Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Remodel

Our neighbor is thinking about remodeling their garage. One of the worst parts of the garage is the floor. I think their garage floor really needs to be re-done. I know they were looking for the cheapest way to take care of the problem because the rest of the remodeling is going to be very expensive for sure! They might find the best deal online.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nitey Nitey

Lord, thank you so much for the people you've put in my life who've shown me your love, guiding me by example toward you, into your loving embrace. Help me to be that person in others' lives. Help me to find those who, through you, might be saved. Help me not to judge or condemn others, but to share with them about your light and life and love.

Good night all. Until my next post.

Full Head Of Hair

My husband is very lucky that he has such a full head of hair. I am lucky too I have the same. I know that we will have full head of hair till we are old and gray. But I have a friend who is not so lucky. He will do anything to keep what hair he has. He is even trying some hair growth shampoo. It seems the shampoo has been working pretty good. He still has kept the baldness at bay and has even added a little bit to the top of his head. Who knows maybe in a few years he can get it all back.

The Sinners And Saints

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved." - John 3:17, NKJV

When I accepted employment at the Garden Grove Community Church (now the Crystal Cathedral) in 1975, I was a 25-year-old party boy. Dr. Schuller had hired me for my graphic arts skills and talents alone.

Soon after I was hired, he received a phone call from the production secretary at the advertising agency I was leaving. "You don't want to hire Jim Coleman," she said. "He's a party animal and doesn't even attend church." (I later found out that her real motive and concern was that my leaving was going to cause her staffing problems at the agency.)

Without hesitation Dr. Schuller responded, "Good! Then our church is the perfect place for Jim. For, you see, our church is a hospital for sinners...NOT a museum for saints!"

What a great statement.

Just as Dr. Schuller did in my life, I try to reach out to those in need of God's redeeming grace. You, too, can trust God to guide you to someone today and every day - someone whose life can take a positive, dramatic turn because of Christ living his example through you. More reading

Keeping a clean face

Even though I am older I still get acne. It is so embarrassed because you think of that as something that only teenagers get. Well, at least I am not as embarrassed as I was back when my self esteem was much more fragile than it is today. Also I know how to take care of my skin and there are some adult acne treatments that help. If you feel the same way that I do it never hurts to keep some acne treatment in the cabinet for those occasional outbreaks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Backyard Adventures

My in-laws have a large piece of property around their house. My husband is always talking about atv riding around the property. There is a lot of space they could make some trails and ride all over the place. You could get lost for hours and hours riding an ATV all around the property. I think if we looked we could find an ATV that we could afford and then we could really have some fun riding all around and seeing parts of their property which I have not been to yet.

Its Going To Be A Fun- Food Saturday-:)

Ok, its Saturday that means its fun day because I get to spend time with the husband. However, today is a lot of things going on. In short, I am fully book hahaha. Me and my friends, decided to meet in the fil-store have some lunch over there, but I guess things will change because we got an invitation from our other friend on her daughter's birthday party held at the Pacific Buffet Chinese Restaurant. Aside from that, our friend who owned the the store invited us to go to her house for the bible study or thanksgiving celebration. Think about that? How we can do all this things together? Haha. I'm a little bit worried because I still need to do lots of stuff myself, my box needs to be fill to send to Phils. I guess, just a sort of time management huh!

Cross Country Move

Before I got here my husband told me stories about moving from Maryland to California and then back again. I cannot imagine trying to move so far. He told me how expensive it was to ship all of his stuff. His employer at the time paid for all the moving expenses so it was not really a big deal but now if we were to move that far I am sure we would want to find a good long distance moving company because it is not like moving across town in which you can rent a truck and do it yourself. You really need to get some help for that kind of move.

Happy Birthday Best Friend

I feel bad I forgot my best friend's birthday the other day. I just remembered when I saw the message on her profile somebody greeted her. I never been so busy in my life before, but this time of the year was our busiest day in work. Sorry best friend! I wish you more birthday's to come. Good luck to you and hope you will find the right man of your dreams. I will definitely make up with you one day.

Happy Birthday sis Jens.

Having Problem On Your Face?

When I was younger and I hit that age, you know that age when everything seems to change at the same time, then I really had a huge acne problem. Back then of course we did not have the internet to look up how to treat it. There was really only what our parents told us about how to treat the acne. Now with the internet kids have thousand of acne solutions right at their finger tips. So if the advice of your parents does not work for you then you can go online and find some more advice that might actually work.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Movie

We just got home from the movie theater. It was nice to spend the weekend with my husband and my other couple friends watching movies together. Feels good to just relax after a long week of work. I started to get excited when Friday comes because the next morning I get to sleep in until noon. I hope everybody is having a great Friday evening!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shopping Online Is Always Best Deal

Last weekend the husband and I walked around the mall looking for some computers. He wanted to replace his laptop computer because the old one was too slow. He has few laptop computers in the house but all of them were really slow. I told him to better shop online for some laptop though compared to the store were so expensive. I think he's going to give it a try shopping for laptop online. I'm sure he will best deal online compare to the store.

Dinner With Couple Friends

It was nice to be with couple friends tonight eating our dinner at Fire Side Restaurant. I never expect they have that great environment there and good food. I've been here for few years but tonight was my first time I've ate there. It was good experienced with the husband and two other couple friends of ours. Feels good to just have some fun and laughter along with friends, after a very long day at work. To Ate Aggy ang Ate Laura, thanks for the great time we had share tonight. See you both tomorrow.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Its Graduation Time

It is graduation time of the year. Your graduation day will be memorable if you have lots of friends and guest coming to your graduation day. To inform them of your celebration day, you need to let them know when and where is going to be. It is nicest thing to do if you send them your photo graduation invitations to share with them your day of celebration. Graduation is a time of growing up and moving on in life so will be nice if you share your achievements with family and friends.

Too Late To Eat

I can't believe we ate so late tonight. I came home late because I had to stopped by in Martins after work to picked up some veges. I don't know I can't just wait to cook some veges tonight. We had some salmon and bok choy which the husband enjoyed eating. He said, that was the best salmon he ever eaten lol. Now, its almost time to bed! really late-:(

Planning To Start A Business?

Last night I called my friend in the Philippines and we talked about having a small business there. She told me that products from the USA are most demand in the Philippines especially the beauty products, authentic bags and clothing. We had a long chat about having a business and I mentioned to her about the POS systems that we really need to have one when we start the business. I'm not really sure what she thinks about it but I know it is a must to have POS systems to start a business.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Great Easter, Great Weather

It was nice to spend our weekend with family here in the US. Mum in-law cooked some food for our Easter dinner. After we ate I thought about driving around because the weather was wonderful unfortunately, all the malls was closed. I come back home and just enjoyed the rest of Sunday.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Back in the winter when there was a lot of ice on the ground one of my best friends slipped in her car and completely wrecked her car. Now after the insurance paid to have it fixed, which was so expensive they decided to raise her rates. So I told her that she needs to go online and check out other auto insurance quotes and she might be able to save herself a lot of money. I know if she sticks with her current insurance she is going to pay through the nose.

Happy Easter

Not so much happening at work today. As usual, I work 10 hrs. I'm trying to go to work early so that I can come home early but its just hard to wake up so early as 6 AM.
Ok, tomorrow is Friday, Wish I'll be at work early hahaha!

Hope everybody is having a great Easter.

Nitey everyone.

Sitting in the Dark

Back during the winter the power went out because of all the snow. I was so scared to be in the house with all the dark. I just wanted to find the flash light. I looked all around to find my flashlight which was hard because there was no light. Once I found it I was so mad because the batteries were dead. I know now I can never have too many batteries around the house because I never want to sit in the dark and be mad from a dead battery.