Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Break For A Day

I am off from work today because the husband and I went to USCIS Baltimore for my biometrics. Last month I sent out my package for my I-1751 Removal of Conditions Status. Thankfully, it was quicker than I could imagine. So, today my appointment for my biometrics was 10 AM, it was just right time when we got there and in 5 minutes I was done. Much easier than I thought huh! Now, I just sit and relax while waiting for my approval and possibly my 10 yr green card-:)

Last step will be my Citizenship. Btw, I have huge decision to make If I want to be an American Citizen or not hehe, hopefully next year. Will see.....

Good luck to all who are still on the process, everything will be fine as long as you have everything they need

Close The Sale

The husband does not work in a retail store but in a different kind of service industry. More and more they are thinking about how to maximize their profits and they are turning to the retail industry for answers. One of the thinks they are using to up sell products they did not worry about selling in the past are cardboard displays. You can use these displays to show many things to a customer who just walked in your door. So even if you are in a service industry selling is just as important as if you were in the retail industry.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Youngest Sailor

I've been following this story of Jessica, a very young sailor trying to make a world record. The youngest sailor who tried to sail around the world. I find it very interesting because it was a lot of things going on before she started to sail. If you want to read the whole story click HERE..
I cannot wait more update from her.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How To Be A Doctor?

The husband son is starting to think about college and what he wants to do in life. I know that he wants to be a doctor. The first step while in college to becoming a doctor is to do well on your GMAT's. So we are thinking about starting him soon in a GMAT prep. That way he is sure to get into a good medical school and start the journey toward being a doctor and fulfilling his dream.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Prayers For The Typhoon Victims

I felt so helpless every time I watch on TV what happened to my country. My heart crying for those people who were affected on the typhoon. Luckily, my family in Mindanao were too far from the affected areas. I decided to send a small amount of help to ABS CBN foundation. At least in small ways I can help my fellow Filipinos who are crying for help on this time of need. I am impressed how the ABS CBN organized their people to be in one hand helping the victims. I really felt sorry for those families who lost their love ones and houses. May they rest in peace and prayers for them.

Thinking About Remodelling Your Kitchen?

I am sooo tired of my kitchen not only is the floor tired but the fixtures are out of date. I just think that I want to up grade the kitchen faucets at a minimum. So now we are getting serious about remodeling. I am looking at what I want things to look like. Sometimes you can redecorate and leave the fixtures to last and you realize that if you looked at the fixtures first then you would have done things differently. Next time I have to check online first so that I don't make the same mistake.

Very Sad Indeed!

Ok, I can't help but had tears while watching the devastated storm hit in Manila. A lot of people were affected and seeing them on TV was so sad. Lots of cars flooded on the street and many people were begging for help. My God, I don't know who's to blame? It's nature calamity we can't do nothing about it but Pray! Click this Link for more infos about the typhoon.

Spice Up Your House With Inexpensive Tile

Ok I feel like the husband has a broken record but really he wants to either remodel our kitchen or our bathroom. Of course there is the chance that we will do both. He really wants to tile both of them. He used to tile from when he grew up. His bathroom always had nice tiles. So it is strange for him to use a bathroom in his own house and not have some tiles on the floor. Well, this will not last for long and he will have some tiles on both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Secrets Your Dentist Doesn't Want You To Know

A very good article to read and print out - make notes or underline
questions for your dentist. Call dentist receptionist and ask questions, if
getting unfavorable answers, call around to find a dentist who has
acceptable answers and practices and see if they are taking new patients.
Read Article...

Do You Own A Store?

My best friend owns a store. She sells foods from all over Asia. I love to shop there and eat all the foods that I enjoyed when I was a kid. But she has an old fashion cash register. I think she needs to check out the POS systems. I'm sure she would greatly improve her store and helps more customers to come in. They are a small shop but they work hard and they actually have a lot of customers. I will have to recommend to her this site for sure.