Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Home, New TV

We are finally going to build a new home. The first thing I want to buy for my new home is not the kitchen table or a couch for the living room but the first thing I want to buy is a huge HDTV screen. I think we will buy all the other furniture base around how it would look next to the TV. It is the most important part of the living room and the living room is one of the most important room in the house. Well, next to the Kitchen! The Kitchen is the most important but we probably wont put a TV in that room. If the TV is big enough though you will be able to see it from the living room.

I don't know what to say-:)

Daniel S. Massey's top campaign issue is stopping federal government spending.

Massey, a Washington County resident, is running as the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress in the 6th District. The district, which includes Frederick County, is represented by incumbent U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, a Republican seeking his 10th term. Read more article.

Are You A Cellphone Fanatic?

Are you overwhelmed with all the choices of cell phones on the market today? You need to check out a few cell phone reviews to help you make the choice of which phone is best for you. I am always thinking that there are better choices out there for me. So I can spend all day reading about those different kinds of cell phones. I am sure no one could read as much as me but for sure when I get my next phone I will check which is the best on the market. It is hard to believe that phones are so much more than just for talking. They are everything from your Map to your camera and a whole lot in between. So it is not just a simple device and all but the more important is to get the right one.

Relaxing Weekend

Well, its been a nice weekend here! I really love to relax on weekend with the husband because we get to chat and spend time together. On weekdays, we don't even have time to talk and spend more time each other just the weekends that is why I am happy when weekend comes. Glad were able to spend time again this weekend that makes it so wonderful!
Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

One Of My Favorites

Bags, handbag, purse, pocketbook, no matter what you want to call it I am crazy about them. If my husband let me I would have thousands of them. One of my favorite is a Marc Jacobs handbags. I already have a huge collection of handbags and I still want to buy more. I have even given a few bags to friends of mine for Birthday and Christmas gifts. I think in the end I will have so many han bags that my husband will have to build me a new house just to hold all of them.