Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser Winner

I am so happy with the result of the Biggest Loser tonight because the great woman I am rooting since the show started have won. I really thought Michelle and Renee were Filipina. I've been watching the show from the start to finish and I thought Michelle gonna win it all. I was right with my guts lol. Now, she made it. Michelle inspired me despite living in very difficult situation, she never give up! I think that's life is all about huh! Well, I just like her though; she's got the heart and beautiful woman inside and out. I was sad to see Haba won the 100K dollars she don't deserve it, she was the most disgusting women I've ever seen on the show lol. I just don't like her disgusting attitude that's all!
I wish her good luck and hope she stays sexy! Congrats Michelle, you deserve to be crown as The Biggest Loser.


  1. I love that show too but when we came here in Korea, I lost track of it hehehe...

  2. oh congrats to her its so hard to lose weight and maintain it as well
    so it is such a great achievement cheers!!
    have a great weekened dezz


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