Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not Getting Any Younger

When I woke up this morning I was surprise to see the stuff below my Babe Dako gave me aside from the special gift which I keep it as secret lol. He woke me up and sung happy birthday (Harana). He's so sweet!

Yes! Today is my birthday. In my previous post, my in-laws celebrate it last Sunday at Red Curry Restaurant so today I just make few things for my Babe Dako. Since I take a birthday break today hehe, I decided to make few of my Babe Dako's favorites filipino cooking.
I made lumpia, Lechon Kawali, chicken macaroni salad and fried tilapia ( opss he never eat tilapia). I tell you, we both ate this for lunch and also tonight for dinner hahaha. I was suppose to invite my friends over but, they were too busy in work and they cannot come. So, only Babe Dako and I eat all these foods!
Btw, I just love to make something today to entertain myself since I took a break! My Babe Dako loved to eat all this in fact, not much left on the fridge anymore.

I am happier when he gets home from work tonight, he had another surprise, my all time favorite ice cream cake from Cold Stone! Oh so yummy.... I hope I may not pack much pounds. Babe Dako told me, I can eat whatever I want because it's my birthday lol!
That's all for my special day! I am very happy even I am away from my family in the Phils. My wish is to celebrate my birthday next year with friends and family in the Philippines. Anyway, even I was not there today, they still celebrate with me because I sent them few things for my birthday that made them happy too.


  1. happy bday dezz, may God grant all your wishes.... sana magka baby ka gaya ni faye hehehe..

  2. magandang bati sis!

  3. May you be blessed with lifetime happiness and a lot of kids..

  4. I never thought birthday a can make so many people happy... Waw, you're amazing^^

  5. I think I came in just right on handaan pala dito..Happy birthday, Dez!Best wishes and stay safe!

  6. belated happy birthday sis! the foods looked yummy! wish i can have some too. hehe merry christmas! :)

  7. Hi Dezz....

    Happy belated birthday to you. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate with your Bebe Dako...[and your future kids...hehe].

    Merry Christmas din sa inyo's wishing you na it will still be a happy one kahit wala pa kayong little one...

    Mommy WAHM

  8. Happy Birthday to you. May God always bless you and family.


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