Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time To Sit Back And Relax

My favorite thing to do in the summer is to sit on the back porch. When it is really nice and warm outside I love to sit in the cool breeze of the summer in our really nice outdoor chairs. We love to fire up the grill and cook outside then eat out there and just soak up all the summer sunshine. I am still amazed that the sun is so late going down here. I cannot believe the sun is still up at 9pm. Where I am from no matter what the sun is gone by 6pm every day all year. But, here I can enjoy the summer evening which last so long.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crazy Days At Work

I am very busy these days. I work about 8-10 hours everyday, Monday to Friday. In between, I had 15 minutes break in the morning, 30 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes in the afternoon. I feel really tired sometimes but, its fun and I really love my job. Sometimes I miss my Babe Dako a lot while I'm at work because when I started working I didn't get to spend more time with him anymore.

However, we do make up on weekends. More important we both love each other very much. We're both working every day, when I get home from work he comes home too. I figure if I don't work and just stay home all day while he's at work I go nuts! Well, speaking about work, this week was the crazy days in work. I'm not feeling good all week plus were so busy! I know it was not the busiest days yet but it's been crazy with resolving some problems about work stuff.

On the other hand, I'm happy it's almost weekend. Time for rest and spend time with my Babe Dako and of course the unending household chores (~sigh~)

Good night everyone! Till my next post...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do You Have Spare Time?

Take this Test and tell me the result. It is fun trust me I learn a lot after taking it.

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Hard To Lose Those Extra Pounds?

Time to lose that winter fat so I can fit into my bathing suite when we go to the beach. No matter what I do though I have trouble getting the weight off and keeping it off. So when I have those kind of problems I like to get a little help from some weight loss pills. One of the best is ephedrine hcl. It is just that little bit of help to get rid of those extra pounds which always seem to find their way back to me.

Congress Adopt The Stars And Stripes

June 14: General Interest
1777 : Congress adopts the Stars and Stripes

During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress adopts a resolution stating that "the flag of the United States be thirteen alternate stripes red and white" and that "the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation." The national flag, which became known as the "Stars and Stripes," was based on the "Grand Union" flag, a banner carried by the Continental Army in 1776 that also consisted of 13 red and white stripes. According to legend, Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross designed the new canton for the Stars and Stripes, which consisted of a circle of 13 stars and a blue background, at the request of General George Washington. Historians have been unable to conclusively prove or disprove this legend.

With the entrance of new states into the United States after independence, new stripes and stars were added to represent new additions to the Union. In 1818, however, Congress enacted a law stipulating that the 13 original stripes be restored and that only stars be added to represent new states.

On June 14, 1877, the first Flag Day observance was held on the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes. As instructed by Congress, the U.S. flag was flown from all public buildings across the country. In the years after the first Flag Day, several states continued to observe the anniversary, and in 1949 Congress officially designated June 14 as Flag Day, a national day of observance. Source..

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