Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Way To Advertise

We are always looking for new and less expensive ways to advertise. One new way we are trying out are door hangers. You can put what you want the customer to see on their door and since it has a nice hanger it will not fall off. For them to open the door they have to look at what you have on the advertisement. We will see if it is effective or not soon. You can never stop looking for new and better ways to do things.

Summer is here

It feels so humid today. Summer is here! I can't believe I felt so hot today even I just walked outside. As much as I really like the summer here in the US, I hate it when its too hot and sunny. Now, its almost bed time I have to turn the AC so that I can sleep better.

Do you like to ride a horse?

Back home when I was younger they used to have these big festivals. One of my favorites part of the festivals were the horse fight. It was a lot like Cock fights only they are so much bigger and more fun to watch. I was surprise to find that here they never fight horses only ride them. Even more crazy they have special riding boots to ride there horses here in the States. Back home he would just ride them in our bare feet. Seems I am along way from home.

Memorial Day

Have a great memorial day everyone. Did you guys enjoy the 3 days weekend? I had good time spending time with the husband cleaning our house and shopping around.
Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow that means its going to be a long day in work because of the Monday's holiday.
Well, I just have to get ready for work tomorrow and get some sleep tonight and week up early tomorrow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manly Man

Sometimes my husband is really tired from work and he wants to just go to sleep when we go to bed at night. I like to give him a hard time and I think his manliness is lacking. I think I am going to get him some testosterone cream as a joke. I know that he does not really need to use it because most of the time when he is not so tired he has no problem but just seeing his face if I gave it to him as a gift would be funny. We will see if I feel like making the joke.

Relaxing Weekend

The husband and I had a very relaxing weekend. Last night we made a bon fire at the backyard and it was so much fun. Since the fire didn't go out, we decided to grill some corn and out of the blue we went to Lowe's to buy a hammock. I am very happy I was able to relax and having fun swinging in the hammock while eating our grilled corn. Very relaxing weekend indeed!

Summer Sun, Show Off Your Body

Summer is here. Time for the bathing suite. That is always scary because of those extra winter pounds around my waist and under my thighs. So I need to get some fat burner to help get those extra pounds off. In the winter you can hide that extra weight with a big heavy shirt or sweater. Even jeans or jacket can make you look no different. But in the harsh light of the summer sun every little jiggle and every little roll is visible for the world to see. Time for me to hit that treadmill and burn those calories.

Need To Buy Peso Now

I think we need to buy some peso now or investing to my country. Reading this article scare me. I don't know what the future holds but seemed the peso right now against the dollar is not looking good. More article here.

Give It A Try

Do you know what is apidexin? I was not sure but some of my friends were talking about it and I wanted to learn more about it so I looked up some apidexin reviews to see what information I could find. I found out that it is really a good fat burner. Now that it is summer and I want to wear my bathing suit I think a little bit of fat burning is needed. So I think I might give some apidexin a try.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pictures At Home

Couple years ago, we took a vacation back to the Philippines. We both took so many pictures maybe thousands of them. I hope to be able to take a trip back there again this year. I know for sure when we go back home again we bring our videos and cameras. This time, I am going to make a slideshow with all the pictures. With some nice music, it is something you can watch again and again. It is hard when you have so many pictures to go back and look at them all but with the slideshow you just turn it on and then you can relive the time all over again.

I've Been Reading Her Journey

Jessica Watson will walk down a pink carpet in Sydney today after completing her round the world voyage.

WITH tears in their eyes, Jessica Watson’s parents could not contain their pride as they hovered in a helicopter just 10 to 15 metres above the solo sailor off Sydney.

Today, for the first time in almost seven months, Roger and Julie Watson will be able to hug their 16-year-old as she steps onto a jetty outside the Sydney Opera House before making her way down a 100 metre long pink carpet to share the stage with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

After 200-plus days at sea, Jessica is expected to have great difficulty walking and will take some time to reclaim her ‘land legs’.

On hand will not only be Jessica’s parents but also siblings Emily, Tom and Hannah, along with Jessica’s best friend Pamela.

Jessica is expected to finish her 38,000 kilometre (23,000 nautical mile) journey about 11.30am at Sydney Heads before arriving at the Opera House to meet her family at the Man O War Jetty about 12.30pm in front of a national television audience.

Her final hours at sea will be far from an easy ride home with the weather bureau predicting winds of up to 45 knots and waves of up to seven metres offshore.

Adventurer Dick Smith told the Daily last night that Jessica’s boat looked ‘tiny’ as she battled 40 knot winds and five metre seas.

“It was quite frightening,” he said of the conditions. “It looked as she was a tiny little boat in a giant ocean.”

Jessica’s mother, who sent a special mention of thanks for the Coast and Daily’s support of Jessica, described her sheer joy at seeing her girl up so close.

“They had a few tears in their eyes,” Dick Smith revealed of the emotion as Jessica spoke with her parents on radio.

“I can see you,” the Watsons said as they spotted their girl.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful girl you could see,” Mr Watson said as he looked down on his daughter waving in the rain.

“In these days of celebrity worship ... it’s so refreshing to see a role model who’s famous for all the right reasons,” Mr Slipper wrote in his nomination.

“Jessica hasn’t achieved glory using her looks or shock tactics – she’s in the spotlight for her genuine talent, courage and enormous sense of adventure.”

Dick Smith couldn’t agree more.

“I don’t think she has any idea of the welcome home she is going to get but she deserves every bit of it.”

In her blog, Jessica, who can't wait to get her driver's license when she returns to the Coast, described her countdown to finishing.

“I’ve spent the day on deck watching us surf along with a grin from one seriously cold ear to the other numb one.”

“Have I mentioned how excited I am?

“It’s like the day before Christmas except I don’t ever remember getting this excited about Christmas.” More Article here

Get Back Into Shape

Over the winter my husband put on a few pounds of fat. Now that it is summer he is really wanting to take those extra pounds off and leave them forever. So he has been thinking about getting some exercise equipment so he can work out at home. He likes to wake up early and work out before I even get out of bed. But lately, he has not been waking up so it has been hard to get back into the habit. But I have confidence that he will be able to get going exercising everyday and get rid of his belly before the summer even starts.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Praying For Peace Election

While watching on the news about the Philippines election, I get so nervous. You know why? I know something is going to happen again. It is not new to us every election time in the Philippines cheating possibly to happen. Now, they were using the automated poll machine. However, it could possibly be a disaster because during their machine testing, some machine didn't work. Sadly, but I can feel something is going to happen again during the election. Just praying for the peaceful election in the Philippines!