Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Best Time to Watch Doctor Who is the Present

Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton

Doctor Who', though an acquired taste, is my favorite science fiction show. Unlike other sci-fi productions, which usually involve elaborate space ships or special effects, 'Doctor Who' has continued the decades-old British tradition of presenting fantastic plots that do not rely on effects or dramatic action sequences. Instead, the show, which involves a time-traveler whose ship looks like a phone booth from the outside, focuses on unusual characters and a back story that becomes ever more complicated with each trip through time. The primary villains, the Daleks, are even somewhat comical in appearance, keeping the show within the other British tradition of portraying adventure with a sense of humor.

Unfortunately, though 'Doctor Who' is popular no American networks carry it on a first run basis, even though new episodes are being produced. That's why I watch this, my favorite science fiction show, on directstartv. There's no reason to wait months for the program to run first in England and then get disseminated here in the United States. This is especially so in the computer age, where any story spoiler can jump across the internet within minutes. Given that all time-travel stories rely on surprises, it's definitely a must for any 'Doctor Who' fan to see the episodes at the same time as the rest of the fan community.

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