Monday, January 19, 2009

Driving In The Snow, Oh No!

Gessh... I had not really realized that it can get very cold here during winter.
Last night, the husband and I went up there with his parents to eat dinner and watch football, and to see some snow much to my delight, it was freaking cold! Really Really Cold! Can't Believe It!
Looks pretty out this morning just a dusting make me scared because I had the most difficult time driving in the snow. Then, tomorrow morning I go to work so early will be a huge challenge if it's still snowing tonight. You know, driving in snow and ice can be scary and dangerous, especially for inexperienced driver like me-:) Hope I will be fine, but pretty scary to drive huhuhuh!


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  2. just be very careful sis, hubby hate driving in an icy road too hehehe..

  3. be calm and focus, you'll be alright!


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