Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nice Weekend

Glad we had a relaxing weekend with the husband. Its been few weekends were not able to relax because the husband has to go to work on Saturdays but, this weekend he stayed home. I'm happy were able to spend time together because I miss those times just sitting on the couch and relax all day and night lol.. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend as well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clean up that face

If you could take an acne pills would you? I always think that you could just keep away acne by keeping your face clean but I know that there are just some people that cleaning is not enough. They need to take that pill to keep the acne away to prevent those unsightly scars that can stick with you the rest of your life. So I would say if you need to then take those pills.

Been So Busy

Its been so hard catching up in my blogs after almost 2 weeks of vacation in Philippines.
Now, that I am back I would try to update my blogs as much as I could despite having a busy schedule at work. Honestly, I really miss blogging in fact, I had so much fun when I entered into blogosphere. Now, that I am working hard to catch up though. However, I will try my best to keep my two blogs running.

Acne Problems?

The husband's son is now just starting in High School and he is hitting that age where acne is starting to show up and it is bothering him I can tell. So I was trying to find him some help. I went online and I found a very good website: It has a lot of helpful information and lots of products that can help him get rid of and keep away acne. I am always glad we found those sites that can help with everyday problems. There is so much information on the internet you can find anything about anything. So no matter what your problem is you can find places that will help you solve that problem. Give this site a try if you are having acne problems.


Lord, thank You for giving us peace. I've added "peace" to my own list of dynamic human values. Whenever I am troubled or afraid, I will accept Your gift of peace of mind and heart.
When you have been afraid, do you think to pray? When you have prayed, have you felt God's peace? Share a time when you were able to overcome fear with the peace that only God can provide.

Having trouble sleeping?

Some times I cannot sleep at night. I hate it because I lay in bed and know that the next day is going to be long day with me dragging and tired. Those nights when I cannot sleep I would give anything or do anything to fall asleep. So finding a natural sleep aid can be a real God send. I have tried drugs before but only make you feel groggy all day and really it is not such a great feeling. Natural sleep is much better than trying to use drugs. I have been sleeping so much better and it has reflected in my work and it is much better to work when you feel better.

Hard to believe

Well, its hard to believe it is September already that means Christmas is around the corner.
Now, I started to think about shopping for Christmas presents to send home with my family and friends. Although I find it difficult to send my boxes home but I'm still trying to send more stuff this time to make everybody happy.

Help with some weight loss

Are you looking for a weight loss affiliate program? Those kind of programs can really be of help. Support is vital in helping you reach your goals. It is hard to do anything on your own. Weight loss can be lonely problem. Often those around you do not what to help or they are already skinny already. So you need to find some program that will help.

Humba for Dinner

Ok, I am happy I was able to come home a little bit early today so I was able to cook good dinner with the husband. I search for recipes online and I found a very nice recipes of HUMBA.
It doesn't come out very good but I know I will try to make it next time. First try is always bad for sure but next time will be better.
I really love humba, but I cannot make as good as the one they had in Philippines.

Taking vitamins

Do you know what are the best vitamins for women? I am thinking about buying some vitamins and I am looking for some advice on which I should get. There are so many choices out there in the store that I can stand there and look at them for hours. Reading every label and comparing ingredients. It is hard for me thought to figure out which is better than the other.

Lose that tire

If I did not always eat so much then I would never even think about supplements for weight loss. But the sad truth is that I eat to much all the time so I am always looking for ways to get those pounds off. I do exercise but not enough to matter. I know that taking a pill can help keep those craving at bay as well as keep those extra pounds off the hips.

GLee Missed it-:(

Ok, I read on facebook about the GLEE shows on Tuesday. Gessh I missed it.
Now, I know the husband should record that show and never miss it again.
I've been watching the first few episodes on GLEE but I just forget to record it. You know, its hard to catch up our shows these days due to busy schedule at work and not so much time to watch TV because me and the husband always come home late. Well, we just have to watch on weekend then.

Bust a gut

Do you read diet pill reviews? I read them all the time to find out what is out there that can help lose a few extra pounds. I am always thinking about how to lose weight. I guess I just love to eat so I am always carrying around a few extra pounds. Reading all those reviews can help you pick out a pill that might be good for you. There are different kinds of pills that have effects on different kinds of people. So you can find what is best for you.

Is it Prom Time yet?

Well, it is too early to think about the prom for this year. But if your daughter is really into looking at prom dresses. There are some high school girls who spend years and years looking for that perfect dress. Luckily, we do not have any girls right now so we do not have to worry about the dress. I guess high school prom only comes once in a life time so you want it to be special for your child.