Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You For The Everlasting Life

Be imitators of God,therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love........Ephesians 5:1-2 NIV

Sometimes we might mess up and don't live,act,or talk right. Many people that aren't quite what they should be in terms of living for Jesus, but they love God in their hearts. They really do. They mess up,but they've got a repentant heart and really want to do right. They're working their salvation out, day by day, trying to be the person God created them to be. That's how we all should be!
It's better to encourage somebody than to tear them down. If I just guide them with some words and give them some time to apply it, they'll grow on their own. Jesus' business was the business of reconciliation. To reconcile us back to God. Once we get born again, our job is to follow after Jesus and help to lead others to reconciliation. Talk of God's plan of salvation to others.
God's love will always make you secure and complete. His love reconciles you and when you trust in it, it'll give you the peace and joy your heart really needs.
Christians should always be known for their love toward one another.
Father thank you so much for all the love you give me and may I learn to let that kind of love out, going out of me to all I meet in Jesus Christ name. AMEN

Words of Encouragement:

Love is the most valuable of God's characteristics,and it must be mixed into everything we do. Matthew 10:16" be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves"...
There are times for tough love, and discipline is often called the purest form of love because it shows that you care enough about someone's welfare to steer them in the right direction.
But the AGAPE love of God flowing out towards others is what we should aim for. This is an unconditional love for others that remains constant no matter what you do in life. Remember the only Jesus some people may ever see is the Jesus in you, or the Jesus in me. be known for your love(AGAPE).

Father we praise and worship your name.
Lord teach us to love more and more as you Father love your children, us. May I love when it seems impossible and hate is all around, then may I really show the love of Christ in Jesus wonderful and mighty name. AMEN

Dreaming Of A Move

In my dreams we are moving into a brand new house with 5 bed rooms and 4 baths. In reality we are looking for a much smaller house that we can afford. If nothing else the current market is really a good time to find a bargain. So even if the house is smaller just dreaming about arranging the moving trucks to come and get our stuff and move it into our new house would make me happy. I am always thinking about moving!

Do You Love To Sew? I Do!

One of my passions when I was in college was sewing. I love to sew my own clothes when I was still in the Philippines. When I got here, I never think about sewing anymore just this year when I thought that every time I buy pants/ jeans I need to altered them because it is way too long. I've been to alteration shop many times, I've realized it is so expensive to just cut my single jeans. Now that I am working, I don't have the time to go to an alteration shop anymore but instead I can sew my pants during my free time. I am so happy my Babe Dako purchased this sewing machine for me thought it helps me a lot to sew anything I want in my own convenient time. Thank you my love!

Do You Want To Lose Weight?

I have really fallen behind on my New Years resolution to lose some weight for the new year. I was lucky that I did not gain any weight but I need to take off those pounds that I have collected over the years. I think I am going to look for a little extra help from some weight loss pills. This may be the little bit of extra help I need to get those pesky pounds off my waist. It sometimes feels like no matter what I do I cannot get slim down. I think it maybe a fact of getting old. But this time I am sure I will get the job done. It is just mind over matter!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bread Of Today

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become as sounding brass of a clanging cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1
Mere noise, disturbing and unhelpful, if it lacks love
AGAPE love of the undeserving, love which gives
What is real love as the Bible speaks? Read 1 Corinthians chap. 13 it is very clear what we are to do when we love as Jesus loved us. No limits, kind,not rude,rejoices in truth,bears all things,never fails,many more can be found throughout the Bible clearing defining how we are to love as Christ loves us. Many seem impossible to do but with God all things are possible. We need to always love the best we can asking for God to help us as needed.
Father teach me more on how to love as Christ loves us in Jesus Name. AMEN
Words of Encouragement
I am giving you a new commandment; love each other, just as I have loved you. You should love each other, your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. John 13:34-35NLT
Love is a reflection of commitment to someone. It is not dependent on warm feelings but on a consistent and sacrificial decision to extend yourself for the well-being of another. That commitment then produces feelings of love, not the other way. Understanding this kind of commitment as you love others is a window into understanding God's eternal commitment of love for you. When you learn to see others as God sees them,even those you dislike or who dislike you,you will be able to love them. Genuine love bubbles over from a spirit of giving and sacrifice.
Father we give you all the praise and glory.
Father teach me more everyday on real love, that is misunderstood most of the time. I wish to know more of how to love the ones I can't stand. As a human Lord, I tend to decide who I want to love which is not a Godly way of loving. Teach me Lord more and more so I can love the right way in Jesus Christ name. AMEN
Remember: Loving as Christ loves us, is important in our day to day living.

Do You Have A Child With Special Needs?

I have a friend who's kid has cerebral palsy. I feel for them because their daughter cannot walk very well. But to be honest they are made stronger because they knew that their child have special needs. They know that there are many people out there with similar situations and they can go online to find those kind of people. It is helpful to talk with someone who is going through the same thing as you. So really I do not feel sorry for my friend because they are such a strong family and I am striving to have a strong a will as they have.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stress Or Just Part Of Being New?

I just started working and I'm not really use to this work load yet. I feel a little bit stress and get tired when I get home after a long day of work. My gossh, is this really normal? It's only been a week since I started working. I use to take a nap everyday before I have a job and I think not being able to sleep adds to the stress of not sleeping plus I sleep even less now because I wake up so early in the morning to get ready for work. It is obviously I'm tired everyday! I hope and pray will get use to my work load and work schedule. Will See... till my next post.. good night everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Driving In The Snow, Oh No!

Gessh... I had not really realized that it can get very cold here during winter.
Last night, the husband and I went up there with his parents to eat dinner and watch football, and to see some snow much to my delight, it was freaking cold! Really Really Cold! Can't Believe It!
Looks pretty out this morning just a dusting make me scared because I had the most difficult time driving in the snow. Then, tomorrow morning I go to work so early will be a huge challenge if it's still snowing tonight. You know, driving in snow and ice can be scary and dangerous, especially for inexperienced driver like me-:) Hope I will be fine, but pretty scary to drive huhuhuh!

TV Stand For Your Home And Office

It seems like once a month I want to redecorate the entire house. I have made my Babe Dako move the bed and the couches at least a dozen times. So I know that next time we move all the furniture we need to find a new tv stand. I think we could find a stand that would be much for functional and fit into the decor of the room and still serve other functions. I really just love to redecorate and any new furniture is a plus in my book.

How To Lessen Your Ironing

Steps How To Avoid Or Lessen Your Ironing:

If you don't like ironing or you simply haven't much time to indulge in this necessary chore, here are some tips to avoid or reduce your ironing load. Wrinkling or creasing of clothes and other fabric items is caused by heat and/or pressure. If you can remove these two causes as quickly as possible during the laundry process, you'll be having fun instead of ironing!
  1. Use the permanent-press cycle. This cycle was invented to reduce the creasing of clothes and other items.
  2. Reduce the washing load. Don't jam the clothes into your washing machine. They need room to spin around; the closer the clothes are compacted during the washing cycle, the more they are likely to come out creased, squashed and probably inadequately cleaned.
  3. Keep heavy items separate. Don't mix heavy and light clothing and fabrics. The heavy ones will press onto the light ones and crease them. So keep dainty blouses away from denim overalls.
  4. Don't over-dry your clothes. Taking away all the moisture encourages wrinkling. Stop the dryer cycle a little earlier if necessary and bring clothes in from outside while they are still slightly damp. Or, if your dryer has a permanent-press option, use it because it is injecting a cooler air flow through the clothing towards the end of the cycle, thus cooling down the clothes and reducing the possibility of wrinkles.
  5. Balance the dryer load. Don't overload your dryer. One load is efficient and will result in evenly dried clothing, as well as less wrinkling.
  6. Dryer-iron. If you use a dryer, fold clothes as soon as the cycle ends, while the clothes are still warm. This is a neat trick that will act almost like the warmth of an iron in preventing creases. Even if you only fold them into the clothes basket for ironing later, this will massively reduce the time spent ironing as creases will be few and far between.
  7. Hang immediately. Whether you dry using a clothesline, a dryer, or a line in your laundry, use plastic hangers to hang the wet clothes up. Give the clothes a good shake first to remove water and budding wrinkles. Hanging allows the wrinkles to drop out and reduces the need for a thorough iron should you still have to iron the item.
  8. Don't iron. There are some things that really do not need to be ironed unless you're a fanatic. Think of which things you don't really mind un-ironed: underpants, socks, sheets (you can still do the pillowcases if you must for show), bras, throw rugs, etc.
  9. Buy wrinkle-free clothes. Nowadays many different fabrics are wrinkle-free. However, be careful of what method makes the clothing wrinkle-free - avoid those that are chemically treated.
  10. Divide the ironing chores. Each person in a household should be responsible for ironing his or her own clothes after the age of twelve. This lessens the load on the chief ironer and is a fair approach to household chores. It also teaches non-ironing spouses, partners and children about self-responsibility and they soon learn how to lessen the load!
  11. Invest in a garment steamer. A trick of the trade among fashion retailers, steamers give a clean, crisp look in about a quarter of the time with no damage to any fabric whatsoever.

Knobs For Your House

I get so mad to my Babe Dako but really it is not his fault. Sometimes things in the house break and I get mad at him. Just the other day I got mad at him when one of the door knobs broke and I could not get in the room. I think next time he will get an industrial knobs and for sure it will not break. My Babe Dako knows how to keep me happy and he will do whatever it takes for sure. Even if it means buying industrial items.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Job, New Life, New Challenges

Ok, right after the New Year, I started to think about having a new beginning and new life lol. I came out with so many realizations that I need to move on my life and find a full time job. As being stubborn myself, I really want things happen quickly. I then make a resume and search for an online local jobs in my neighboring places.

Luckily, I found online ads a huge company near our place is looking for a data entry and processor. I never hesitate to send out my resume. When they got my resume they called I need to fill up an application form from their company itself. I went there and filled up the forms the next day, I was schedule for an interview. Wow! I was speechless. I thought this is it. It's real lol.

I went back the next day for my interview. It went well! I was told to do my background check and they just call me after few days. Yesterday, I got a call from the company, I don’t know how I felt because I wasn't sure if they're going to hire me or not. However, I was preparing for a possible disappointment if ever they will not hire me.

As I talked to a certain receptionist in the company she was telling me that I need to report there tomorrow for an orientation and possible start working right after. My God! My heart was pounding! I was so happy and very excited because I got hired for the first full time job, first job I applied for since I got here on Dec 2006. My Babe Dako cannot believe I got hired that quick where in fact the economy is in recession. I think its God's will, not mine!

You know, I've realized so many things after the New Year that makes me have perseverance and confident to find a job that suit my ability and interests. I am very thankful God answered my prayers, and to my Babe Dako who is very supportive all the way. It's a great blessings and opportunity to have a job like this which I'll never dream will happens so soon. Definitely, I'll start working tomorrow! Weew!!!!

I may not around here very often when I start working. I will miss you all! Of course I'll try my best to update my blog whenever I have free time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Salamat My Love-:)

I had mentioned before, my Babe Dako's secret gifts for my birthday! Since my birthday just passed, his gifts just arrived today. It was another set of wedding ring. This will be the third wedding ring I had. The other 2 was too tight. My goodness I don't know why my fingers were getting big every single day lol. I know he's gonna gave me a ring for my birthday because he had been planning all along to give me another set of wedding ring on my birthday. I cannot be happier with this expensive set of ring my Babe Dako gave me. It is a gift that most women would like! Thank you my dearest one for the greatest gifts you've ever gave me. You always make me happy! Love you very much!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Did You Made Something?

These were few things I made on New Year. We ate this on New Year's Eve Philippine time which is lunch our time. Long life Bihon and Spaghetti hehe! I really miss my Papa's Biko back home so I decided to make Biko as well. I was so happy that it came out great. I thought it was no different than my Papa's Biko back home because it was so delicious, the same Biko I ate every New Year's Eve in the Philippines. Also, I've been craving for Puto for a while so I tried to make it for the New Year. Well, over all everything was perfect. My husband liked all the food. That is the most important thing right? It made me happy even though celebrating New Years here is so much different in the Philippines.

Can You Take Too Many Pictures?

The husband and I love to travel especially to the Philippines. Last time we traveled there I was worried because we would not have time to download all our pictures before we got home. I knew we would fill up the memory of our camera so quick. So we decided to buy a lot of compact flash memory so that we would be sure to keep all the pictures we took. We had several thousand pictures from our trip and it was very short only two weeks. I hope to take a month long trip next year and I am sure we will need even more compact flash memory for our camera.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Dearest Husband

It's my Babe Dako's birthday today. I'm glad when I read some text messages from my family in the Philippines wishing him a happy birthday. I can see the big smile on his face while reading the text from Papa. Babe you're not getting any younger hehe. Good news is I forgot your age!
The better news you look the same like two years ago when I met you. The best news is I remember it's your birthday today, a day to celebrate the precious life that GOD has given you. I have lots to say and thankful for, for being my best friend and best husband. On your birthday, wishing you lots of love and happiness for our future together. I pray this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories and wonderful moments and shining dreams we have together. I wish the commitment we had for each other will remain for the rest of our lives. I want you to know that you are so special to me, you always make me smile when I'm sad, you make me laugh when I cry, and above all, you did everything just to make me a happy wife. So, I want you to see that I have you right in my mind, heart and soul especially on your special day. You know, despite of all the ups and downs we've been through, you've shown yourself as a committed, outstanding, understanding and loving husband ever. That is, you'll be loved enormously much and you're the only one for the rest of our lives! Happy Birthday my dearest husband Babe Dako. Kisses...

Worried About Life Insurance?

Ahhh, I get so frustrated because the husband and I always in need of good insurance. Sometimes we need auto insurance, then seems like next week we need to update our renters insurance, and now I am thinking about life insurance for myself for my future's safety. I found great website that sells all insurance online. I can only go to one place and find all these different kinds of insurance and I'm sure to find the best prices. You know, you feel more relaxed knowing that you have life insurance that will take care of your loved ones when you're not around.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Beginning, New Life, New Challenges For The New Year

It's NEW YEAR! Another year to celebrate a new beginning, another challenges in life, new hopes and new opportunities to explore in our lives. New Year is time to wish all friends and loved ones, time for celebration of love, life, and friendship. Above all, it's time to thank the LORD our GOD for the greatest gift of LIFE and wonderful family and friends, and to bring to their lives as much peace, joy, and happiness as they bring to ours.
May this New Year will brings new hopes, many opportunities, new promises and new reasons to celebrate your presence in lives. I Hope each day hold something special that is wonderful and new because we deserve the best of everything in life! Wishing you all have Peace and Wonderful New Year 2009!