Friday, December 24, 2010

Saving for Retirement

These days you never know what is going to happen with the stock market. You work day in and day out and want to make sure you have a saving to stand on. Gold will always be the same value as it has the day you buy it! Gold is the strongest place to put your money and know it will always be there for you whenever you need it. You will have no worries and when the day comes you will have the funds you need to do the things you want without wondering about the volatility of stock market or the US Government.

Buy gold coins today and know where you will have a future!

Merry Christmas

Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. Wishing you all have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thinking About Giving Some Presents?

It is Christmas time of the year and that means its time to do a Christmas shopping. I find it hard to shop on the store though because I really don't have time going to the store on weekdays because I work full time and when it time to get out from work I feel really tired already so I just go home straight and relax. Now, I am thinking I'd rather shop online because most stores right now were free shipping and you can get your Christmas gift to your love one on time. One in my list is samsung lcd. It is the perfect gift on Christmas to a family or a very dear friend. I think giving that much gift to some one you love is worth it. How about you? Have you ever think about giving some presents to your friends and family this holiday season?

Thank You My love

A Message From My Dear Husband For My Birthday-:)

" Your birthday is a time to reflect on the amazing woman GOD made you to be.
Your caring heart, ready smile, and love those around you make sharing life with you a blessing.
With each year, I discover a little more of who you are and who you're becoming, and that's a lifelong adventure I'm thankful for.

I love you Sweetheart, and thank the Lord for the precious gift you are in my life.

Happy Birthday, You are my sunshine.

A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds." Prov. 31:10

Do You Have A Dog?

A lot of people love to take care of a dog. Having a dog can be very expensive because you need to take care of your dog needs and foods. But, despite all that it could be rewarding because some dogs could be very friendly and entertaining. But, if you were a dog owners, it is very important to know how to train your dog as well. If you're trying to search more information about dog training needs click the link you will find the best dog training information on that site. No matter what dog training methods you will find that site the best giving you information on dog training tips.

My Day

Dear Lord, thank you for all the things you have done in my life. Thank you for giving me another year to live. I cannot thank you enough for the many blessings you bestowed upon me. A great family & friends who are always there. I am forever grateful for blessed me a wonderful husband who is very supportive & love me for who I am. A great loving husband who completes me & brought so much joy into my life.
I have nothing to wish for but, good health & blessed my family and friends, take care their needs in every aspect of their lives. Again, thank you Lord for everything!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love to shop

I am back to my favorite subject. I am always thinking about remodeling our house. I want to find the perfect lighting. One kind I found was pendant lighting. I think those kinds of lights would look great in the new living room. I want to make sure it matches all the other furniture. I love to shop and look for a whole room full of stuff that all matches. I can shop for hours and hours and only spend a few dollars. When I have a good excuse to shop I am so happy because I can spend hours and hours. So lighting for a new living room is the best excuse to go shopping again.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How To Take Care Of Your Family

At my age I always think that I can live forever. No matter how healthy you feel or how young you really are there is always a chance that tomorrow may be your last day. If it really is your last day then is your family taken care of? You need to make sure things are covered if you are no longer there. It is a must to have a good life insurance. If you want to find the best for you then you need to compare life insurance to find out what is best for you.

Counting His Carbs

Its been a very relaxing weekend. Me and my husband get to spend time together, do our laundry, cleaned up and cooked together. It is always nice to spend time with your love ones especially on weekends.
Tonight for dinner, we made veges soup and the husband likes it a lot. We are trying to make our food as healthy as it is because the husband is working on losing more weight and not tempted to eat those junk foods.
Btw, I am so glad to see him so conscious about the food he ate and counting calories he ate matters most. According to him, counting the calories you eat makes more difference and you lose weight not eating so much calories in a day.
He set a goal to not eat more than 2000 calories in a day and that is what he did every single day. I can honestly say that it works, he's been losing weight. I hope he could continue to do so until he meet his goal and stay healthy and fit. Of course he cannot do it himself but through my help of cooking healthy meal will help him losing weight as well. Now, I have to make sure I didn't cook so much food and I make sure that I cook healthy foods every meal. Yeah, I admit it is hard but if I think about my husband needs to lose more weight and I need to help him meeting his goal, I think it will motivate me to cook a very healthy food.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Hide The Marks

After losing a whole bunch of weight one of the things people are looking for is the removal of stretch marks. If you have just given birth or have lost a whole bunch of pounds those unsightly marks last forever. If you just took off those pounds you want to take off your shirt to show it off but it can still be embarrassing with those stretch marks. I know some friends who would give anything to get rid of that extra skin and get rid those marks.

Word Of Wisdom

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. — Philippians 4:7

On December 7, 1941, a Japanese war plane piloted by Mitsuo Fuchida took off from the aircraft carrier Akagi. Fuchida led the surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Through the war years to follow, Fuchida continued to fly — often narrowly escaping death. At war’s end, he was disillusioned and bitter.

A few years later, he heard a story that piqued his spiritual curiosity: A Christian young woman whose parents had been killed by the Japanese during the war decided to minister to Japanese prisoners. Impressed, Fuchida began reading the Bible.

As he read Jesus’ words from the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34), he understood how that woman show kindness to her enemies. That day Fuchida gave his heart to Christ.

Becoming a lay preacher and evangelist to his fellow citizens, this former warrior demonstrated “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Phil. 4:7) — a peace enjoyed by those who have trusted Christ and who “let [their] requests be made known to God” (v. 6).

Have you found this peace? No matter what you have gone through, God makes it available to you. — Dennis Fisher

There is peace in midst of turmoil,

There is joy when eyes are dim,

There is perfect understanding

When we leave it all to Him

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Winter Garden

Now that is winter most people forget about trying to grow any more veggies. Just because the temperature have dropped below freezing does not mean you need to give up the gardening. These days you can grow inside with the great hydroponic systems on the market. Imagine having fresh vegetables from your own hard work in the middle of the winter. Why buy from the market when you can have your own even in the heart of winter?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Better Skin Treatment

Now, winter is here almost everyday I am complaining about my skin is so dry even I put lotion every hour. I suffered everyday how much my skin itched and I would scratch until it hurt. I told my husband about all this and he took me to my doctor he said I might have an eczema. There is no cure for it but there are some successful eczema treatments that can at least lessen the suffering of my skin. I went online and researched all the different options and I have been so happy to find some relief. There is some stuff that my doctor recommended and it seems to be making a huge difference.

Early Today

Well, I'm glad I get to come home a little early today. The past few days I have been working 10 hrs and it made me nuts because I come home so late and was not able to make our dinner anymore. I hate to go out and eat in the restaurant because I spend more time there with a long line that drive me crazy. I'd rather make quick and easy dinner than eating in the restaurant though. This time of the year restaurant around town is so full especially on weekends. So I always try my best not to be tempted eating out from now and then.
Well, its nice to eat outside once in a while but not every single day you know!
Me and my husband whenever we eat out, it is always well planned so that I am not so frustrated waiting in line just to have our food ready lol..

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Treat Your Skin Carefully

Growing up I had a lot of acne. I always wish I had more knowledge about the different acne products as I have now that I am older. I want to make sure that those who are younger know as much as me about making sure they have clear skin. There are a lot of products in the market today that treat acne and there are so many people today who are uninformed about the misuse of acne products. So, if you have an acne problem right now I recommend you click the above link and find out what is the best acne products to treat your acne problem before it gets worse.

Jingle Bell

Wow, hard to believe its December first already. Christmas is here and oh how I hate winter. I am scratching like crazy when I feel really cold. I don't know how to survive this winter but my husband is trying hard to make me stay warm and not scratch too much. He bought me an electric blanket so I can stay warm when I am in bed.
Speaking of Christmas is hard to think about because it is hard to be away from your homeland when times like this. The Christmas is merry if spending it when family and friends back home. Well, its life and I am here for my husband. I just wish I will be happy this Christmas even I am away from my family.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dry Feet

There is only one thing I really hate, that is wet feet. I once bought the most expensive pair of boots and then the first time I wore them in the rain then I had soaked feet. I am thinking this year when I buy some new women's rain boots I am going to really get some water proof ones. I am not sure which I hate more that my feet are wet or that my head is cold. I can get a hat for my head but find boots for my feet which keep me dry are not so easy to find. I have found site though that has a lot of great affordable options. If your are looking for some great boots then check it out.

Happy ThanksGiving

Had a great THANKSGIVING dinner with my in-laws and family today. The best meal I've ever eaten. We had turkey, ham, the most delicious stuffing made of sour dough bread, cranberries, apple and sausage, candied sweet potatoes. We also have corn casserole, green beans casserole, rice cheese and broccoli casserole, salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and toasted pistachio.
For our dessert, we had Florida key lime cake, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and a bunch of other stuff I've never eaten before and I'm not sure what it was. Thanks to my mother in-law who is such a good cook. Hope I can cook like her-:) Btw, I'm getting better at cooking all kinds of recipes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shop till you drop

The time is almost upon us. I get so excited to go shopping on Black Friday. To be honest I can shop almost any days of the year but it seems like on that day the Christmas shopping season begins and that is when you can find the best deals of the whole year. On a normal day, I can shop for hours and hours and I am really good at finding the best deals in the store. It is nothing that can compare to Black Friday. Even the most novice of shoppers can find good deals on that day. But you might have to wake up a little early. For me being an avid shopper Friday is one of the greatest days of the year.


Wew! Tomorrow its Thanksgiving Day, that means its my day off. I think we just spend our thanksgiving day with my in laws next door. Glad I get to have a day off this week unfortunately, I need to go back to work on Black Friday. But, I will surely go shopping tomorrow after our Thanksgiving dinner to find some good deals. If I not find the things I need tomorrow, I might stop by in the store after work. OH boy! the road must be full tomorrow-:)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Friday Great Deals Don't Miss It

Christmas is just around the corner now. But Black Friday is a few days away and everyone around me is getting gear up to spend the early morning hours shopping. I am not so crazy about the crowds and I would rather sleep in so I think I will be more interested in Cyber Monday. You can find some deals that are just as good online but you never have to leave the warmth of your house and find that parking spot that seems to be a mile from the store. I am excited for Christmas but I think I will just do all my shopping online this year.

One Of My Favorite Shows

One of my favorite shows is amazing race. Today's episode is in Bangladesh. It looked very crowded and dirty. I was thinking it must be a little bit smelly for sure. I thought that being in Philippines was poor but watching that show I realized that Bangladesh is even more so. It was a really good show though I think my new favorites are the two ladies. They worked really hard and they were lucky not to get eliminated.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Burn That Fat and Stay Healthy

Health and dieting is very important nowadays to live your life to the fullest and achieving a healthy living and lifestyle. It is everyone's dream to stay healthy and stay away from illness. In order to achieve a healthy body, we need to eat healthy foods including healthy diet and exercise to enable us to attain the goal we have in life. There are times we need to take fat burning pills to help kick start our health and fitness plans. When we have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for many years getting back to a body shape that is comfortable and allows us to have a better standard of life is not so easy. That is when a little fat burning pill will get you started in the right direction.

Oh How I love Friday Night

Yah it is Friday and payday. Glad weekdays is over and get to relax on weekend. I am always happy when its Friday night because I can stay up late and chat with friends online and wake up late on Saturday morning.
Its been a great day today and I get to come home early from work. Now waiting for the husband to come home and think about what's for dinner.

What Stuff You Buy?

I send boxes home to Philippines every three or four times a year. Whenever I buy stuff to put in my boxes, I never forget to put cigars in it because my family love getting it and get to see different kinds of cigars especially from abroad. I love sending different kinds of stuff home though including cigars because my family likes to give it as a gift to their friends and neighbors. Now, I found the best place to find the cheap cigars to send home. I no longer stay in line for few hours in the store to buy some stuff to put in the box because I can find it in my finger tips. You know, shopping online is fun and you can save more time instead of going to the store, might as well just sit down in the couch watch tv at the same time using your laptop. How cool is that?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House Design

I am excited to be building a new house which is still on the process right now. The cool thing is we get to pick everything out for the house. I found a really great modern coffee table. I am probably going to design our entire living room around this one piece of furniture. It might seem a little crazy but it is better to start from the furniture and then pick out the carpet and paint from them. I might just look for another piece of furniture before I pick out the other stuff. I am so excited to style the entire house. Not just the living room but the kitchen and the bed rooms as well. We have some furniture but we will have to get a lot more.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watch Boxing

Its boxing time! Watching Manny and Margarito fights later makes me so nervous. You know why? Margarito is way to big than Manny. I hope for the filipino boxer's victory.
If you want to watch it on live. Click this link.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tickets To A Show

On weekend my husband loves to go to the theater. We are planning to travel to New York City to see the really good shows. So we like to find the ticket online before we go there. We found a really good website for theater tickets. You can find tickets for almost any shows you want to see. There are even tickets for shows that are not in New York. So if you are not wanting to travel so far then you might be able to find a show closer to home. These days the ticket prices are really good because of the economy they are trying to keep the seats full.

Much Better

Feel better for the last couple days because I was able to get out work early and have time to relax and make dinner. I hope work isn't so busy until the end of the year. Sometimes, I need time to rest and get home early. The last few months was so crazy at work because I always work late and come home so late. My body was so exhausted almost giving up. Now that work isn't so busy I want to make up time spending with my husband

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Buy A New Car?

If you buy a new car then you need to find some cheap auto insurance quotes. Why stick with expensive insurance that you had for years. If you are getting a new car then you need to think about that as a good time to find some new insurance. If you have a bad driving record then you might not have a choice but find new insurance. My brother in law sells cars so I get a lot of good advise from him about what to do when you are buying a car. The car that I bought from my brother in law, I know that I got a really great deal for that car and the insurance was really good too.
I am watching survivor right now, one of my favorite shows. It is interesting because they were on merged so its going to be an individual winnings. But I cannot still figure it out who's my favorites. Maybe the next few weeks I'm sure I will pick my favorite.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keep The Hot Tub Hot

My in laws have a hot tub. They love to go out even when it is cold outside. It is essential though to have a good cover when it is cold to keep the warm inside the tub. There are some really cool hot tub covers. Of course when you are in the tub the cover does not matter so much but there is a lot of time when the tub is not in use so the cover is what a lot of people see most of the time. There are some really neat covers. I am thinking about showing my in laws the new choices.

Ohhh, Winter Time

Its been a long day at work today. I never expect to come home late. I wish it will be a good day tomorrow so that I can go home early and have more time to relax.
Anyhow, winter is really here. I was freezing when I went out today and I can really feel that summer is over and winter is here.
Oh, how I miss summertime!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Itchy Friend

A friend of mine was really complaining about his dry skin. He told me everyday how much it itched and she would scratch until it hurt. I talked her into going to the doctor and she found out from the doctor that she has eczema. There is no cure for it but there are some successful eczema treatment that can at least lessen the suffering. She went online and researched all the different options and she has been happy to find some relief. There is some stuff that her doctor recommended and it seems to be making a huge difference.

New Sonata

Have you seen the new Hyundai Sonata? You really need to check it out. It is selling like hotcakes. You can check it out at They have a huge selection of new Hyundai's at a great price. My brother-in-law is the sales manager. If you need to buy a car he is the one you need to talk to.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Family And Work

I worked in the small business world for most of my life. I have worked for some very successful small companies but the hours in those sort of companies can be brutal. Since there are not a lot of employees it is tough to find time for simple things like vacations and even sick days. I am ready to try a different path now though and start a successful home business. This would give me the flexibility to work hard and still be home for my family. Just cutting out the commute alone has given me so much more time with my family.

Vote for hubby

My hubby is running for office as a Libertarian candidate his website is here. You have to take a look at it and tell me what you think. Would you vote for him? It is too bad that I cannot vote for him since I am not registered to vote. He is running for Maryland 6th Congressional district US House of Representative. If you want you can link to it then it would be great. If you vote for him it would be even better.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inexpensive Workout Stuff

The husband and I have a treadmill but it broke few months ago because he's been using it every single day. Since then, we always wanted to get a treadmill again. I keep searching online and came across this site with refurbished fitness equipment. Suddenly, I realized we could afford to have that treadmill. Just because it is not brand new does not mean it is as good as brand new. The prices are so good we are thinking about getting some other equipment for the house. If we can get all of the equipment we will be in good shape in no time and our wallets will be no worse off either.

Happy Sunday

Thinking about the Brgy and Sk election in the Philippines today. I hope people will vote wisely and pick the good candidates who can represent as their leader. Good luck to my Pa who runs as brgy. councilor and to my niece who runs as SK councilor. I wish them both good luck.
I am excited to hear the news tomorrow when I get up.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Help others and yourself

Did you know you can help others and make money at the same time? If you become a weight loss affiliate you help those around you find good weight loss products and make more while you are doing it. It is a new share the wealth program that is a win win for all involved. Not only does it help you but helps those around the world as they try and find ways to shed those extra pounds. Millions of Americans are over weight and millions know that if they can take off those pounds they will live happier and more productive lives. Why not help them and make some extra money at the same time?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's For Dinner?

My weekend is not that reproductive that it used to because my husband and I just stay home all day and just relax. We both think maybe tomorrow is the best time to buy grocery shopping because we don't have any plans for anyways.
So, tonight we decided to just go out to eat dinner at Red Lobster. I had a glass of sunset passion colada. It was tasted good than I expected. Every time we eat in Red Lobster I always ordered a glass of it but tonight, I thought they never put rum in it which is I really like a lot. No wonder they never asked my ID which they used to-:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Problems with Acne?

I have few friends suffered from acne problem. They asked me how they could git rid of their acne problem. I don't have any idea though but to tell them to search online for the best solution to treat an acne. I know it is hard to have an acne because it affect your self esteem and mostly, it is so embarrassing having too much acne especially on your face.
I think the best solution to find is to look online which is the best acne treatment.
I recommend to my friends that they should check out online which treatment suit them.

Reconnect with friends

Hard to believe I found a lot of my old friends on facebook. I never thought I would still have communication with them. Networking site like facebook help to reconnect my old friends, classmate. Glad I am a member of that site and I found a lot of my classmate too.
I couldn't imagine without joining to any networking sites though because that's my only leisure when I'm online while surfing as well.
Internet is a very powerful tool to reconnect people around the globe. I am one who is so thankful with it. How about you? Are you thankful reconnecting with other people?

Keep your face clean

Growing up can be a lot for a teenager. If they are not worried about gain weight and getting fat but a lot of teenagers also have a problem with acne. I know there are a lot of acne treatments that work. Every time I see a teen with acne I want to tell them all the secrets that I have. I know that they really are not secrets you can find them all over the internet. The first step though is keeping your face clean. But if you do that several times a day and it is not enough you might want to think about trying an acne product that will keep the acne away and keep the scars away too.

Having A Bad Day

I cannot believe how I start my day today. I was so pissed knowing about the bad news from my family. I will elaborate more soon. Why there are some people treat other people like shit?
Well, just venting here how I feel. Hope I am going to have a good day tomorrow.

Supplements For My Belly

What do you think are the best supplements for weight loss? I have read so much about so many different kinds of weight loss products. It is hard to figure out what is really good to use and what is just hype. I know that I can lose these extra pounds if I just stop eating so much but it is hard to stop. A good supplement I hope would help me take the edge off and not eat those extra calories. From all the information out there it is hard to figure out what is most effective for me. I might just try a whole bunch of different supplements and see what works.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks Neighbor

A testament how good my neighbors Linksys router is, the fact that we live in the house next door but can use their signal to log on to the internet. It saves us from having to pay for the internet. The speed is the same as if we were in their house. Before we had an issue with their old router because we would lose signal but when it broke they got a Linksys router and now we have no problem whatsoever. Luckily, they are good friends of ours so they do not mind that we use their signal otherwise it might cause a big fight.
( laugh).

Thanks for the good time

Its been a very relaxing weekend for us. I'm glad we get to relax and spend time together. Tomorrow is another day at work and hoping to have a great week ahead of us. Well, not much happening this weekend, we just went for a ride to Virginia to looked for some Asian foods. Glad we found a new store that caters lots of Asian foods including the carry out food. They had lots of good stuff and frozen foods that I miss to cook. Now, I know where to find them. We will definitely go back there again. Its nice to try new places to eat and found new stuff for my cooking.

Gift I Want

The Ipod is an amazing new computer. I was surprise at how nice it is to use. I got to see a friends. The screen is amazing on the ipod touch. I am hoping that my husband will get me one for Christmas. You can fit so much on it that there is more memory on it than all the songs I have heard in my entire life. There are other applications and things that can be stored and the navigation is so simple with the touch screen. I really must get one but we will have to see.


You shall teach [God’s Word] to your children . . . when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. — Deut. 11:19

The Sleeping Beauty Waltz, the 1812 Overture, and The Nutcracker Suite were all part of the music of my childhood.

Sometimes a narrator told stories or — as in the case of Tubby the Tuba and Peter and the Wolf — introduced my sisters and me to the sounds of different instruments. In their desire to pass on their love for music, my parents used this method as a teaching tool. It worked! Weaving the classic tales with classical tunes made a powerful impact on us.

When an adult wants to impart important information to a child, it’s often best related in a story because it is more easily understood and enjoyed. Telling children the stories in God’s Word is especially crucial because the Bible’s enduring truth can shape character and show consequences of actions (1 Cor. 10:11). Tiny seeds of faith can be cultivated in fertile soil and help children to see how God has worked in the lives of His followers throughout history. Bible stories also show how God is intimately involved in our lives.

What we have seen God do for us and what He has done for His people throughout history must be passed on to the next generation (Deut. 11:1-21). Their future depends on it. Teach your children well.

— Cindy Hess Kasper

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Season, New Clothes

Time for a new set of clothes. I wanted some expensive brand but my husband thinks I should try out some rocawear. Those kind of clothes I think are for the younger crowd. I would normally like to think of myself as younger but if you try and pull off those clothes when you are older you just look stupid. There is a time when you need to look your age. But as usual, I will just wear what I usually buy. Since I usually picks a good look.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nice Weekend

Glad we had a relaxing weekend with the husband. Its been few weekends were not able to relax because the husband has to go to work on Saturdays but, this weekend he stayed home. I'm happy were able to spend time together because I miss those times just sitting on the couch and relax all day and night lol.. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend as well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clean up that face

If you could take an acne pills would you? I always think that you could just keep away acne by keeping your face clean but I know that there are just some people that cleaning is not enough. They need to take that pill to keep the acne away to prevent those unsightly scars that can stick with you the rest of your life. So I would say if you need to then take those pills.

Been So Busy

Its been so hard catching up in my blogs after almost 2 weeks of vacation in Philippines.
Now, that I am back I would try to update my blogs as much as I could despite having a busy schedule at work. Honestly, I really miss blogging in fact, I had so much fun when I entered into blogosphere. Now, that I am working hard to catch up though. However, I will try my best to keep my two blogs running.

Acne Problems?

The husband's son is now just starting in High School and he is hitting that age where acne is starting to show up and it is bothering him I can tell. So I was trying to find him some help. I went online and I found a very good website: It has a lot of helpful information and lots of products that can help him get rid of and keep away acne. I am always glad we found those sites that can help with everyday problems. There is so much information on the internet you can find anything about anything. So no matter what your problem is you can find places that will help you solve that problem. Give this site a try if you are having acne problems.


Lord, thank You for giving us peace. I've added "peace" to my own list of dynamic human values. Whenever I am troubled or afraid, I will accept Your gift of peace of mind and heart.
When you have been afraid, do you think to pray? When you have prayed, have you felt God's peace? Share a time when you were able to overcome fear with the peace that only God can provide.

Having trouble sleeping?

Some times I cannot sleep at night. I hate it because I lay in bed and know that the next day is going to be long day with me dragging and tired. Those nights when I cannot sleep I would give anything or do anything to fall asleep. So finding a natural sleep aid can be a real God send. I have tried drugs before but only make you feel groggy all day and really it is not such a great feeling. Natural sleep is much better than trying to use drugs. I have been sleeping so much better and it has reflected in my work and it is much better to work when you feel better.

Hard to believe

Well, its hard to believe it is September already that means Christmas is around the corner.
Now, I started to think about shopping for Christmas presents to send home with my family and friends. Although I find it difficult to send my boxes home but I'm still trying to send more stuff this time to make everybody happy.

Help with some weight loss

Are you looking for a weight loss affiliate program? Those kind of programs can really be of help. Support is vital in helping you reach your goals. It is hard to do anything on your own. Weight loss can be lonely problem. Often those around you do not what to help or they are already skinny already. So you need to find some program that will help.

Humba for Dinner

Ok, I am happy I was able to come home a little bit early today so I was able to cook good dinner with the husband. I search for recipes online and I found a very nice recipes of HUMBA.
It doesn't come out very good but I know I will try to make it next time. First try is always bad for sure but next time will be better.
I really love humba, but I cannot make as good as the one they had in Philippines.

Taking vitamins

Do you know what are the best vitamins for women? I am thinking about buying some vitamins and I am looking for some advice on which I should get. There are so many choices out there in the store that I can stand there and look at them for hours. Reading every label and comparing ingredients. It is hard for me thought to figure out which is better than the other.

Lose that tire

If I did not always eat so much then I would never even think about supplements for weight loss. But the sad truth is that I eat to much all the time so I am always looking for ways to get those pounds off. I do exercise but not enough to matter. I know that taking a pill can help keep those craving at bay as well as keep those extra pounds off the hips.

GLee Missed it-:(

Ok, I read on facebook about the GLEE shows on Tuesday. Gessh I missed it.
Now, I know the husband should record that show and never miss it again.
I've been watching the first few episodes on GLEE but I just forget to record it. You know, its hard to catch up our shows these days due to busy schedule at work and not so much time to watch TV because me and the husband always come home late. Well, we just have to watch on weekend then.

Bust a gut

Do you read diet pill reviews? I read them all the time to find out what is out there that can help lose a few extra pounds. I am always thinking about how to lose weight. I guess I just love to eat so I am always carrying around a few extra pounds. Reading all those reviews can help you pick out a pill that might be good for you. There are different kinds of pills that have effects on different kinds of people. So you can find what is best for you.

Is it Prom Time yet?

Well, it is too early to think about the prom for this year. But if your daughter is really into looking at prom dresses. There are some high school girls who spend years and years looking for that perfect dress. Luckily, we do not have any girls right now so we do not have to worry about the dress. I guess high school prom only comes once in a life time so you want it to be special for your child.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Home, New TV

We are finally going to build a new home. The first thing I want to buy for my new home is not the kitchen table or a couch for the living room but the first thing I want to buy is a huge HDTV screen. I think we will buy all the other furniture base around how it would look next to the TV. It is the most important part of the living room and the living room is one of the most important room in the house. Well, next to the Kitchen! The Kitchen is the most important but we probably wont put a TV in that room. If the TV is big enough though you will be able to see it from the living room.

I don't know what to say-:)

Daniel S. Massey's top campaign issue is stopping federal government spending.

Massey, a Washington County resident, is running as the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress in the 6th District. The district, which includes Frederick County, is represented by incumbent U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, a Republican seeking his 10th term. Read more article.

Are You A Cellphone Fanatic?

Are you overwhelmed with all the choices of cell phones on the market today? You need to check out a few cell phone reviews to help you make the choice of which phone is best for you. I am always thinking that there are better choices out there for me. So I can spend all day reading about those different kinds of cell phones. I am sure no one could read as much as me but for sure when I get my next phone I will check which is the best on the market. It is hard to believe that phones are so much more than just for talking. They are everything from your Map to your camera and a whole lot in between. So it is not just a simple device and all but the more important is to get the right one.

Relaxing Weekend

Well, its been a nice weekend here! I really love to relax on weekend with the husband because we get to chat and spend time together. On weekdays, we don't even have time to talk and spend more time each other just the weekends that is why I am happy when weekend comes. Glad were able to spend time again this weekend that makes it so wonderful!
Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

One Of My Favorites

Bags, handbag, purse, pocketbook, no matter what you want to call it I am crazy about them. If my husband let me I would have thousands of them. One of my favorite is a Marc Jacobs handbags. I already have a huge collection of handbags and I still want to buy more. I have even given a few bags to friends of mine for Birthday and Christmas gifts. I think in the end I will have so many han bags that my husband will have to build me a new house just to hold all of them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

4 years has gone

I really missed my blogs. Due to my busy schedule in work I tend to forget visiting my blog every single day which I used to.
Well, I just a great news for today. Its our 4 yr wedding anniversary! Its hard to believe how time flies so quickly. 4 years had passed by seemed like just a year ago when I got married.

I wish and pray we still have more anniversaries to come. To my Babe D. thanks for always being there for me and the love we have for each other will remain forever.

Happy Anniversary!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Whenever It come out, Treat them right away!

I really hate when its summer time here in the States. You know why? The heat makes me crazy. No kidding, today the temperature heat to 90 degrees. My goodness! I can't believe how hot it is when I got out from work. The sad thing for me is when I stay under the sun my acne come out which I really hate. Last night I searched online how to get rid of my severe acne. Luckily, I came across to certain website that said something about the different treatments of acne. Acneticin is one of them. It helps kill acne because it has natural ingredients that turn into an amazing results. Honestly, having an acne is so frustrating and embarrassing that is why whenever I see acne on my face I treat them right away. If you happen to have acne try the link above. It helps though.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I miss it here

Wow! Its been a while I never post any entries in my blogs. I think my schedule everyday is getting crazy with all the small things I need to accomplished after work. Hard to manage time especially when you're working full time. As much as I really wanted to update my blogs every single day to write what's going on in my day, I can't just manage to spend a little time visiting my blogs.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Plans to remodel your home?

Either I am thinking about losing weight or my other favorite topic is about remodeling our house. Right now, I am thinking about the exterior lighting and really fell in love with Progress lighting. They have a huge selection of lamps and wall treatments to chose from. I can picture them in my head on our wall. It is hard to pick out the best one. Luckily, we have sometime before we actually do the remodel so I do not have to pick it out right away. Maybe in the next few months it will happen. We shall see.

Nice Day

I am always glad to come home early from work because I have more time to spend with the husband. Its been several months I came home late from work but this summer seemed to slow down which I really like. As much as I really love my job, I do love to spend more time with my husband as well. Its hard to come home late all the time just to eat dinner and bed time. Now, its summer! I'm happy because I started to come home a little bit early and I work with 8 hrs a day compared the last few months it was 10 hrs every single day. I hope works gonna be like this forever so that I could come home early heh.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oil Spill

The sharks are already in the water for sure. In the Louisiana Jones Act the lawyers are lining up to make some money. With all the potential damage on the Gulf coast from the oil spill there will be a lot of lawyers who get some really big pay days. I am sure the BP will pay out a lot of money. It will be interesting to see what the final bill for all of this. I think the BP will go out of business from all this mess!

Get Out Early, I Hope

I missed few days watching TV Patrol, my favorite Filipino TV news. I don't have any idea about the result of the election anymore. I'm just eager to know when they are going to take oath that's all. Well, I might have time tomorrow to watch my Filipino channel if I get home early from work. I cross my finger, hope I get out early!

Yay Getting Excited

I've been so excited about the dollar rates going up lately. I was able to send more lately for my niece and nephews enrollment. Almost everyday I check the dollar rates online, lucky today its still on the 46 Peso to a dollar which is pretty good rate for me compared last month it sunk to 43 which is very frustrated. I wish the dollar still strong for the next few months so that I can enjoy spending my hard earned dollar when I am back home-:)

Beat the Fat

Every day it seems like I am worried about my weight. I am very small and my weight would be the envy of a lot of people but still I can feel fat even I only gain one pound. So, I am going to give irvingia to see if it will help me get rid of this extra pound or two that I had over the winter. You can exercise all day and all night and still get fat. So I do not mind a little help from a supplement. We will see how effective it can be.

Just thinking

Being married for 4 years and no kids sometimes lonely. There are times I am longing to have kid but I know its not the right time yet because I still have lots of plans in mind I want to accomplish.
For now, I am happy helping others, especially my favorite niece and nephews support them in school and so on..
Just time will tell when we are going to have one. We just pray for the right time. God gave everything we ever wanted in life so I am patiently waiting for it. I'm just enjoying life right now with my loving and very supportive husband.

Having Problems On Acne?

With the weather changes here in the US my acne is appearing especially on summer. That is why I always avoid to stay under the sun because my skin started to get dry and I can see some rashes come out. But one of my biggest problem is my face when its summer because when I sweat a lot, my face is itchy and it turn into an acne. I always have an acne cream when its summer because its the only season you can see my acne. However, when I put some cream on, it goes quickly! It's amazing isn't?

Yehey, Home Early

I'm glad I am home early from work compared to my normal time. I thought its going to be a disaster today because of the holiday yesterday but I'm happy were not so busy although couple of my co-workers called off.
Since I'm home early, I have time to cook for the husband. He wants me to cook some caldereta so I did!
He liked it a lot and so my cooking of course-:)
Now, just playing around here and thinking about writing some entries in my blogs.

hope everybody is having a great week ahead.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Way To Advertise

We are always looking for new and less expensive ways to advertise. One new way we are trying out are door hangers. You can put what you want the customer to see on their door and since it has a nice hanger it will not fall off. For them to open the door they have to look at what you have on the advertisement. We will see if it is effective or not soon. You can never stop looking for new and better ways to do things.

Summer is here

It feels so humid today. Summer is here! I can't believe I felt so hot today even I just walked outside. As much as I really like the summer here in the US, I hate it when its too hot and sunny. Now, its almost bed time I have to turn the AC so that I can sleep better.

Do you like to ride a horse?

Back home when I was younger they used to have these big festivals. One of my favorites part of the festivals were the horse fight. It was a lot like Cock fights only they are so much bigger and more fun to watch. I was surprise to find that here they never fight horses only ride them. Even more crazy they have special riding boots to ride there horses here in the States. Back home he would just ride them in our bare feet. Seems I am along way from home.

Memorial Day

Have a great memorial day everyone. Did you guys enjoy the 3 days weekend? I had good time spending time with the husband cleaning our house and shopping around.
Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow that means its going to be a long day in work because of the Monday's holiday.
Well, I just have to get ready for work tomorrow and get some sleep tonight and week up early tomorrow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manly Man

Sometimes my husband is really tired from work and he wants to just go to sleep when we go to bed at night. I like to give him a hard time and I think his manliness is lacking. I think I am going to get him some testosterone cream as a joke. I know that he does not really need to use it because most of the time when he is not so tired he has no problem but just seeing his face if I gave it to him as a gift would be funny. We will see if I feel like making the joke.

Relaxing Weekend

The husband and I had a very relaxing weekend. Last night we made a bon fire at the backyard and it was so much fun. Since the fire didn't go out, we decided to grill some corn and out of the blue we went to Lowe's to buy a hammock. I am very happy I was able to relax and having fun swinging in the hammock while eating our grilled corn. Very relaxing weekend indeed!

Summer Sun, Show Off Your Body

Summer is here. Time for the bathing suite. That is always scary because of those extra winter pounds around my waist and under my thighs. So I need to get some fat burner to help get those extra pounds off. In the winter you can hide that extra weight with a big heavy shirt or sweater. Even jeans or jacket can make you look no different. But in the harsh light of the summer sun every little jiggle and every little roll is visible for the world to see. Time for me to hit that treadmill and burn those calories.

Need To Buy Peso Now

I think we need to buy some peso now or investing to my country. Reading this article scare me. I don't know what the future holds but seemed the peso right now against the dollar is not looking good. More article here.

Give It A Try

Do you know what is apidexin? I was not sure but some of my friends were talking about it and I wanted to learn more about it so I looked up some apidexin reviews to see what information I could find. I found out that it is really a good fat burner. Now that it is summer and I want to wear my bathing suit I think a little bit of fat burning is needed. So I think I might give some apidexin a try.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pictures At Home

Couple years ago, we took a vacation back to the Philippines. We both took so many pictures maybe thousands of them. I hope to be able to take a trip back there again this year. I know for sure when we go back home again we bring our videos and cameras. This time, I am going to make a slideshow with all the pictures. With some nice music, it is something you can watch again and again. It is hard when you have so many pictures to go back and look at them all but with the slideshow you just turn it on and then you can relive the time all over again.

I've Been Reading Her Journey

Jessica Watson will walk down a pink carpet in Sydney today after completing her round the world voyage.

WITH tears in their eyes, Jessica Watson’s parents could not contain their pride as they hovered in a helicopter just 10 to 15 metres above the solo sailor off Sydney.

Today, for the first time in almost seven months, Roger and Julie Watson will be able to hug their 16-year-old as she steps onto a jetty outside the Sydney Opera House before making her way down a 100 metre long pink carpet to share the stage with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

After 200-plus days at sea, Jessica is expected to have great difficulty walking and will take some time to reclaim her ‘land legs’.

On hand will not only be Jessica’s parents but also siblings Emily, Tom and Hannah, along with Jessica’s best friend Pamela.

Jessica is expected to finish her 38,000 kilometre (23,000 nautical mile) journey about 11.30am at Sydney Heads before arriving at the Opera House to meet her family at the Man O War Jetty about 12.30pm in front of a national television audience.

Her final hours at sea will be far from an easy ride home with the weather bureau predicting winds of up to 45 knots and waves of up to seven metres offshore.

Adventurer Dick Smith told the Daily last night that Jessica’s boat looked ‘tiny’ as she battled 40 knot winds and five metre seas.

“It was quite frightening,” he said of the conditions. “It looked as she was a tiny little boat in a giant ocean.”

Jessica’s mother, who sent a special mention of thanks for the Coast and Daily’s support of Jessica, described her sheer joy at seeing her girl up so close.

“They had a few tears in their eyes,” Dick Smith revealed of the emotion as Jessica spoke with her parents on radio.

“I can see you,” the Watsons said as they spotted their girl.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful girl you could see,” Mr Watson said as he looked down on his daughter waving in the rain.

“In these days of celebrity worship ... it’s so refreshing to see a role model who’s famous for all the right reasons,” Mr Slipper wrote in his nomination.

“Jessica hasn’t achieved glory using her looks or shock tactics – she’s in the spotlight for her genuine talent, courage and enormous sense of adventure.”

Dick Smith couldn’t agree more.

“I don’t think she has any idea of the welcome home she is going to get but she deserves every bit of it.”

In her blog, Jessica, who can't wait to get her driver's license when she returns to the Coast, described her countdown to finishing.

“I’ve spent the day on deck watching us surf along with a grin from one seriously cold ear to the other numb one.”

“Have I mentioned how excited I am?

“It’s like the day before Christmas except I don’t ever remember getting this excited about Christmas.” More Article here

Get Back Into Shape

Over the winter my husband put on a few pounds of fat. Now that it is summer he is really wanting to take those extra pounds off and leave them forever. So he has been thinking about getting some exercise equipment so he can work out at home. He likes to wake up early and work out before I even get out of bed. But lately, he has not been waking up so it has been hard to get back into the habit. But I have confidence that he will be able to get going exercising everyday and get rid of his belly before the summer even starts.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Praying For Peace Election

While watching on the news about the Philippines election, I get so nervous. You know why? I know something is going to happen again. It is not new to us every election time in the Philippines cheating possibly to happen. Now, they were using the automated poll machine. However, it could possibly be a disaster because during their machine testing, some machine didn't work. Sadly, but I can feel something is going to happen again during the election. Just praying for the peaceful election in the Philippines!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Remodel

Our neighbor is thinking about remodeling their garage. One of the worst parts of the garage is the floor. I think their garage floor really needs to be re-done. I know they were looking for the cheapest way to take care of the problem because the rest of the remodeling is going to be very expensive for sure! They might find the best deal online.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nitey Nitey

Lord, thank you so much for the people you've put in my life who've shown me your love, guiding me by example toward you, into your loving embrace. Help me to be that person in others' lives. Help me to find those who, through you, might be saved. Help me not to judge or condemn others, but to share with them about your light and life and love.

Good night all. Until my next post.

Full Head Of Hair

My husband is very lucky that he has such a full head of hair. I am lucky too I have the same. I know that we will have full head of hair till we are old and gray. But I have a friend who is not so lucky. He will do anything to keep what hair he has. He is even trying some hair growth shampoo. It seems the shampoo has been working pretty good. He still has kept the baldness at bay and has even added a little bit to the top of his head. Who knows maybe in a few years he can get it all back.

The Sinners And Saints

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved." - John 3:17, NKJV

When I accepted employment at the Garden Grove Community Church (now the Crystal Cathedral) in 1975, I was a 25-year-old party boy. Dr. Schuller had hired me for my graphic arts skills and talents alone.

Soon after I was hired, he received a phone call from the production secretary at the advertising agency I was leaving. "You don't want to hire Jim Coleman," she said. "He's a party animal and doesn't even attend church." (I later found out that her real motive and concern was that my leaving was going to cause her staffing problems at the agency.)

Without hesitation Dr. Schuller responded, "Good! Then our church is the perfect place for Jim. For, you see, our church is a hospital for sinners...NOT a museum for saints!"

What a great statement.

Just as Dr. Schuller did in my life, I try to reach out to those in need of God's redeeming grace. You, too, can trust God to guide you to someone today and every day - someone whose life can take a positive, dramatic turn because of Christ living his example through you. More reading

Keeping a clean face

Even though I am older I still get acne. It is so embarrassed because you think of that as something that only teenagers get. Well, at least I am not as embarrassed as I was back when my self esteem was much more fragile than it is today. Also I know how to take care of my skin and there are some adult acne treatments that help. If you feel the same way that I do it never hurts to keep some acne treatment in the cabinet for those occasional outbreaks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Backyard Adventures

My in-laws have a large piece of property around their house. My husband is always talking about atv riding around the property. There is a lot of space they could make some trails and ride all over the place. You could get lost for hours and hours riding an ATV all around the property. I think if we looked we could find an ATV that we could afford and then we could really have some fun riding all around and seeing parts of their property which I have not been to yet.

Its Going To Be A Fun- Food Saturday-:)

Ok, its Saturday that means its fun day because I get to spend time with the husband. However, today is a lot of things going on. In short, I am fully book hahaha. Me and my friends, decided to meet in the fil-store have some lunch over there, but I guess things will change because we got an invitation from our other friend on her daughter's birthday party held at the Pacific Buffet Chinese Restaurant. Aside from that, our friend who owned the the store invited us to go to her house for the bible study or thanksgiving celebration. Think about that? How we can do all this things together? Haha. I'm a little bit worried because I still need to do lots of stuff myself, my box needs to be fill to send to Phils. I guess, just a sort of time management huh!

Cross Country Move

Before I got here my husband told me stories about moving from Maryland to California and then back again. I cannot imagine trying to move so far. He told me how expensive it was to ship all of his stuff. His employer at the time paid for all the moving expenses so it was not really a big deal but now if we were to move that far I am sure we would want to find a good long distance moving company because it is not like moving across town in which you can rent a truck and do it yourself. You really need to get some help for that kind of move.

Happy Birthday Best Friend

I feel bad I forgot my best friend's birthday the other day. I just remembered when I saw the message on her profile somebody greeted her. I never been so busy in my life before, but this time of the year was our busiest day in work. Sorry best friend! I wish you more birthday's to come. Good luck to you and hope you will find the right man of your dreams. I will definitely make up with you one day.

Happy Birthday sis Jens.

Having Problem On Your Face?

When I was younger and I hit that age, you know that age when everything seems to change at the same time, then I really had a huge acne problem. Back then of course we did not have the internet to look up how to treat it. There was really only what our parents told us about how to treat the acne. Now with the internet kids have thousand of acne solutions right at their finger tips. So if the advice of your parents does not work for you then you can go online and find some more advice that might actually work.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Movie

We just got home from the movie theater. It was nice to spend the weekend with my husband and my other couple friends watching movies together. Feels good to just relax after a long week of work. I started to get excited when Friday comes because the next morning I get to sleep in until noon. I hope everybody is having a great Friday evening!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shopping Online Is Always Best Deal

Last weekend the husband and I walked around the mall looking for some computers. He wanted to replace his laptop computer because the old one was too slow. He has few laptop computers in the house but all of them were really slow. I told him to better shop online for some laptop though compared to the store were so expensive. I think he's going to give it a try shopping for laptop online. I'm sure he will best deal online compare to the store.

Dinner With Couple Friends

It was nice to be with couple friends tonight eating our dinner at Fire Side Restaurant. I never expect they have that great environment there and good food. I've been here for few years but tonight was my first time I've ate there. It was good experienced with the husband and two other couple friends of ours. Feels good to just have some fun and laughter along with friends, after a very long day at work. To Ate Aggy ang Ate Laura, thanks for the great time we had share tonight. See you both tomorrow.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Its Graduation Time

It is graduation time of the year. Your graduation day will be memorable if you have lots of friends and guest coming to your graduation day. To inform them of your celebration day, you need to let them know when and where is going to be. It is nicest thing to do if you send them your photo graduation invitations to share with them your day of celebration. Graduation is a time of growing up and moving on in life so will be nice if you share your achievements with family and friends.

Too Late To Eat

I can't believe we ate so late tonight. I came home late because I had to stopped by in Martins after work to picked up some veges. I don't know I can't just wait to cook some veges tonight. We had some salmon and bok choy which the husband enjoyed eating. He said, that was the best salmon he ever eaten lol. Now, its almost time to bed! really late-:(

Planning To Start A Business?

Last night I called my friend in the Philippines and we talked about having a small business there. She told me that products from the USA are most demand in the Philippines especially the beauty products, authentic bags and clothing. We had a long chat about having a business and I mentioned to her about the POS systems that we really need to have one when we start the business. I'm not really sure what she thinks about it but I know it is a must to have POS systems to start a business.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Great Easter, Great Weather

It was nice to spend our weekend with family here in the US. Mum in-law cooked some food for our Easter dinner. After we ate I thought about driving around because the weather was wonderful unfortunately, all the malls was closed. I come back home and just enjoyed the rest of Sunday.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Back in the winter when there was a lot of ice on the ground one of my best friends slipped in her car and completely wrecked her car. Now after the insurance paid to have it fixed, which was so expensive they decided to raise her rates. So I told her that she needs to go online and check out other auto insurance quotes and she might be able to save herself a lot of money. I know if she sticks with her current insurance she is going to pay through the nose.

Happy Easter

Not so much happening at work today. As usual, I work 10 hrs. I'm trying to go to work early so that I can come home early but its just hard to wake up so early as 6 AM.
Ok, tomorrow is Friday, Wish I'll be at work early hahaha!

Hope everybody is having a great Easter.

Nitey everyone.

Sitting in the Dark

Back during the winter the power went out because of all the snow. I was so scared to be in the house with all the dark. I just wanted to find the flash light. I looked all around to find my flashlight which was hard because there was no light. Once I found it I was so mad because the batteries were dead. I know now I can never have too many batteries around the house because I never want to sit in the dark and be mad from a dead battery.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Does your child always seem to get in trouble for fighting?

Does your child always seem to get in trouble for fighting? You’ve tried talking to him, but the aggressive behavior hasn’t stopped—he still roughhouses with his siblings at home to the point of injury, brawls with kids on the bus and gets into fistfights at school. In part 1 of this two-part series on aggressive child and teen behavior, James Lehman explains why kids get into fights in the first place—and tells you the three basic types of fighting that you need to address as a parent. Read Full Article

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Any Plans To Redo Your House?

Now, the summer is coming we are starting to think about remodeling the house. I am always wanting to redo the house. I love to think about that everyday. I want to redo the lighting in the kitchen and dining room. I found a great Chandelier at Dolan Designs that would look great in my kitchen.
After we are done in the kitchen we may move on to remodel the bathroom. I can never get enough of remodeling I keep planning and thinking about what to remodel next. I could redo the house every month and never get tired of it. But I think the husband would go broke for sure.

Busiest Day In Work Ever

Its been a long week in work working 10 hours everyday! I can't believe how busy we are in work these days. My goosh, I don't even have time for myself anymore lol. Seriously, too much work to do in just a day. Few months ago, were not that busy as we are today. Lots of new clients coming in one reasons we have to button up! Hope this busiest season will end up soon so that I have time to shop around again and more time to spend with the husband while I'm home. I never thought I will be working this much hours overtime every single day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Planning For A Vacation This Summer?

It is time for summer vacation, time for an Orlando vacation. I would love to go to Orlando and see Mickey Mouse. I have never been to Disney so it would be a trip of a life time for me. I d0n't want to wait until the middle of the summer because it would be too hot. So I think better than a summer vacation would actually be for a spring vacation when the weather is still a little bit cool. I just get too excited to even think about it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Enjoy The Nice Weather

Its been a nice weekend here. The weather is so nice. I think having a BBQ outside will be good idea to enjoy the weather. Glad, I finally feel better this weekend because my wound in my finger completely healed. Thank God I go back to my normal routine. I hope the things happened to me couple weeks ago never happen again. Its hard to have this small wound that takes forever to heal. Now, I just have to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Have a good one everyone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Planning To Have A Wedding?

I have been married in Singapore for a few years now and I am planning on doing it again in my own church maybe when the husband and I go back home together someday. I happened to run across this website for very well price wedding invitations.
It is nice to find this site because they have a huge variety of invitation styles from wedding accessories, wedding party gifts, wedding themes and colors and a lot more. You cannot ask for more! You can find everything you want for your perfect wedding. Wow, how cool is that? I will surely tell this to my single friends if by chance one of my friends decides to rum off and get hitched I know the perfect site for them.

Congrats To Pacman

Another day of history Filipinos around the globe celebrates Pacman's victory. The husband and I watched his fight last night but honestly, I find it so boring because our Proud Pinoy made his opponents a punching bag hahaha. Funny but true, Clottety loses every round that makes Manny beat him via unanimous decision. Its nice to see lots of Filipino people on the Dallas Cowboys Stadium supported the pinoy boxer.

All I can say is WOW! Manny is the best of all time in boxing history. He was so quick! I told the husband, if Manny will fight FLOYD, its gonna be a very interesting fight and I would love to watch the fight in person. Will see and just wait if Manny will retire in boxing as per Mummy Dionisia asked from her son, or will fight for Mayweather. Congrats to Manny!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Smoke?

Are you hooked on smoking but your loved one really hates the smell? If you have tried and tried to quit smoking but just can seem to kick the habit and you want to get rid of that smoky smell in your house, clothes and hair then try these electronic cigarettes.

I would have thought its crazy you can smoke with a battery but amazingly that have made it work. I would rather a person quit smoking all together but if they cannot find the strength to actually do it then this is the next best thing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Proud Pinoy

A Pinoy software developer beat over hundreds of contestants in a worldwide competition to win $50,000 worth of donation funds.

Wayne Dell Manuel, a 24-year-old developer at the National Telehealth Center of the University of the Philippines, bested over 700 contestants from countries around the world in the first-ever Google Map Maker Global Competition to win a $50,000 donation from UNICEF for projects that empower Filipino youth through technology in the Philippines and an all-expense paid trip to the Google Super Mappers 2010 conference in Switzerland. read more article

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Workout Winter

The husband is starting to get big again because he could not run outside with the cold weather. So we decided to get a treadmill. After a lot of research we found that nordictrack had the best on the market. I wish he had found this nordictrack coupon.
It would have made our already inexpensive treadmill even less expensive. Well, the husband has gotten a lot of miles already but in this winter and he had burned a lot of calories.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Kids Who Ignore Consequences

Does your child ignore every consequence you give him? No matter what you take away or how often you ground him, does he still repeat those same inappropriate behaviors? This week, James Lehman gives you 10 specific ways to make consequences work—even for the most resistant child. Read Full Article

Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Furniture Online Is Within Your Budget

I am tired of the desk that my computer is sitting on. I want to redo how it looks and how it works. So I have started to look at some office furniture to find a great desk for my computer.

My computer is the center of all my stuff so it tends to collect stuff on the deck around it. I want to find desk that I can organize all my stuff so it looks neat and organized and still look stylish at the same time. We will see if I can find such desk that I really like!

Why You Have To Be The Boss?

As a parent, if you aren’t the boss in your family, the lines of authority can become blurred very quickly. When your children are unsure about who’s really in charge, they often act out, engage in risky behavior, or become extremely bossy and patronizing as a result. And eventually you start to resent them because you don’t have a way to tell them what to do. You've effectively lost control. Read Full Article

Protect Your Body With Good Treatment

My grandparents have really bad arthritis. I really worry about them because they cannot get around very well because their joint pain. I did find a great rheumatoid arthritis treatment online which I am sure will help them out a lot. I am sure that some day when I get older I might need to use the same treatment as well as my husband. I just have to see if we ever get that old!

What Is The Secret Behind The Popcorn?

I use to watch movies on weekends with the husband. I just watch when the shows were my favorites, if not never mind! I remember telling the husband that next time we watch movie were not gonna buy popcorn anymore. Gessh, he can't resist but to have some. By reading this article will let the husband knows that he needs to stop buying popcorn whenever we go see a movie-:) Funny but true, it has a huge content of calories on it though gesshhhhhhhhhhh.. Good bye POPCORN!

Getting Ready For The Summer?

With all the cold and snow I feel to be getting fat again. I sit inside all day and eat. I wish it were summer right now because it seems easier to lose weight in the heat of summer. I know that if I can take some diet pills during the winter I will be ready when summer comes to put on my bikini. I am so tired of the cold especially the snow this year. It was so deep and seems like it will never go away.

Spend A Vacation Boost Your Happiness

This is a very good reading! I really want to take a time off from work at least for a week to go take a vacation to my home country. While reading the article, it makes me wonder do I will be happy when I take a vacation to Philippines anytime soon? My answer is Yes! I am definitely the happiest girl seeing my family and friends again. I know for sure when we take a trip again it will boost our happiness again as husband and wife.

Giving Nice Treatment To Your Body is Relaxing

The husband son is getting to the age that his face breaking out with acne. He really is in need of a whole body acne treatment. He is really getting older now and the physical traits that go with it are surprising. He is so much taller than me. When I first got here he was the same height as me and now I have to look up just to talk with him. He even has a few more years of growth left so one day he will really tower over me.

What Is Beyond The French Fries?

As much as I really like to eat french fries before this studies reminds me of making healthy foods for the husband. When I fry something I always use olive oil because in my understanding it is the healthiest choice of oil lol. I never use olive oil before when I was back home haha.. Now, I'm with the husband I have learned using it for his own good lol.