Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dry Feet

There is only one thing I really hate, that is wet feet. I once bought the most expensive pair of boots and then the first time I wore them in the rain then I had soaked feet. I am thinking this year when I buy some new women's rain boots I am going to really get some water proof ones. I am not sure which I hate more that my feet are wet or that my head is cold. I can get a hat for my head but find boots for my feet which keep me dry are not so easy to find. I have found site though that has a lot of great affordable options. If your are looking for some great boots then check it out.

Happy ThanksGiving

Had a great THANKSGIVING dinner with my in-laws and family today. The best meal I've ever eaten. We had turkey, ham, the most delicious stuffing made of sour dough bread, cranberries, apple and sausage, candied sweet potatoes. We also have corn casserole, green beans casserole, rice cheese and broccoli casserole, salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and toasted pistachio.
For our dessert, we had Florida key lime cake, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and a bunch of other stuff I've never eaten before and I'm not sure what it was. Thanks to my mother in-law who is such a good cook. Hope I can cook like her-:) Btw, I'm getting better at cooking all kinds of recipes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shop till you drop

The time is almost upon us. I get so excited to go shopping on Black Friday. To be honest I can shop almost any days of the year but it seems like on that day the Christmas shopping season begins and that is when you can find the best deals of the whole year. On a normal day, I can shop for hours and hours and I am really good at finding the best deals in the store. It is nothing that can compare to Black Friday. Even the most novice of shoppers can find good deals on that day. But you might have to wake up a little early. For me being an avid shopper Friday is one of the greatest days of the year.


Wew! Tomorrow its Thanksgiving Day, that means its my day off. I think we just spend our thanksgiving day with my in laws next door. Glad I get to have a day off this week unfortunately, I need to go back to work on Black Friday. But, I will surely go shopping tomorrow after our Thanksgiving dinner to find some good deals. If I not find the things I need tomorrow, I might stop by in the store after work. OH boy! the road must be full tomorrow-:)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Friday Great Deals Don't Miss It

Christmas is just around the corner now. But Black Friday is a few days away and everyone around me is getting gear up to spend the early morning hours shopping. I am not so crazy about the crowds and I would rather sleep in so I think I will be more interested in Cyber Monday. You can find some deals that are just as good online but you never have to leave the warmth of your house and find that parking spot that seems to be a mile from the store. I am excited for Christmas but I think I will just do all my shopping online this year.

One Of My Favorite Shows

One of my favorite shows is amazing race. Today's episode is in Bangladesh. It looked very crowded and dirty. I was thinking it must be a little bit smelly for sure. I thought that being in Philippines was poor but watching that show I realized that Bangladesh is even more so. It was a really good show though I think my new favorites are the two ladies. They worked really hard and they were lucky not to get eliminated.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Burn That Fat and Stay Healthy

Health and dieting is very important nowadays to live your life to the fullest and achieving a healthy living and lifestyle. It is everyone's dream to stay healthy and stay away from illness. In order to achieve a healthy body, we need to eat healthy foods including healthy diet and exercise to enable us to attain the goal we have in life. There are times we need to take fat burning pills to help kick start our health and fitness plans. When we have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for many years getting back to a body shape that is comfortable and allows us to have a better standard of life is not so easy. That is when a little fat burning pill will get you started in the right direction.

Oh How I love Friday Night

Yah it is Friday and payday. Glad weekdays is over and get to relax on weekend. I am always happy when its Friday night because I can stay up late and chat with friends online and wake up late on Saturday morning.
Its been a great day today and I get to come home early from work. Now waiting for the husband to come home and think about what's for dinner.

What Stuff You Buy?

I send boxes home to Philippines every three or four times a year. Whenever I buy stuff to put in my boxes, I never forget to put cigars in it because my family love getting it and get to see different kinds of cigars especially from abroad. I love sending different kinds of stuff home though including cigars because my family likes to give it as a gift to their friends and neighbors. Now, I found the best place to find the cheap cigars to send home. I no longer stay in line for few hours in the store to buy some stuff to put in the box because I can find it in my finger tips. You know, shopping online is fun and you can save more time instead of going to the store, might as well just sit down in the couch watch tv at the same time using your laptop. How cool is that?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House Design

I am excited to be building a new house which is still on the process right now. The cool thing is we get to pick everything out for the house. I found a really great modern coffee table. I am probably going to design our entire living room around this one piece of furniture. It might seem a little crazy but it is better to start from the furniture and then pick out the carpet and paint from them. I might just look for another piece of furniture before I pick out the other stuff. I am so excited to style the entire house. Not just the living room but the kitchen and the bed rooms as well. We have some furniture but we will have to get a lot more.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watch Boxing

Its boxing time! Watching Manny and Margarito fights later makes me so nervous. You know why? Margarito is way to big than Manny. I hope for the filipino boxer's victory.
If you want to watch it on live. Click this link.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tickets To A Show

On weekend my husband loves to go to the theater. We are planning to travel to New York City to see the really good shows. So we like to find the ticket online before we go there. We found a really good website for theater tickets. You can find tickets for almost any shows you want to see. There are even tickets for shows that are not in New York. So if you are not wanting to travel so far then you might be able to find a show closer to home. These days the ticket prices are really good because of the economy they are trying to keep the seats full.

Much Better

Feel better for the last couple days because I was able to get out work early and have time to relax and make dinner. I hope work isn't so busy until the end of the year. Sometimes, I need time to rest and get home early. The last few months was so crazy at work because I always work late and come home so late. My body was so exhausted almost giving up. Now that work isn't so busy I want to make up time spending with my husband

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Buy A New Car?

If you buy a new car then you need to find some cheap auto insurance quotes. Why stick with expensive insurance that you had for years. If you are getting a new car then you need to think about that as a good time to find some new insurance. If you have a bad driving record then you might not have a choice but find new insurance. My brother in law sells cars so I get a lot of good advise from him about what to do when you are buying a car. The car that I bought from my brother in law, I know that I got a really great deal for that car and the insurance was really good too.
I am watching survivor right now, one of my favorite shows. It is interesting because they were on merged so its going to be an individual winnings. But I cannot still figure it out who's my favorites. Maybe the next few weeks I'm sure I will pick my favorite.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keep The Hot Tub Hot

My in laws have a hot tub. They love to go out even when it is cold outside. It is essential though to have a good cover when it is cold to keep the warm inside the tub. There are some really cool hot tub covers. Of course when you are in the tub the cover does not matter so much but there is a lot of time when the tub is not in use so the cover is what a lot of people see most of the time. There are some really neat covers. I am thinking about showing my in laws the new choices.

Ohhh, Winter Time

Its been a long day at work today. I never expect to come home late. I wish it will be a good day tomorrow so that I can go home early and have more time to relax.
Anyhow, winter is really here. I was freezing when I went out today and I can really feel that summer is over and winter is here.
Oh, how I miss summertime!