Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

I received the message below from a friend. She's my friend who is so dear to me. A friend who never fails to reminds me that we can conquer all the circumstances in life through GOD. He gave solutions to problems and Faithful to HIS promise. Thank you ante Mameng for the wonderful message! Happy Valentine's Day too.

"Well I thought about candy, then i saw flowers, and what would bless you more God's love that comes only from above, through each of us. MaY your day be filled with love and have candy and flowers in your heart as you deserve. My heart belongs to Christ and i give you a piece of it now. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FROM me TO YOU.

WE SHOULD call this God's Day since He was the one that made love. Remember Love comes from Him, it's all throughout the Bible, "real love". God bless."

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