Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Whatever your holiday this season brings; Wishing everyone especially our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2012 to come. Hoping for peace on earth and good will to all!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do You Need Sunglasses? Check This Out!

How many sunglasses do you own? Do you need sunglasses? Well, for my own personal opinion I really need to wear sunglasses whether I am driving or outdoors in fact, I own few pairs of sunglasses. So,why people buying sunglasses? For some people, they bought sunglasses and worn for many reasons. Some people buy sunglasses purely as a fashion accessory. For me, I need sunglasses for comfortable and protect my eyes without any distortion. It protect my eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. We know that these invisible UV rays can damage our eyes if we don't wear sun protection which includes the use of sunglasses, is one of the most essentials. If you ever have a plan to buy a sunglasses, try Native Sunglasses. They were all made unique sunglasses that providing 100% UVA/UVB protection and it come with an authentic native faux-leather velcro-seal semi-hard case or soft pouch. Check it out!!

Fil-Ams kickoff Christmas celebrations

NEW YORK - There’s definitely no stopping Christmas for the Filipino-American community in the tri-state area as the season kicked off over the weekend with a host of celebrations ushering in the holidays.

Over the weekend, the Philippine Consulate General lighted its capiz Christmas lanterns window display while the San Lorenzo Ruiz choir sang Filipino Christmas tunes that set the mood for the event.

A few blocks north at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, preparations were underway for the fifth annual staging of the Simbang Gabi sa Katedral. Hundreds of Filipinos from the Northeast trooped to the cathedral to attend what is fast becoming an annual tradition in the Filipino community. Read more article..

Want To Buy Shoes? Get The Coupons!

One of my favorites to shop is shoes. I have so many pairs of shoes that I couldn't imagine I can wear them all. I shop on the stores and even online. I really love to wear different shoes everyday to work and match with the outfit I wear. Of course I am always looking for the best deals whenever I shop for my shoes. I love to gather coupons from different stores and bring it with me whenever I go to the stores, the same with my online shopping. One of my favorites store is Famous Footwear. They have tons of coupons from their store that you can get the best savings ever. If you what to get the famous footwear coupons, visit that link and start savings. The best way to save money and get some great deals when you have coupons!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Present

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I am buying my husband an iPad for Christmas this year. He says that all of the people he works with have an iPad and now he really wants one. Every day he tries to justify to me why he needs one, when he already has a perfectly good laptop. He thinks that there is no way that I would ever get him one, which is why it is going to be the best Christmas present ever. He had mentioned something about being able to link your iPad to your tv and then you are able to see everything on the iPad screen on your tv screen. We have DirectTV, so I decided to search direct tv ipad online to find out if we have this feature with our package. It turns out we do! So, my husband will have a new iPad and will be able to show off all of the cool stuff it does by showing it on our tv screen. I know he is going to be excited and I am actually looking forward to using it too.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

At Work Under Construction

The Massey Hyundai Building is currently under Construction. If you want to stop by and check out our New and Pre-Owned vehicles, Sales Office temporarily moved into the trailer. We are sorry for the inconvenience and be Caution to the Construction Area! Check out our daily progress!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Watching The Secret Circle with my circle of friends

Guest post written by Rachel Wilcox

My friends and I are pretty big on our TV shows. We'll get started watching a show and just get pretty obsessed with it. The latest show that we're fixated upon would have to be The Secret Circle. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that I'm so into this show because I really love The Vampire Diaries. They're on the same channel and made by the same people. Plus, the shows also sort of have the same type of feel. It just makes for a really great equation for me loving it.

I was aware of the book series but had never read it when I heard that they were making a show about it. So I looked up a whole bunch of stuff about it online and while I was doing that I ran across some internet service providers in my area. I showed it to my roommates and we decided to change our service over to it.

I've been having little watch parties for The Secret Circle TV show with my friends and we're so into the spoilers and drama. The supernatural stuff doesn't hurt either.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ring With Some Bling

You know, I did not get an engagement ring before I got married but I have the wedding ring of course. My husband sort of cheated and I got a ring after we were already married. It really did not matter when I got the ring though, what is more important he loves me. Now, that I have the ring though I want to know how to take care of it. I like to look for website that show someone tips on how to care for your engagement ring. I worry about losing the ring as much taking care of it. I love my ring and want to make sure it last for the rest of my life so I am going to take care of it for sure.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Cash In A Pinch

Are you short of cash and live in or near Florida? Then, you need to check out car title loans Florida. You can find a little extra spending money to get you to your next paycheck. It may not be something you need very often but when that emergency arises you will be glad it is there. Of course it would be best if we could just manage our money so that we don't need the emergency cash. But of course if all our expenses were foreseen then they would not be emergencies.

Happy Labor Day

It's a Labor Day here in the States. Most stores have huge sale and I think its best time to buy some stuff that you need. But, I decided not to go in the mall because I just feel really tired with all the cleaning on the weekend. I'm glad I only work half day today so I get to cook our lunch and dinner and get to relax with the husband after cleaning up all the mess in the house. I know, we still have more clean up to do but at least we did a lot done! I think we both excited to move out for the complete remodel of our house.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Collector Coins

Back when my husband was in the military he told me about how when he went to visit other units they would always give a gift of a coin. He has a huge collection of military challenge coins which he loves to look at. They bring back a bunch of memories of his time in the Navy. They are often associated with fun and travel so they are fun to think about. You can find those coins today online and buy them yourself. There are more than just coins for the military. You can start a new collection or maybe even create one for the business you work in. Check it out today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fil-Am group pushes for SAVE Act

LOS ANGELES – On the day of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.’s 28th death anniversary, a group of Filipino Americans vowed to continue the former senator’s values.

“He always said that a Filipino is worth dying for,” said Attorney Roman Mosqueda. “It’s time for us Filipinos to reflect on who he is and what he stood for.”

Mosqueda along with Attorney Ramoncito Ocampo have started a new Fil-Am organization aimed at politically empowering Filipinos in the US and the Philippines. The organization called Filipino-American Movement for Empowerment or FAME is “going to be an advocacy group dedicated for the economic and political empowerment of Filipinos and Fil-Ams.” Read more article..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5th Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 5th yr since we got married in Singapore. Its nice to reminisce the day we get married that brought memories how things was like when we first met. It is hard to believe how the time has passed so quickly. I remember the hours and hours we spend online chatting and talking on the phone. Right from the first time we met there was a strong connection. If you would have told us 5 yrs ago that we would be sitting next to each other right now, I would have thought you were crazy. It is nice to be close to the one you love especially when we started so far apart. Even if there is a great distance between two hearts, if they are meant to be together they will find a way to unite. Our marriage is a testament to that fact. Happy 5th yr wedding Anniversary Babe D!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be Aware, Be Alert And Be Safe

There is no safe in this world! I am always worried about my identity. Whenever I shop online or in the store using my credit cards I am always concerned my personal information can be stolen. However, I've seen on TV how to prevent this from happening! The kind of technology theft used is called RFID which means Radio Frequency Identification. They can steal your credit cards and other personal information without even touching your wallet or purse! Isn't that scary? Thanks to Stronghold rfid credit cards blocking products that will prevent electronic, pickpocketing and identify theft by blocking personal information being sent by radio waves from my credit cards and other ID cards. If you want to be safe and protect your personal information, check out all their products from secure sleeves for payment and ID cards, signal blocking cell phone bag, secure badge holders for ID cards, RFID blocking leather products and more.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stay In Shape At Home And Learn Some Dance Moves

Did you own a Wii fit at home? Then, bring the exhilarating fitness party right into your living room! Great music zumba game will teach you some of the red-hot international dance steps with sexy Latin music zumba which blend together to create an addictively fun, yet challenging exercise party focused on the joy of movement. It also teach some dance moves while you dance and sweat away to up-tempo music zumba, you stay in shape and learn the steps to the zumba workout routine. The popularity of the workout has led to packed gyms and community centers all around the country, but now you and your workout dance partners can join the party at home via your Wii. How cool is that?

Undocumented Student Calls On Filipino Community

LOS ANGELES – One of the undocumented students arrested after a protest earlier in the week is calling for the greater Asian and Filipino community to rally behind the DREAM Act, Comprehensive immigration reform, and the immigrant rights movement.

Ju Hong, an undocumented UC Berkeley student originally from South Korea, was among the seven undocumented students arrested on Tuesday after a protest at San Bernardino Valley College.

About 200 protesters gathered at the college to protest the county’s cracks down on illegal immigrants and school police allegedly working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to detain undocumented students.

Hong said there were about only a handful, maybe more, of Filipino and Asians in the protest, a disappointing showing for the community given the large number of Asian and Filipino undocumented immigrants living in California and the US. Read More Article

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coolest Personalized Gifts Check It Out

WOW! I found a great website that personalized gifts for any special events and occasions. From Wedding, Anniversay, Birthday, For the Home, Business Gift and a lot more! I am browsing the website for an hour now because they have so many cool stuff that I really want to buy and put in my home. I cannot stop looking at their doormats that I can personalized and put in my front door. I am very impressed by reading their customers review, they said a lot of good things about Personal Creations. Honestly, I will definitely order from this website and get the memorable doormats that I am looking for. I really like their customized family name doormats that will give a nice message to everyone who visits my home. The scroll heart design is so attractive!

Philippines: No word from 2 Americans' abductors

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine officials said Wednesday they have received no word from the abductors of a naturalized American woman, her teenage son and Filipino nephew a day after they were seized by suspected Muslim militants.

More than a dozen gunmen seized Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann, her 14-year-old son and 19-year-old nephew from the relatives' house they were visiting on an island village near southern Zamboanga city.

The head of a government crisis committee, Zamboanga Mayor Celso Lobregat, said authorities were verifying reports that the hostages were taken aboard two boats to nearby Basilan Island.

The area is a stronghold of al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf extremists who have been blamed for ransom kidnappings and deadly bombings over the past two decades. Philippine military officials said they are also looking at a possible involvement of a commander of the largest Muslim separatist group which has a formal cease-fire with the government. Read More..

Best Way To Convey Important Information About Your Business

Banner stands are a great way to advertise when you're looking to promote your business or services. We do actually used banner stands at work because it is important role in bringing in possible customers. I think investing in advertising campaign is very important for any companies and Display Banner Stands should be essential. It can be designed with a company logo or graphics, and include the important information to convey to prospective clients.
Another reason why companies love to display banner stands is because it is highly attractive and eye catching. You can find online a wide selection of display banner stands including roll up banners, promotional flags, and graphic displays. Display banner stands are the most economical and easiest way to use marketing functions.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Which Diet Pill Works For You?

Keeping in shape could be a real challenge for many people, and there are just some who do not have the time to get up and move instead, they are looking for a diet pill!
With so many diet pills and diet supplement out there and many people claims of quick and easy weight loss, I think it only comes down to which is the best reviews and advice you can trust on which diet pills are right for you. There are some best diet pill that works fast and you lose weight quickly. I think in order to lose fat quickly, you'll need to select the best diet pills! If you really are looking for best diet pill and you want to lose weight fast, easily with clinically proven, best reviews and advice, click the link above.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dollar Is Losing Value

The U.S. dollar is most easily measured by its exchange rate, which compares its value to other currencies. Currency exchange rates allow you to determine how much of one currency you can exchange for another. Exchange rates change every day because currencies are traded on the foreign exchange market, known as forex. A currency's forex value depends on a lot of factors, including Central Bank interest rates, the country's debt levels, and the strength of its economy. Most countries allow their currencies to be determined by the forex market. This is known as a flexible exchange rate..Read More Article

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Advertise Your Business By Using Ad Flags

At work we used feather flags for advertising. We put up in front of the building to catch people's attention. It is very useful because people can easily see the ad flags when driving by so it make them think there's something going on. The best thing about feather flags it draws attention to your business! How cool is that?
So, if you're looking for feather flags or a huge flags for your business, they have all kinds of flags! From advertising Flags, Banners, Home, Garden, Sports, National, Military, Patriotic, Historical, International, and much more!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah! July 4th is few days away. I know most of us in the States have a 3-day weekend, which is pretty exciting. I'm hoping to get caught on some chores around the house and packing some stuff to send for the family. I am excited because this is my first time in a long time to have a 3 day weekend since I left my old job. I am also looking forward to have a very relaxing weekend and spend quality time with the husband.

Hope everybody is having a great evening!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do You Love Shoes?

Who loves shoes? Well, I know most woman love shoes of course! I have so many pairs of shoes that I thought I could wear them all, but most of them were just sit in my closet and never wear them for many years. Lately, I've been doing some clean up to send them home for the family. I cannot imagine allowing those old shoes that I never wear again to just sit in my closet and taking up more space. However, I have some favorite pairs of shoes that I want to keep. One of them were my easy spirit shoes. I really love my easy spirit brand of shoes. It is very cute when I pair it with jeans or shorts plus it is so comfortable to wear! I think I just love the classic styling of easy spirit though when it comes to quality perspective, it is beyond amazing!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Worth Reading For

For all its benefits, the Internet can be a hassle when it comes to remembering passwords for email, banking, social networking and shopping.

Many people use just a single password across the Web. That's a bad idea, say online-security experts. Read more article..
Source: Yahoo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do You Smoke?

Do you love cigars? If you do, you will love and appreciate the cigars from camacho triple maduro. They offer a huge array of cigars at unbelievable prices. If you are looking to buy cigars online, they were the famous online cigar store where you can find all the different brands of cigars that you are looking for. They also offer free shipping to most brands when you purchase any box or bundle. So, for more information about their online cigar selection or to buy cigars online, click the link above to visit their online store.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Need A Projector For Your Home?

Are you looking for a home dlp projector? The smart choice is to find The Source online. They have a huge selection of projectors for office or home. If I were in the market of projector right now, of course I would do a lot of searching but I would stop my shopping at The Source.
Basically, finding the right projector comes down to deciding the picture quality you can compromise on, and a quality retailer with consistently low prices that you can trust and of course it will fit within your budget. I think The Source always providing what they promise and offers high affordable quality projectors. Check them out!

Thank You, Thank You

Weeks ago, my computer blew up due to over heated I guess. It's been a week I was patiently waiting for the husband to transfer all my stuff from my old hard drive to the new one. Finally, he did it last night and I was so happy! I never thought I could still recover all my stuff from the old computer though but Thank God for saving those for me! I had so much stuff on my old comp which I really don't want to lose. I couldn't believe the husband did it! I guess I have to trust him huh lol.....

Connect And Share Everything by Video And Web Conferencing

Today's economy, businesses are looking for efficient ways to reach out to customers, partners and employees to do more and travel less. By using the most powerful technology which is the internet, we can share any application on our computer in real time. By web conferencing, its an easy and very affordable way to have long distance business meetings. It is also a great way to gather people in a convenient and effective business setting while reducing expenses and optimizing time management. Megameeting web conferencing software is a leading provider on the web and video conferencing solutions that allows you to choose from a variety of a web conferencing services for meetings, events, training and support. Online meetings and webinars will start with one click, connect instantly. Try Free Live Demo by clicking the link above.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Celebrity Of The Day At Massey Hyundai

Wew! NBA Star Jamaal Tinsley bought a Sonata Hybrid for his niece from Massey Hyundai. I was lucky enough to get a picture with him. Made my day!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eating Before And After

My Husband has been working hard to lose weight. He has been working out hard and really watching what he eats. He has been very conscious to make sure that he eats well after he has worked out and to take his supplements. The other aspect that he must keep in mind is the pre workout supplements that can be taken. Eating before and eating after you work out are equally important to make sure you get a good work out. This goes a long way toward meeting weight loss goals!

Need A Spoiler For Your Car?

My work place at Massey Hyundai received the first shipment of spoiler for the new 2011 Sonata. They are flying out of the store like hot cakes. Stop by today and have yours installed before we sell out of your color. Supplies right now are limited. So Hurry to get yours installed! You can give us a call at 301-739-6756.

Burn the Fat

Burn fat, burn fat, that is what my husband spends his day thinking about. He wants to burn all the fat off of his belly. I was reading the other day some oxyelite pro reviews and was surprised about how effective a fat burner it can be. A person can work out all day and count every calorie and still they can put on fat. To get the weight back off they need to burn more fat than they put on. You would think something like eating less then you burn would be easy but as we all know there is nothing more difficult in life!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Save Your Papers Electronically

I always like to have my family send me documents from home. I found some really great document scanning software that helps a lot. When you like to do a lot of scanning the right software can make the difference between hours of work only to end up with unreadable junk and being finished in a few minutes and have beautiful documents. Nowadays, there is no reason to keep anything on paper when you can have it all saved electronically. What used to take up a whole room of storage can fit on a couple of inches of hard drive?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doctor At Home

I know a boy who has a heart problem. He goes to see the heart doctor twice a year and every visit they do an ecg. I was thinking how much would really cost for him to just buy the machine and do them at home himself. I did find a machine online that would not be so expensive compared to the cost of the visit but even if you can get the reading you need to have a doctor read the results. Of course this is what makes the cost of a visit so much higher. So I think even though it would be cool to get a machine to get it read properly you need to visit the doctor.

How's Your Weekend?

Well, I spent a relaxing weekend with the husband. As usual, we do lots of clean up and just spent time together. We keep thinking about making a trip somewhere, but decided to wait the next weekend. It is nice to spend time with your loveone doing things together. Tomorrow is another day at work! Wish to start a good tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What kind of building do you like?

Brick is cool! Wood is better but personally I think that metal buildings are the best of all. The question is why metal is the best building? Lately there has been a lot of news about tornadoes. When a tornado is coming you do not what to be in a flimsy wooden house. A brick house is better but when the wind blows hard enough the walls will still come down. When you put up a metal building you can be sure that it will last for many years. It will last through the worst that weather can throw at it. I am not sure if a metal building is good for a house but if you are putting up a business it is the way to go!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Personalize Your Hyundai Car at

Do you know that you can order accessories for your New Hyundai all from the comfort of your own home? You need to check out our new tab at Not only can you find what the hottest new accessories are for your brand new Hyundai, there are accessories for some older models also.

To introduce our new program we are offering 10% off all accessories ordered through the website. Hurry before this offer ends!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Zumba From Home

If you are over weight, have you ever think about exercising? I think about exercise all day long. I want to burn calories. If you burn more calories than you take then, you will lose weight. Of course we are always trying to lose weight that is why I am always trying to think of ways to exercise that I find enjoyable. I love to go to the gym and do the zumba classes but the gym is all the way across town and I find it difficult to attend the classes due to my work schedule. So I was so excited to find out that they now have zumba for the wii. I will now be at home burning thousands of calories while enjoying myself.

Another Victory For Filipinos

LAS VEGAS (AP)—Manny Pacquiao won a lopsided 12-round decision over Sugar Shane Mosley on Saturday night, retaining his WBO welterweight title with his 14th consecutive victory.

Pacquiao (54-3-2) didn’t get the knockout he wanted, but the Filipino Congressman retained his position the most dominant and exciting fighter in the sport, methodically beating Mosley (46-7-1) at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao knocked Mosley down with a left hook in the third round, a punch that seemed to sap Mosley’s willingness to engage. Pacquiao ran after Mosley the rest of the fight, but the former champion who has never been stopped in 18 years in the ring managed to finish the 12th round on his feet.

Pacquiao won 120-108 on one scorecard, 120-107 on a second and 119-108 on the third. The Associated Press had him winning 118-110. Read More Article

Wood Working

A friend of mine is really into wood working. He loves to tinker in his basement with wood and makes some awesome furniture. He has all the tools need to work the wood into its most beautiful form. One item that he is always using up in his wood working is band saw blades. Beside the wood itself, which is another story all in itself, he is always looking for the best deal on blades. You can find blades at any hardware store but he want to find the best quality for the cheapest price. That is why he looks online to find what he wants. You could spend hours on end traveling from store to store or you could spend some time online and find what you need in no time and save money in the process.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Remodeling My Workplace Coming Soon

The remodeling of my workplace at Massey Hyundai is coming soon! Everybody is so excited including myself about the plan and can't wait to have my brand new desk-:) Go to Massey Auto Blog for more details. I will also give more updates on this blog so check out the huge change of Massey Building coming soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Winter Vacation in Aspen

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

My favorite winter travel destination is Aspen, Colorado. Every year, my family and I take a week-long trip there. We love to go the Aspen Snowmass ski resort. They have four different peaks which are Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk. It is always a good time, even though none of us can ski very well.

Along with that, we also spend quite a bit of time in the downtown area. They have a lot of great restaurants and upscale shopping areas. Some of the high-end stores they have are Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Burberry and Dior. These are always fun to shop around at because we do not have any of them around our hometown area.

Before we travel to Aspen, we spend quite a bit of time packing. Since the weather there is a lot colder than we are used to, we make sure to pack a lot of warm clothing. Not only that, but I also make sure to set the home security alarm from prior to traveling. Then, we are finally vacation bound for the week.

Aspen, Colorado is a great vacation destination. My family and I always have a great time. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fun winter vacation to take. Whether you have kids or it is just adults, it is a great place to spend some time.

Check This Out If You Want To Trade-In Your Car

Hyundai Motor America, which pioneered the recession-era program enabling buyers to walk away from new cars if they lost their jobs, has a new gambit: It will guarantee customers a trade-in value for a vehicle at the time of purchase.

The new program under Hyundai's "Assurance" marketing banner will give buyers a definitive price on their future used car years in advance, said John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, speaking here at the New York International Auto Show.

From The Detroit News!

The Best Time to Watch Doctor Who is the Present

Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton

Doctor Who', though an acquired taste, is my favorite science fiction show. Unlike other sci-fi productions, which usually involve elaborate space ships or special effects, 'Doctor Who' has continued the decades-old British tradition of presenting fantastic plots that do not rely on effects or dramatic action sequences. Instead, the show, which involves a time-traveler whose ship looks like a phone booth from the outside, focuses on unusual characters and a back story that becomes ever more complicated with each trip through time. The primary villains, the Daleks, are even somewhat comical in appearance, keeping the show within the other British tradition of portraying adventure with a sense of humor.

Unfortunately, though 'Doctor Who' is popular no American networks carry it on a first run basis, even though new episodes are being produced. That's why I watch this, my favorite science fiction show, on directstartv. There's no reason to wait months for the program to run first in England and then get disseminated here in the United States. This is especially so in the computer age, where any story spoiler can jump across the internet within minutes. Given that all time-travel stories rely on surprises, it's definitely a must for any 'Doctor Who' fan to see the episodes at the same time as the rest of the fan community.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Mother's 58th Birthday

Looking back through the years, I can't imagine how I missed my parent's birthday. Today is my Mamang's 58th birthday. I can't help being very emotional when remembering my Mamang's special day. It’s been many years I was not with her every time she celebrated her birthday which I missed the most. Thinking about her today without me again makes me cry. Ok, what more I can say, No One like my mother! She's the best mother in the world. She's more than a mother to me, she's my mother I can proud to be because I am nothing in this world without her! We wished her good health and many more birthday's to come in the coming years.

I thank the Lord for giving her another year to live. Happy Birthday to my "MAMANG WE"!

Invest For Your Future

Thanks to the Helicopter Ben and the Federal Reserve the value of the dollar is dropping like a rock. It is one of the main reasons that the price of oil and food is climbing. There is only one way to protect yourself from the coming inflation. That protection is to buy gold coins. With Gold you have on hand the value cannot be destroyed in the way that the value of the dollar is being destroyed. Inflation is coming and you can bet that every household will feel its effects. Take action today and make sure you protect your money!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Great Weekend

The husband sis from Virginia Beach is in town. We have a great time and everyone seems had fun despite with the nasty weather today. Hope tomorrow the weather isn't as bad because it is going to be another great and fun day! It's nice they came visit for a few days so we all get to spend a family time together!
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did You Pump Your Own Gas?

Of course NOT in the Philippines lol. I never thought in my wildest dream that here in the US I have to pump my own gas. When I first learned how to drive, I told myself there's no way I have to pump my own gas and I don't know how to do it lol. But I did it anyway, because nobody will help you heh... Almost every station here have no service person. But, the good news is when I pumped my own gas the first time, I knew I will enjoy doing it,
it is quicker than I thought.

Well, speaking about gas, people are freak out about the high price of gas in the world market today. I myself am so worried about my future what would happen if the price of gas continues to increase everyday. What do you think will happen to our country if all the commodity prices continue to raise especially the gas price? Many people would suffer of course! As one of a gas consumer I always decide where to purchase cheaper gas for my car whenever I need to put gas in it. However, will it save me money on the gas then it costs to drive to the cheaper gas station? Luckily, my car is 2011 Hyundai Elantra its 40-47 miles per gallon. You cannot beat that for sure!

Quick Healing Help?

A friend of mine hurt himself while playing basketball. He is a little bit older and he was worried about how long it would take to heal the injury. When he was younger he would heal quickly but now things are not so quick. Reading about all those professional athletes who use different kinds of testosterone gels he got the idea to give them a try. If it can work for a professional athlete to heal in a very short period of time it would still work for the casual athlete who just does not want to limp for month. I cannot wait to hear how it works out for him. I am sure he may have to try a few different gels to see what works the best.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Looking For A Gift?

I am tired of thinking about a diet whenever I see a very tasty and tempting chocolate covered strawberry. And the best one I found in Sharis cherries where you can find all the different covered sweet cherries. I remembered the first time I ate sweet cherries last Christmas my mother in-law bought for us and it was so good and tasty, the best I've ever had. What I really like about Sharis cherries is they have all the cherries you've been craving for on all different occasions. So, if you're thinking about getting a gift for a friend or love ones I think Sharis Cherries is the best place to shop online.

Never Ending Trip

You can't believe this family who have been traveling around the world in 11 years straight.
Wow! how did they survived? I don't know!
Well, It is very interesting to read about their whole story in this article.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do Your Research

Do you know what are the best pre workout supplements? I do not know for sure what are the best on the market today. There are so many choices you can spend hours and hours reading about all the options. I personally have spent hours reading about all the supplements that I think about putting in my body. That is why I really appreciate a good website that helps consolidate all the information. That cuts down on the hours of research that normally I do when I am thinking about trying a new supplement.

Yeah, Off To Bed

Yeah! I feel a bit tired today. Not sure why but it seems I had a long day at work. I never feel so tired like this in a long time. I might need more rest and sleep early tonight so that when I wake up tomorrow I feel better and get ready for work. Well, tomorrow is the last day of the month so might as well we get busy at work!

Make Sure It's On

It is so ironic how much our lives have been ruled by electronic gear. With our dependence on all these electronics comes the need for batteries. I hate when my equipment suddenly dies because the psp batteries are dead. Even worse when you go reach in the drawer for some new ones and they are all gone. So I make sure that I am really stocked up. It takes months before my batteries are all gone. If the power goes out you can be sure that I have a flashlight that really works.

Reminiscing The Past

When I was a kid my brothers play sports but now they were older they realize that trophies are part of their memories. It has been many decades since I have actually watched them play sports but I still love to look at all those trophies and remember their games, the team mates and the coaches. I think it is neat to make sure there are trophies involved so that when they grow older they have something to remember in their past time.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exclusive Benefits At Massey Hyundai, Check it Out

Today we had a short meeting about the launching of the Massey Rewards and Massey Car Club. I think its an amazing program that will benefit a lot of people especially the Massey Customers. You can save tons of dollars by just earning points toward your next vehicle purchase. Earn, Buy and Save as simple as that! You cannot find any dealerships around that offers a huge savings and discounts only at Massey Hyundai. As an employee at Massey Hyundai, I have a great privilege to avail on the rewards that help me save tons of money every time I shop online. The best thing about the Massey Program is you can join for free. Yes, it is absolutely free to join. Just go to Massey Website and learn more about the Massey Rewards. As soon as you log in to your member number, start savings and shopping online to over 200,000 merchants nationwide. You might as well want to check out our major participating retailers here.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank You My Friend

We just got home from a friend and her daughter's birthday party. It was fun chatting with friends whom I never seen for a while. The food was great! Glad I was able to ate the food I've been craving for. It was a good day for everybody. Thanks to Myra and Tom for having us.

Vitamins That Make You Skinny

Do you buy your vitamins online? Or do you prefer to go down to the Vitamin Stores and pick out a bottle? Either way there is a great new diet pill called adapexin-p. It is a lot harder to find in a store but online you can find it anywhere. I found a great website that I can order some today and almost have them tomorrow and even if I do not like what they sent me I can return them for a refund. So there is little down side to ordering your vitamins online. I do it all the time and I recommend it.

Daylight Saving Time Here

Its hard for me to understand when Daylight Saving Time came because I never used to have this time changing where I grew up. Although, I've been here in the US for at least 4 years already I still not get used to time changing every twice a year. Seriously? Yeah my family thought why we do need to change our own time that only GOD can control the time. I don't know! The only question they asked that I cannot tell them the answer. Really, I never thought either until I got here, but its hard to get used to it.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Better Be Safe And Secure

These days you can find hundreds and hundreds of choices for car insurance. You can find expensive car insurance and you can find cheap car insurance. It is amazing for the same kind of coverage you can find numerous different price tags. I love to shop and I can spend hours for shopping but when it comes to car insurance I have no heart for shopping. It is nice to find one of those websites that compares all of them together. It makes for one stop shopping and normally I do not like that because I like to shopping but as I said not for insurance.

Nice Weekend

Its nice to spend time with the husband this weekend. Often times he works on Saturdays but today he's home so I'm glad we get to spend time together while relaxing. We just stayed home pretty much all day and I think tomorrow were going to do the same thing. But, I need to move do some stuff before the brand new week will start on Monday.

I hope everybody is having a great weekend.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Feel Good Using Cleansing, Are You?

Sometime my stomach is feeling bloated. I hate when it is feeling huge. I feel good when I drink a colon cleanse. It really makes you feel better because it gets rid of all the toxins in your body. I would not recommend on every day but every few weeks it is really good for you. I recommend that you check out the colon cleansing reviews online to find out what product works best for you. You want to make sure you have a stretch of time to stay home because you do not want to get caught outside if you have take a dose of colon cleanser. It might end so well but at least you will feel detoxified....

Do You Forget Things?

Wow, time flies so quickly. February is almost over and I forget today is Gensan's Kalilangan Festival. How do I forget that? Well, my life has been so busy. Sometimes, I even forget what day and what year is it hahaha.. Seriously, when you're so busy, you no longer think what's going on around you, I don't know if its just me? Share me some inputs about this.

Printer For My Home

It is funny but a few years ago I never needed to use a printer. I had no use whatsoever. Now I cannot live without printing something almost every day. Even more, I cannot stand a slow printer. I love to look through those laser printers and dreaming of buying one for my home. It might be crazy to have such a printer in my house but really when you think about all the stuff you need to print it might just be worth it. For the same price as my cell phone, I can have an awesome printer that is crisp and fast and best of all right in my home.

This Is Really Sad

A Filipina woman committed suicide last week, after allegedly suffering abuse and forced prostitution by her Korean husband in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province.

Cathy Bonesa Mae Deocades, a 25-year-old woman from General Santos City, southern Philippines, was found to have hung herself at her home in Gongju on Jan. 11.

Before her death, Deocades was quoted by some of her friends in Korea and her family in the Philippines that her husband, identified only as Park, repeatedly abused her and tried to sell her to other men for sex.Read More Article

Clean Face Make A Huge Impact In Your Personality

Those teenage years can be the toughest. There are changes that are hard for the teenager to understand. They have new hormones that make them go a little bit crazy. For boys, their voices start to change and they grow like weeds. Sprouting up tall and almost unrecognizable. One bad side effect is that, they also break out with acne and those embarrassing scars that go with them. Luckily, there are many acne product you can find in store and online to help a teenager through those tough times. It is awkward enough internally help them on the outside too.

Its Amazing How I Found My Friends

I never thought I could find a lot of my high school and college friends, old friends, cousins and relatives on Facebook. Believe it or not, I found most of them which I never thought I could still have in contact with them. Some of them I never heard for many years and now we are communicating in a very powerful networking site. Its amazing how networking helps people to stay in touch wherever you are. Btw, I am so thankful because I'm able to stay in touch with some of my old friends and classmates. Hope it will stay forever.

Heal Yourself And Stay Healthier

Do you remember when you were young and you hurt yourself? It was like a few days and what ever ailed you was healed and forgotten. Now that we are older it takes weeks if not months to get healed. I sprained my ankle almost 6 months ago and it still hurts every day. There is new found secret to regaining that youthful healing experience. The new secret is human growth hormone. I found some research online that you can really help those injuries heal in a fraction of the time. In some cases you get even healthier than before the injury. If you need some healing you might want to give it a try.

Daily Routine

Sometimes I get tired of my routine everyday. I go to work, come home and relax. I often think about my life in the past was so much fun compare to my life now. I don't know why! But I do realized when you get married everything will changed. I just miss my life when I was still single I guess. I must admit, life in the Philippines is so much different than in the US. I used to chat with my neighbors when I was there and of course I have so many friends and family around. Well, well.... I just miss my country that's all!

Spend Time With Friends

Its been a great day with friends. First time in a long time I go out with friends and shopped around. It was nice to just have fun and spent time with them. Yeah, its been a while I never go out with friends due to my busy schedule at work. But, sometimes I've realized I need friends to be with and talk with. I used to have many friends when I was in Singapore and now I am married it seemed I have no friends because I am busy working. It doesn't mean I'm a bad friend but each of us has a priority in life that we want to accomplish. Over all, I think it was a great day and we had fun! Btw, thumps up to my friend Myra who is such a good cook of Filipino foods. I really miss my own food so today it suffice my cravings for so long.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hassle Free And Get Rewarded

Almost everyday I received mails from different banks which I could not imagine they are going to send me one. Whenever I opened the mail it says that I am qualified for having a credit card or a reward card. I think those banks were legitimate because some of them my husband knows about the bank is existing. But, I never tempted to apply for one. I spend more time thinking about it and gathering some information from friends, they said that visa reward cards is the best one to get because it will give you a reward points in every dollar you spend and no annual fee. Sounds good isn't? Nowadays, we need to be frugal and spend wisely with the tough economic times, great reward cards helps.

Still The Best

I am currently working at Massey Hyundai and I own a 2011 Hyundai car. Reading this article about Hyundai makes me so happy. I couldn't ask for a better car. For me, Hyundai car is the best! Read this Article.

Makeover For Your Home With Perfect Light Fixtures

Now, that we are on the process of having a new house, first come to my mind what kind of lights I want to put in my bathroom especially on the kitchen. I really want to have a very good lighting fixtures on my bathroom where I can spend an hour doing my hair and make up. It is very important for me to have the best lighting though I can hardly see small objects.
Well, I would surely shop for my home lighting online where I can get the best deal and great selections. I just cannot wait to have our house finish so that I can start shopping for our home decors and lightnings.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What If this Happens To You?

If your child has been caught stealing, you might have wondered, “Why would my child do this after everything we’ve taught him?” Many parents question their own abilities and wonder where they’ve gone wrong with their child when theft is involved. While it’s disappointing and frustrating for parents when their child steals, I firmly believe that in most cases, it’s a behavior that can be changed. Read full Article

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Baby

A friend of mine was having a baby and there were some problems at the hospital while she was giving birth. It was unfortunate that her baby had developed cerebral palsy. They think that it might be the fault of the hospital. She has been doing some research online and found some good websites of lawyers that deal with these kinds of cases everyday. They can get the help she needs for her baby and make sure the baby is taken care of properly for the rest of its life.

Its Worth to Spend a Min

This is worth to watch. We cannot argue on mother nature when it strikes. I couldn't imagine how many cars were just floating on the water. Click this link promise it is worth to watch....

Remodel Forever

Once again I get back to my favorite subject and that is remodeling our house. I guess I am always thinking about remodeling the house. Even if we are just done one room I start to think about redoing another room. Just doing a little surfing on the internet I soon come across something that gives me a new idea. I saw this awesome plantation shutter and it had me with a whole new plan for the living room. It does not take me much to find a new plan. I will never stop thinking about the house and how to redo it. We need to get several houses so I can keep working on one while we live in another.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Future Retirement Gift

There is a really old guy at my old job who I thought was like at least a hundred years old. But I found out that he is actually just 65 year old. The reason I found out his age was because it is his time to retire. I would have thought he could have retired a long time ago. They wanted to get him a retirement gift so I started looking online for retirement gifts engraved. There are a lot of choices online. I wonder though what is the right one to get for a guy who looks and acts so old. I guess something simple will work the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working Out

I am starting to workout again. It is hard to get motivated to do the work and on top of that after a short workout my muscles are so sore. If I am not careful and work out too hard then I cannot even move the next day. I can barely walk. I did find a great device that I think would help with that post work out recovery. I found online a muscle stimulator which is a great aid to a quick recovery. I have actually used a similar device when I was getting physical therapy but it was a huge, expensive machine. I never imagined there was a small unit that was cheap enough for me to have one at home. I can't wait to try it and get over these sore muscles.

I wish

I am so happy because the Steelers won last Sunday that means they are going for the superbowl yehey.. I cannot wait on the next two weeks for the superbowl. I wish the steelers will win in the superbowl this time. I can't wait!

Man Cave

We are going to remodel our basement. I think it might be nice to just set it up so that it is for my husband to use. Sort of a real manly place. With just manly furniture, a big screen TV and lots of Sports kind of stuff. I found this great website with cabin furniture. Of course it is not a cabin but with that kind of furniture it would make the basement feel like that kind of place. There is so much stuff we need to do to the basement to make it habitable but the right kind of furniture could really set the place off. I can but all my frilly stuff upstairs and make it look really nice and let my husband have his way in the basement. Of course it would quickly be a mess in the basement.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday My Niece

Its my niece birthday's today who is in Korea. Its nice to just heard her saying thank you when we called her and greeted her a happy birthday. Time flies so quickly because she's already 6 years old. It is always nice to see both of them in webcam and heard them saying hello and thank you! They are so adorable! I'm not hoping to have a baby very soon but I am wishing to have one in God's perfect timing. I know God knows our hearts desire and he will grants our needs and wants in life.

Winter Weight

Grrrr.. I am tired of winter! The cold outside and the fact that the sun is down when I leave for work and when I get home means I never go outside and get enough exercise. Since I do not get as much exercise as I should then I put on the pounds. With the extra weight then I am looking for magic weight loss formula during the winter time. When the summer days come again it gets much easier to take off the extra pounds but it always seems that I never quite lose all the weight I gained over the winter. So this winter if I can keep the pounds off then I will not have so much to lose this summer and I might end the year skinnier that I started. That would be awesome!

Yipee, Home Early

Come home early from work is so much better compare to my old job. The sun is down already when I get home from work even its only 5AM. I miss the sun and I really want the winter to be over now. I hate the snow make me sick in fact I still have cough right now since last week. OH! I wish this cold weather ends. Btw, I am so happy with my new job now. I get to come home early and fix our dinner. I have more time to relax and chat with my friends and do some household chores. I know my life changed a lot when I changed my job and so happy with the one I have.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reality Show

Do you like to watch reality show? What reality show do you usually watch? Me, I really like to watch reality shows in fact, I am watching The Bachelor right now. It is one of my favorite shows but unfortunately, I don't really like the episode this season because I don't really like Brad to be the Bachelor lol.. Well, as it goes along I think I just keep watching will see where it goes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Do You have An Allergies?

Allergies are most common substance that occurs into human body. It is dangerous because it reacts to our immune system that makes us suffer. There are some people are allergic to food, pollen, dust, and mold which is not something we have to live with it. My husband is allergic to pet hair that is why I cannot have pet in our house. But, its not the end of the world though. Allergies are curable. You can get a better treatment for your allergies. In allergy treatment austin they offer services that will treat your allergies and figure it out what causes your allergies. Contact them for more information.

It Is My Business

You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge . . . , but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. — Leviticus 19:18

In 1955, when the South was still highly segregated, Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, visited relatives in Mississippi. After Emmett “dared” to talk to a white woman, two white men brutally murdered him. An all-white, male jury found the two “not guilty” — after deliberating for barely an hour. The two men later confessed to the crime in a Life magazine article.

Following the verdict, Emmett’s mother said, “Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to Negroes in the South, I said, ‘That’s their business not mine.’ Now I know how wrong I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all.”

Making another’s concerns our own is what Leviticus 19:18 calls us to do: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus quotes this verse and interprets it as not placing any limitations on loving those around us (Matt. 22:39; Luke 10:25-37). Our neighbor doesn’t just mean someone close by; it’s anyone who has a need. We are to care for others as we care for ourselves.

To love our neighbor means to make the persecution, suffering, and injustice of our fellow human beings our own. It is the business of all who follow Christ.

— Marvin Williams

For Further Thought

How can we be a good neighbor? Be respectful to all.

Lend a hand. Volunteer. Join a neighborhood association. Speak up when others are treated unjustly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finding Your Brighter Future?

I am bachelor of secondary in profession in the Philippines. It always interests me whenever I see online education ads. Since I got here in the US in 2006, I've always thought about taking an online it degree. In fact, when I worked in Singapore few years ago, I enrolled in basic IT subjects there that helped me a lot. Wherever you go, using the modern technology is a must especially computers. I think studying online degree will help broaden my knowledge in different perspective and will help open the door to a better way of life. I've learned that gaining a certain credentials or certifications help you find a brighter future.

Almost Dinner Time Just Woke Up

Wow! I can't believe I sleep in most of the day. I woke up this morning and went back to sleep again. Its kind of hard when you're not feeling better and coughing isn't?
I really hope my cough go away. Still looking for the best remedy of my cough though.
I really want to eat mango with vinegar on it thought might help a little bit.

I really hate this kind of feeling. Feeling weak and keep coughing. I wanted to go out but its so cold and not feeling going out either. Hayss life!

Great Deals and Free Shipping Save You Even More

Believe it or not my desktop computer at home is 10 year old. My husband said, he had this even before I got here 4 yrs ago. Although, I have my netbook and phone to check emails and surf, I cannot live without desktop computers because this where I can easily scan and print my documents that I need. I can get rid of everything but not my desktop computer at home. I think my desktop computer that I have now needs to be replaced because this was bought a decade ago. I need to find some good deals online! No one can beat shopping online with electronics like desktop computers because getting best deals and free shipping save you even more.

Yuck! I hate this cough. Seemed getting worse with the medicine I just took. What do you think is the best medicine for coughing?

Any suggestions? Btw, I really hate taking med when I'm sick because most times I had reaction to it.

Hope I feel better this weekend!

Shop With The Best Deals

Ok one my favorite stores to buy my electronic is Best Buy. In fact, I bought my netbook from best buy and I couldn't be happier. I really love it. So handy and I can carry it around the house or wherever I want to just relax. In best buy, you can get the best deals ever. That is why whenever I think about buying new gadgets; best buy always comes in my mind first.

Having Cough

Its been a great week for me. I changed job and I really like my 1 week at work. But, due to this weather condition, I am getting cold and starts coughing. I need to take some medicine this weekend so that I feel better on Monday and start a nice week at my new job. I hate having this cough but I think more rest and drink more water will help.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blow The Snow Away

Oh, it is time for snow! I really get tired of shoveling the snow so my Babe D got me a snowblower. The problem with snow blower is after a long summer you find it is in need of repair before the snow seasons starts. I found a great site for snowblower parts. If you need to get a parts quick 95% of all parts ship the same business day. You can return any part for any reason, even electrical or special order parts. Call or use live chat from 8:00 am until midnight 7 days a week. More than 1,500,000 parts for more than 125 brands. More than 200,000 high definition photographs. Easy to use part replacement videos. Free online repair help for most repairs. Appeared in more than 5,000 magazines, newspapers and TV news programs. If you have a snow blower you need to check out this site.

After The New Year

Its been a very relaxing weekend today. After we ate outside with my family to celebrate my husband's birthday, now we just relax and ready for work tomorrow. I know it is very hard to go back to work after a very nice weekend with all the celebrations and eating of great foods.
How's your new year celebration? Wish you all had a great new year and more productive 2011.
Again, wishing my husband a very happy birthday. You know, how much I love you and meant so much to me. Thanks for always make me smile and for your love. I am always here for you today and forever.

Happy birthday my love.

Colon Blow

You know after I eat a huge meal I found a great way to get rid of all that bloat. I love to use a natural colon cleanser. It gets rid of all that excess stuff in your colon and makes you feel healthier. Of course it is not so good to use it everyday but once in a while I really feel better to use them. It is very helpful after those time like Christmas day when I over eat. It makes me feel a lot lighter. I recommend you try it yourself. If you try it let me know how it works for you.

Its Your Special Day

Happy Birthday to my Babe D. May your day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with ME. You give everything I've longed for, you've made my dreams come true. But the greatest gift of all is to be loved by YOU. Happy Birthday. ^^143 muah^^