Sunday, April 26, 2009

Very Interesting

How a young girl became friends with a big leader and followed him into eternity!

April 25: General Interest
1983 : Andropov writes to U.S. student

On this day in 1983, the Soviet Union releases a letter that Russian leader Yuri Andropov wrote to Samantha Smith, an American fifth-grader from Manchester, Maine, inviting her to visit his country. Andropov's letter came in response to a note Smith had sent him in December 1982, asking if the Soviets were planning to start a nuclear war. At the time, the United States and Soviet Union were Cold War enemies. President Ronald Reagan, a passionate anti-communist, had dubbed the Soviet Union the "evil empire" and called for massive increases in U.S. defense spending to meet the perceived Soviet threat.

In his public relations duel with Reagan, known as the "Great Communicator," Andropov, who had succeeded longtime Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in 1982, assumed a folksy, almost grandfatherly approach that was incongruous with the negative image most Americans had of the Soviets. Andropov's letter said that Russian people wanted to "live in peace, to trade and cooperate with all our neighbors on the globe, no matter how close or far away they are, and, certainly, with such a great country as the United States of America." In response to Smith's question about whether the Soviet Union wished to prevent nuclear war, Andropov declared, "Yes, Samantha, we in the Soviet Union are endeavoring and doing everything so that there will be no war between our two countries, so that there will be no war at all on earth." Andropov also complimented Smith, comparing her to the spunky character Becky Thatcher from "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain.

Smith, born June 29, 1972, accepted Andropov's invitation and flew to the Soviet Union with her parents for a visit. Afterward, she became an international celebrity and peace ambassador, making speeches, writing a book and even landing a role on an American television series.

In February 1984, Yuri Andropov died from kidney failure and was succeeded by Konstantin Chernenko. The following year, in August 1985, Samantha Smith died tragically in a plane crash at age 13. Source..

A True American Hero

Nathan W. Talbot

Escaped as POW in the Philippines

WESTBORO, Mass. - Nathan W. Talbot, 89, died Wednesday, April 22, 2009, at UMass Memorial Health Care.

He was born in Winchester.

He leaves his wife of 64 years, Irene M. (Sherr) Talbot of Westboro, Mass.; two sons, Gil Talbot and his wife, Donna, of Pembroke, and Seth Talbot and his wife, Bonnie, of West Lynn, Ore.; a daughter-in-law, Marilyn Talbot of Westboro, Mass.; a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Carl and Joyce Sherr of Worcester, Mass.; six grandchildren, Ian, Heather, Andrew, Reed, Melissa and Sydney; and his nieces and nephews, Edward, Resa, Gary, Andre and Jennifer.

He was an Air Force lieutenant and a prisoner of war for more than three years in Luzon, Philippines. During a typhoon when his cage was blown over and ruptured, he escaped with some comrades and became a member of the Philippine guerilla forces as a radioman. He was a survivor of the Bataan Death March. He contacted Australian forces by radio and they arranged for a submarine to rescue him off the island. He was the one who created the plans for General MacArthur's return to the Philippines.

For many years, he was an engineer for the Federal Aviation Administration, and he retired from the FAA in Nashua, whereupon he moved to Lake Worth, Fla.

He was a member of the Congregation B'Nai Shalom of Westboro, Mass., and was a past president of The Exchange Clubs, both in Nashua and Lake Worth. He was a member of the MetroWest Jewish War Veterans and the Disabled American War Veterans. He was an avid amateur ham radio operator and his call letters were W1NXP. He was a former member of the Nashua Country Club, and he enjoyed golf and curling.

Great Deal For My Love

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Stop “Victim Thinking” in Kids

Whenever an adolescent doesn’t want to take responsibility, it’s very likely they’ll present themselves as a victim. When your child says, “You don’t understand me,” that’s playing the victim, because what they’re really saying is, “I’m a victim of your misunderstanding.” When they say, “My teacher is mean. That’s why I didn’t do my homework,” that is victim thinking, because they’re blaming their teacher for not having completed their work. And when you hear, “I hit my sister because she stuck her tongue out at me”, that is also victim thinking, because your child is using something as an excuse for breaking a rule in your household. And you’ll see excuse-making, blaming and justification all contained within this kind of thought process. In our society today, kids as well as adults have become adept at using all of these excuses to rationalize their actions. Click Here to Read Full Article

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Be In Better Shape With Kettlebell Workout

I have been feeling a bit fat lately. So my husband Babe Dako and I have decided to start working out. We actually have a few Kettlebells we bought before but we never really sure how to use them. So we were looking for a good Kettlebell workout. We found a really good one at this site. I am sure if we can do it everyday we are going to get in much better shape.

Wow! Unbelievable

My husband Babe Dako loves to watch videos on U-tube. He came across to this VIDEO and he showed it to me. Honestly, when I first saw her, I thought she would be sounded funny and really bad. When she started singing I was like WOW! she's unbelievable. Amazing woman! I believe she has huge career ahead of her. I can't believe millions of viewers!!!

Fil-AM Hosted GMA Shows

SHE is one of the Philippines upcoming stars.

Fil-Am Krista Kleiner better known for her Filipino stage name Krissa Mae Arrieta has already co-hosted on the GMA–7 show GoBingo and has a supporting role in the GMA-7 show Gagambino.

The 19-year-old Fil-Am is trying to make it in the world of Philippine show business. And so far she is on the cusp of stardom. source..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowers Blooming In The Spring

It is finally Spring season! My husband Babe Dako always says Spring has sprung the grass has rise I wonder where the birdies is? But you know what I really love about Spring is planting flowers. Every spring we get to start over and plan the whole yard out to make sure we have the most beautiful yard in the whole neighborhood. This year I am thinking about planting some crape myrtle. I have never planted it before so I am excited to see how it will look in our yard.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Missing Pieces A Bit

I really missed watching TFC. I cannot imagine how my life had changed since I started working full time. I really miss staying at home everyday and watch my favorite Filipino shows. Now, that I am working I don't have time to watch them. I only watch on weekends which I cannot even catch up. Anyhow, I love my job, learned new things everyday and most of all meet new people that's more important!

Top 2 BAR Exam From MSU

Wow! So proud from my beloved Alma Matter, rank as second who passed the bar examinations!

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 5) A total of 1,310 have passed the 2008 bar examinations, the Supreme Court announced Friday.

Judy Lardizabal of San Sebastian College topped examinations with a rating of 85.70 percent.

Mylene Amerol-Macumbal, of the Mindanao State University, came second with an average score of 85.65 percent.

The number of those who passed the exams represented 20.58 percent of the 6,364 law graduates who took and finished the four-Sunday examinations in September last year, Justice Dante Tinga, who chaired the 2008 Committee on Bar Examinations, said. Source...

Lighting Up The Night

Do you worry about the security around your house? One simple way to make sure your house is safe is to have a lot of outdoor lighting. It is not only good for security but if done properly it can really make your house look nice at night. I found a great website to purchase any kind of lights you might think you need for the outside of your house. I always feel like I can never have enough lights outside at night. I just love to be able to see where I am going. So if you want some light you need to check out their site.

Right Place

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. — Proverbs 16:9

They were in the right place, on the wrong day. Or so it would seem.

The Dayspring Chorale, a traveling high school singing group, arrived at a nursing home for a Thursday concert. However, the folks at the home were expecting them on Friday. But they said if the group could get set up fast, they could sing for 20 minutes. Then they’d have to stop for a memorial service for one of the residents.

The chorale hurriedly got ready and sang, and as they did, the son of the man who had died heard them. When they were done, he asked if they could sing at his dad’s service. They gladly agreed and ministered hope and truth to all who attended. God used these young people in a special way — all because of a secretarial error. But was it a mistake?

We carefully make schedules so we can be where we think we should be. But we always need to keep in mind the words of Solomon, “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” (Prov. 16:9).

Do we seek ministry in life’s unplanned schedule changes? Do we turn detours into guided tours of what He wants to do through us? If we’re doing God’s will, we’ll be in the right place. Then, wherever we are, we can point people to Him. — Dave Branon

Sometimes our plan does not unfold

The way we thought it would;

But God is always in control

To use it for our good. — Sper

My Addiction

I am addicted to shopping online. I just love to shop online and I find that I spend hours and hours just shopping. I am glad that I have a job not only to earn money to pay for my shopping but it keeps me from spending all day shopping for those hours I am at work. I love to get stuff not only for myself but also for my Babe Dako. I am thinking about getting him a tuxedo shirt. He really does not need one but I just love to shop and when I see a good bargain I cannot turn it down. I am sure he would be surprised to get one of these in the mail.