circle. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that I'm so into this show because I really love The Vampire Diaries. They're on the same channel and made by the same people. Plus, the shows also sort of have the same type of feel. It just makes for a really great equation for me loving it.

I was aware of the book series but had never read it when I heard that they were making a show about it. So I looked up a whole bunch of stuff about it online and while I was doing that I ran across some internet service providers in my area. I showed it to my roommates and we decided to change our service over to it.

I've been having little watch parties for The Secret Circle TV show with my friends and we're so into the spoilers and drama. The supernatural stuff doesn't hurt either.

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