Thursday, January 27, 2011

Future Retirement Gift

There is a really old guy at my old job who I thought was like at least a hundred years old. But I found out that he is actually just 65 year old. The reason I found out his age was because it is his time to retire. I would have thought he could have retired a long time ago. They wanted to get him a retirement gift so I started looking online for retirement gifts engraved. There are a lot of choices online. I wonder though what is the right one to get for a guy who looks and acts so old. I guess something simple will work the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working Out

I am starting to workout again. It is hard to get motivated to do the work and on top of that after a short workout my muscles are so sore. If I am not careful and work out too hard then I cannot even move the next day. I can barely walk. I did find a great device that I think would help with that post work out recovery. I found online a muscle stimulator which is a great aid to a quick recovery. I have actually used a similar device when I was getting physical therapy but it was a huge, expensive machine. I never imagined there was a small unit that was cheap enough for me to have one at home. I can't wait to try it and get over these sore muscles.

I wish

I am so happy because the Steelers won last Sunday that means they are going for the superbowl yehey.. I cannot wait on the next two weeks for the superbowl. I wish the steelers will win in the superbowl this time. I can't wait!

Man Cave

We are going to remodel our basement. I think it might be nice to just set it up so that it is for my husband to use. Sort of a real manly place. With just manly furniture, a big screen TV and lots of Sports kind of stuff. I found this great website with cabin furniture. Of course it is not a cabin but with that kind of furniture it would make the basement feel like that kind of place. There is so much stuff we need to do to the basement to make it habitable but the right kind of furniture could really set the place off. I can but all my frilly stuff upstairs and make it look really nice and let my husband have his way in the basement. Of course it would quickly be a mess in the basement.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday My Niece

Its my niece birthday's today who is in Korea. Its nice to just heard her saying thank you when we called her and greeted her a happy birthday. Time flies so quickly because she's already 6 years old. It is always nice to see both of them in webcam and heard them saying hello and thank you! They are so adorable! I'm not hoping to have a baby very soon but I am wishing to have one in God's perfect timing. I know God knows our hearts desire and he will grants our needs and wants in life.

Winter Weight

Grrrr.. I am tired of winter! The cold outside and the fact that the sun is down when I leave for work and when I get home means I never go outside and get enough exercise. Since I do not get as much exercise as I should then I put on the pounds. With the extra weight then I am looking for magic weight loss formula during the winter time. When the summer days come again it gets much easier to take off the extra pounds but it always seems that I never quite lose all the weight I gained over the winter. So this winter if I can keep the pounds off then I will not have so much to lose this summer and I might end the year skinnier that I started. That would be awesome!

Yipee, Home Early

Come home early from work is so much better compare to my old job. The sun is down already when I get home from work even its only 5AM. I miss the sun and I really want the winter to be over now. I hate the snow make me sick in fact I still have cough right now since last week. OH! I wish this cold weather ends. Btw, I am so happy with my new job now. I get to come home early and fix our dinner. I have more time to relax and chat with my friends and do some household chores. I know my life changed a lot when I changed my job and so happy with the one I have.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reality Show

Do you like to watch reality show? What reality show do you usually watch? Me, I really like to watch reality shows in fact, I am watching The Bachelor right now. It is one of my favorite shows but unfortunately, I don't really like the episode this season because I don't really like Brad to be the Bachelor lol.. Well, as it goes along I think I just keep watching will see where it goes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Do You have An Allergies?

Allergies are most common substance that occurs into human body. It is dangerous because it reacts to our immune system that makes us suffer. There are some people are allergic to food, pollen, dust, and mold which is not something we have to live with it. My husband is allergic to pet hair that is why I cannot have pet in our house. But, its not the end of the world though. Allergies are curable. You can get a better treatment for your allergies. In allergy treatment austin they offer services that will treat your allergies and figure it out what causes your allergies. Contact them for more information.

It Is My Business

You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge . . . , but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. — Leviticus 19:18

In 1955, when the South was still highly segregated, Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, visited relatives in Mississippi. After Emmett “dared” to talk to a white woman, two white men brutally murdered him. An all-white, male jury found the two “not guilty” — after deliberating for barely an hour. The two men later confessed to the crime in a Life magazine article.

Following the verdict, Emmett’s mother said, “Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to Negroes in the South, I said, ‘That’s their business not mine.’ Now I know how wrong I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all.”

Making another’s concerns our own is what Leviticus 19:18 calls us to do: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus quotes this verse and interprets it as not placing any limitations on loving those around us (Matt. 22:39; Luke 10:25-37). Our neighbor doesn’t just mean someone close by; it’s anyone who has a need. We are to care for others as we care for ourselves.

To love our neighbor means to make the persecution, suffering, and injustice of our fellow human beings our own. It is the business of all who follow Christ.

— Marvin Williams

For Further Thought

How can we be a good neighbor? Be respectful to all.

Lend a hand. Volunteer. Join a neighborhood association. Speak up when others are treated unjustly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finding Your Brighter Future?

I am bachelor of secondary in profession in the Philippines. It always interests me whenever I see online education ads. Since I got here in the US in 2006, I've always thought about taking an online it degree. In fact, when I worked in Singapore few years ago, I enrolled in basic IT subjects there that helped me a lot. Wherever you go, using the modern technology is a must especially computers. I think studying online degree will help broaden my knowledge in different perspective and will help open the door to a better way of life. I've learned that gaining a certain credentials or certifications help you find a brighter future.

Almost Dinner Time Just Woke Up

Wow! I can't believe I sleep in most of the day. I woke up this morning and went back to sleep again. Its kind of hard when you're not feeling better and coughing isn't?
I really hope my cough go away. Still looking for the best remedy of my cough though.
I really want to eat mango with vinegar on it thought might help a little bit.

I really hate this kind of feeling. Feeling weak and keep coughing. I wanted to go out but its so cold and not feeling going out either. Hayss life!

Great Deals and Free Shipping Save You Even More

Believe it or not my desktop computer at home is 10 year old. My husband said, he had this even before I got here 4 yrs ago. Although, I have my netbook and phone to check emails and surf, I cannot live without desktop computers because this where I can easily scan and print my documents that I need. I can get rid of everything but not my desktop computer at home. I think my desktop computer that I have now needs to be replaced because this was bought a decade ago. I need to find some good deals online! No one can beat shopping online with electronics like desktop computers because getting best deals and free shipping save you even more.

Yuck! I hate this cough. Seemed getting worse with the medicine I just took. What do you think is the best medicine for coughing?

Any suggestions? Btw, I really hate taking med when I'm sick because most times I had reaction to it.

Hope I feel better this weekend!

Shop With The Best Deals

Ok one my favorite stores to buy my electronic is Best Buy. In fact, I bought my netbook from best buy and I couldn't be happier. I really love it. So handy and I can carry it around the house or wherever I want to just relax. In best buy, you can get the best deals ever. That is why whenever I think about buying new gadgets; best buy always comes in my mind first.

Having Cough

Its been a great week for me. I changed job and I really like my 1 week at work. But, due to this weather condition, I am getting cold and starts coughing. I need to take some medicine this weekend so that I feel better on Monday and start a nice week at my new job. I hate having this cough but I think more rest and drink more water will help.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blow The Snow Away

Oh, it is time for snow! I really get tired of shoveling the snow so my Babe D got me a snowblower. The problem with snow blower is after a long summer you find it is in need of repair before the snow seasons starts. I found a great site for snowblower parts. If you need to get a parts quick 95% of all parts ship the same business day. You can return any part for any reason, even electrical or special order parts. Call or use live chat from 8:00 am until midnight 7 days a week. More than 1,500,000 parts for more than 125 brands. More than 200,000 high definition photographs. Easy to use part replacement videos. Free online repair help for most repairs. Appeared in more than 5,000 magazines, newspapers and TV news programs. If you have a snow blower you need to check out this site.

After The New Year

Its been a very relaxing weekend today. After we ate outside with my family to celebrate my husband's birthday, now we just relax and ready for work tomorrow. I know it is very hard to go back to work after a very nice weekend with all the celebrations and eating of great foods.
How's your new year celebration? Wish you all had a great new year and more productive 2011.
Again, wishing my husband a very happy birthday. You know, how much I love you and meant so much to me. Thanks for always make me smile and for your love. I am always here for you today and forever.

Happy birthday my love.

Colon Blow

You know after I eat a huge meal I found a great way to get rid of all that bloat. I love to use a natural colon cleanser. It gets rid of all that excess stuff in your colon and makes you feel healthier. Of course it is not so good to use it everyday but once in a while I really feel better to use them. It is very helpful after those time like Christmas day when I over eat. It makes me feel a lot lighter. I recommend you try it yourself. If you try it let me know how it works for you.

Its Your Special Day

Happy Birthday to my Babe D. May your day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with ME. You give everything I've longed for, you've made my dreams come true. But the greatest gift of all is to be loved by YOU. Happy Birthday. ^^143 muah^^