Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Furniture Online Is Within Your Budget

I am tired of the desk that my computer is sitting on. I want to redo how it looks and how it works. So I have started to look at some office furniture to find a great desk for my computer.

My computer is the center of all my stuff so it tends to collect stuff on the deck around it. I want to find desk that I can organize all my stuff so it looks neat and organized and still look stylish at the same time. We will see if I can find such desk that I really like!

Why You Have To Be The Boss?

As a parent, if you aren’t the boss in your family, the lines of authority can become blurred very quickly. When your children are unsure about who’s really in charge, they often act out, engage in risky behavior, or become extremely bossy and patronizing as a result. And eventually you start to resent them because you don’t have a way to tell them what to do. You've effectively lost control. Read Full Article

Protect Your Body With Good Treatment

My grandparents have really bad arthritis. I really worry about them because they cannot get around very well because their joint pain. I did find a great rheumatoid arthritis treatment online which I am sure will help them out a lot. I am sure that some day when I get older I might need to use the same treatment as well as my husband. I just have to see if we ever get that old!

What Is The Secret Behind The Popcorn?

I use to watch movies on weekends with the husband. I just watch when the shows were my favorites, if not never mind! I remember telling the husband that next time we watch movie were not gonna buy popcorn anymore. Gessh, he can't resist but to have some. By reading this article will let the husband knows that he needs to stop buying popcorn whenever we go see a movie-:) Funny but true, it has a huge content of calories on it though gesshhhhhhhhhhh.. Good bye POPCORN!

Getting Ready For The Summer?

With all the cold and snow I feel to be getting fat again. I sit inside all day and eat. I wish it were summer right now because it seems easier to lose weight in the heat of summer. I know that if I can take some diet pills during the winter I will be ready when summer comes to put on my bikini. I am so tired of the cold especially the snow this year. It was so deep and seems like it will never go away.

Spend A Vacation Boost Your Happiness

This is a very good reading! I really want to take a time off from work at least for a week to go take a vacation to my home country. While reading the article, it makes me wonder do I will be happy when I take a vacation to Philippines anytime soon? My answer is Yes! I am definitely the happiest girl seeing my family and friends again. I know for sure when we take a trip again it will boost our happiness again as husband and wife.

Giving Nice Treatment To Your Body is Relaxing

The husband son is getting to the age that his face breaking out with acne. He really is in need of a whole body acne treatment. He is really getting older now and the physical traits that go with it are surprising. He is so much taller than me. When I first got here he was the same height as me and now I have to look up just to talk with him. He even has a few more years of growth left so one day he will really tower over me.

What Is Beyond The French Fries?

As much as I really like to eat french fries before this studies reminds me of making healthy foods for the husband. When I fry something I always use olive oil because in my understanding it is the healthiest choice of oil lol. I never use olive oil before when I was back home haha.. Now, I'm with the husband I have learned using it for his own good lol.

Make Yourself Look Young

It seems like whenever I eat too much chocolate my face wants to break out. I know that if I take an acne pill whenever I eat too much then I can avoid that problem. I would hate to give up chocolate because it is one of my favorites. I don't eat it all the time but when I have the craving for it I usually eat a lot of it all at the same time.

Which Season Do You Like?

As much as I hate winter time, this article
is of great reading to help us keep warm on the winter.
The study shows why the flu likes winter is very interesting.
You may want to click the link about the full article.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needs Help On Breakouts? Healing Is In Your Fingertips

The husband has a bad acne break out when he has been eating to much cheese and other fatty foods. I think it was from wiping his fingers on his face after he eats. I suggested he should either try an acne serum or use a napkin. It would be better for him to use a napkin than to use his sleeve or even just his bare arm. That is really true after he has eaten a huge juicy cheeseburger and french fries hahah.

She's Going For Gold Medal

I am so proud being a Filipino, while watching on TV this full Filipino ancestry represent the US for the Olympics. My gossh, she was amazing! I've watched her skate, I couldn't breath lol.. She was unbelievable amazing. I believe God gave her the passion and talent to skate!
Good luck Evora, hope you make it for gold .
Read full article..

Getting Ready For Pregnancy

I am thinking about having a baby. It might not happen for a few years but I have started to think about it. I started to think about all the things I would need to prepare if I am going to get pregnant. I know that I would need to take prenatal vitamins before and during the whole pregnancy to make sure my baby is big and healthy. But, I know my baby will be big for sure because it will be like his or her Dad, very big and tall.(~Smile~)

Winter Olympics, Did You Watch?

Did you watch the Vancouver Winter Olympics? I am so busy in work everyday so I can only watch at night when I got home from work. Thanks to the husband for recording all the Olympics shows in the DVR. It was very exciting to watched though especially the board skating it was unbelievable!
On the other hand, Apollo is one of my favorites to watch on short-track speed skating, my gosssh I can't help but cheering with joy and excitement while watching him. He was one of my favorites too when he joined the dancing with the stars and won the title.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Have You Been To The Entertainment Capital Of The World?

Winter is almost over and here comes the summer again. I always think about having a vacation on summer. I heard about Branson in Missouri is a good place to spend a nice vacation because it is considered as the Entertainment capital of the World. I maybe considered the Branson vacation packages when the husband and I go for a vacation. I heard so many good things about them that there is so much to see and do in Branson. You can check out many of the things to do at their site. In their website you can purchase any of a number of plans some of which include family. The most basic package includes 3 days and 2 nights with tickets to the Legends in Concert. Also included in the package are numerous meal and shopping certificates so you can enjoy the restaurants and shopping areas without spending too much money. All of that is included in the Package. There are even better packages for more nights and more tickets. The numbers of Shows you can see in Branson are too many to count like the, Legends in Concert, Red Hot and Blue, Ride the Ducks and more. How cool is that? Visit them today for your next vacation and enjoy the entertainment live at Branson.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Never Be Late Again

I went to work late this morning that means it was against me because I was 2 hour late. I would love to go in with my normal time which is 8 AM but I can't drive myself to work because the road was nasty. I waited the husband to come picked me up to drive me to work thank goodness he showed up at 9:30. Although, I was late this morning thanks anyway to the kindest husband in the world who is so understanding! Honestly, today is my first time ever, which I've been late after a year of working isn't that bad? Hmmm, the sad part was, when I came in only few people in our team showed up! I'm sure everybody will show up tomorrow because it's payday lol.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Were Closed

I am very happy that we don't have to work today because the company was closed due to the storm snow were having right now. My team lead called me up at 4 AM letting me know that I don't have to go to work today and hopefully we can make it tomorrow. So today, I just stay home and relax while watching my TFC favorite shows. I think it will be nice once in a while I'm home by myself while the husband is at work hehe.
I am positive he will go to work today because he brought over the snow plow last night from the dealership so when he goes to work this morning he can shovel all the snow in the road hahaha and of course the main thing is he will be fine!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snow Outside But Warm Inside

There is so much snow outside that I cannot believe it. Makes me cold just to think about it. I am thinking about getting an Amish fireplace to keep the house warm. It is late in the season to buy one but they are having clearance sales now and you can get free shipping with one. It would be so nice to have the house warm and toasty again and these fireplaces look nice at the same time.

Nowhere To Go

It's been 2 days I am stuck at home because the road is pretty bad. With all the snow stick on the ground I'd rather stay off the road and go to the mall next day. Now, I don't have clue if the malls were open because I want to go outside and walk around the mall. I really wanna scream! I get so bored for 2 days I don't go anywhere. As much as I love the snow, I wish this winter is over and I'm ready for the warm weather again. I can't wait when summer comes because I can enjoy going outside more than in the winter. Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the snow.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do You Like Skiing?

I saw a friend ski vacation photos in her profile. I told my husband that I really want to experience skiing in a nice resort or mountains. He told me that we just have to plan for a week vacation leave from our work so that we have fun spending time together while enjoying skiing. I think the best place to go in Aspen Snowmass. They have a great ski vacation packages that we can book online. The good thing is they offer specials on airfare, hotel accommodations, rentals, ski and snowboard etc. We just have to do all our plans and they do the rest.

The Happier Nephew

I have a nephew whom I help in college. Whenever I shop online I started to think about buying him some appliances that is useful for him. Luckily, I found the EMCOR site that will allow me to send him a refrigerator by ordering online they will deliver it to him in school. I am happy with the EMCOR customer service who is so helpful with all the questions I've been asked. Thank you so much! My nephew received the ref today he can't believe he had it. I think I'm just too nice Ante huh~!

Organize Your Life

My husband is a very organized person. One way he keeps his life in order is using PDAs. He can keep it in his pocket and have all the information he needs right there. His schedule and contacts are kept there always at hand and always at his fingertips. I am thinking about getting one myself so that I can get as organized as he is. Luckily, I found a great site to find an Ultra Portable Computer. I just might get one for myself!

Winter Storm Warning

Ok, tomorrow our area is expecting a big snow. I'm a bit worried because I don't have any idea if I go to work early in the morning or not. Based on reading the weather the snow starts at 10 AM tomorrow. The snow developing early Friday. My gossh, I guess I just have to run outside and go home when the snow starts. I just want to stay off the road when the snow starts. According to the report this gonna be the biggest snow people will experience for long time.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Valentines Day Gift

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Do you know a man who does not have clue what gift to get his wife or girl friend? Then, you need to point him to a website with nothing but gifts for her this will win him many brownie points for sure. From this site he is sure to find a gift that will either win her heart or keep her heart depending on the situation. So tell that man in your life to check it out so he will make you happy.

Your Child is Not Your Equal, Why You Have to Be the Boss

As a parent, if you aren’t the boss in your family, the lines of authority can become blurred very quickly. When your children are unsure about who’s really in charge, they often act out, engage in risky behavior, or become extremely bossy and patronizing as a result. And eventually you start to resent them because you don’t have a way to tell them what to do. You've effectively lost control.
Read the full article here.

Get a Job

In this tough economy everyone I know is talking about finding a job. Even those who have a job are thinking about how to find a better one. There is a great site to find jobs. It is actually a bunch of sites for different kinds of jobs. You can look up a certain field of work and find any kind of job you want. You might be tired of the line of work you are in however, you can find another that might be more interesting and most importantly make you more money.

5 Parenting Rules That Don't Work

Even before you become a parent, you start forming ideas about how you’ll raise your child. You get advice about it from all sides—your own parents and family, your friends, and books by so-called experts tell you "the rules" of good parenting. But most people soon find out that some of these techniques are simply fads—and many of them don’t work at all. Read on to see what James Lehman thinks are the top five most ineffective parenting concepts out there. Read Full Article

Are you covered?

As I get older I think more and more about my family when I am gone. I worried will they be taken care of when I'm not around? So I make sure I have strong life insurance policy that will help them out in those tough times. I know it will be hard to go on without me but at least the financial things will be taken care of. The hard part is find insurance that gives me the right coverage but does not cost too much. Being frugal while I am still here on earth is important too.