Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advance Birthday Party At Red Curry

This week will be my birthday. My in-laws decided to celebrate it tonight at Red Curry Restaurant. I was touched how they care and loved me so much. I can't help to had teary eyed when I open their presents for me. It just made me cry thinking about their goodness and the love they have for me. You know, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that my in-laws loved me as much as they love their son, my husband. I can't explain how happy I am tonight! I never feel being so loved by others before. I felt it from my family here in the US especially the unconditional love from my Babe Dako. Thank you so much to my dearest Babe Dako for the love we share and to my in-laws, especially to Mum Dawn and Dad Jerry, I am forever grateful for having such a wonderful family with you all. Now, my tears started to fall down, no words can explain how I feel and greatful I am to have a loving and caring family I had in the States.

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