Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sad New Year In Gensan

Very sad news from Gensan! A bomb exploded on New Year's Eve at Oval Plaza wounding at least 22 people. I can imagine in Oval Plaza were a lot of people celebrating New Year's Eve that turned into a very sad event. Gensan is the place I consider where I grew up. I stayed there for 10 years from High School Years to College until I left Philippines in 2004. I would consider as the booming City, why? Because when I went home last September, I saw the biggest changes in the City. Lots of new establishment were built.
It is very sad to see on the news about what happened on New Year's Eve. Read more..

Monday, December 29, 2008

If You Smell Good, You Feel Good, Be Wise, Be Beautiful

I feel bored in the house this weekend so I thought about going around will ease my boredom. When I walked around the mall I saw the big sign at Bath And Body Works that they were on sale. Wow! when I went inside I was so happy when I saw all the products I use for my body wash and hand were on sale. It is normally expensive and today they're on sale so I grabbed the opportunity to buy a lot of them. I got body lotion, hand cream, shower gel, bar soap, moisturizer, shampoo, body splash and hand soap. Wow! I have a lot of supplies now that will last for several months. I think it's a great buy because I saved more than buying the original price. I am so happy with my purchase today because these are the products I use everyday. I am so in love with the Cherry Blossom smell. It's just so perfect for me. And most importantly my Babe Dako loves it and is attracted to me sexually lol!

How To Become Debt Free?

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Second Christmas In The States

Last night Babe Dako and I spend our Christmas Eve to his parent's house. It was fun, we had a short bible study after that we opened gifts and ate our Christmas Eve Supper. It's nice to spend with my family here in the US. However, it would be nicer if I get to spend with family and friends in the Philippines because this will be my second Christmas and New Year to celebrate with family in the US. A lot of presents were opened, I was so happy when I opened few gifts I got. One of the best I've received from Mum In-Law this beautiful necklace with diamond dragon fly pendant. It is so pretty! I liked it. Thank you so much Mum Dawn for the gifts. I cannot ask for more, they gave me everything already. All I can say is thank you so much with all the things they had done for me will always be remembered and treasured. I pray for their good health and may God continues to bless them with more joy and happiness in the years to come. Merry Christmas To You All!

Tired Of Your Desktop Computer?

My husband Babe Dako is thinking it might be good for me to get away from this desktop computer I always use since I want to be able to use the computer anywhere in the house. We think the best laptop computer on the market right now is the Toshiba Satellite. My husband had a Satellite laptop before and he really liked it a lot. It would give me the flexibility to use my computer anywhere in the house so I can use it in the kitchen or while watching TV. They have really good prices on so now might be the right time to buy if you need to get one.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not Getting Any Younger

When I woke up this morning I was surprise to see the stuff below my Babe Dako gave me aside from the special gift which I keep it as secret lol. He woke me up and sung happy birthday (Harana). He's so sweet!

Yes! Today is my birthday. In my previous post, my in-laws celebrate it last Sunday at Red Curry Restaurant so today I just make few things for my Babe Dako. Since I take a birthday break today hehe, I decided to make few of my Babe Dako's favorites filipino cooking.
I made lumpia, Lechon Kawali, chicken macaroni salad and fried tilapia ( opss he never eat tilapia). I tell you, we both ate this for lunch and also tonight for dinner hahaha. I was suppose to invite my friends over but, they were too busy in work and they cannot come. So, only Babe Dako and I eat all these foods!
Btw, I just love to make something today to entertain myself since I took a break! My Babe Dako loved to eat all this in fact, not much left on the fridge anymore.

I am happier when he gets home from work tonight, he had another surprise, my all time favorite ice cream cake from Cold Stone! Oh so yummy.... I hope I may not pack much pounds. Babe Dako told me, I can eat whatever I want because it's my birthday lol!
That's all for my special day! I am very happy even I am away from my family in the Phils. My wish is to celebrate my birthday next year with friends and family in the Philippines. Anyway, even I was not there today, they still celebrate with me because I sent them few things for my birthday that made them happy too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deer And Gees Around

The husband took a snap shot of deer at the front yard. I can't believe what I saw! There were so many deers and geese around. I used to see 1 or 2 deer at the back porch but this time they're a lot of them. Guess, when they see somebody they will run and boom, they were disappeared in just a second hahaha.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser Winner

I am so happy with the result of the Biggest Loser tonight because the great woman I am rooting since the show started have won. I really thought Michelle and Renee were Filipina. I've been watching the show from the start to finish and I thought Michelle gonna win it all. I was right with my guts lol. Now, she made it. Michelle inspired me despite living in very difficult situation, she never give up! I think that's life is all about huh! Well, I just like her though; she's got the heart and beautiful woman inside and out. I was sad to see Haba won the 100K dollars she don't deserve it, she was the most disgusting women I've ever seen on the show lol. I just don't like her disgusting attitude that's all!
I wish her good luck and hope she stays sexy! Congrats Michelle, you deserve to be crown as The Biggest Loser.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advance Birthday Party At Red Curry

This week will be my birthday. My in-laws decided to celebrate it tonight at Red Curry Restaurant. I was touched how they care and loved me so much. I can't help to had teary eyed when I open their presents for me. It just made me cry thinking about their goodness and the love they have for me. You know, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that my in-laws loved me as much as they love their son, my husband. I can't explain how happy I am tonight! I never feel being so loved by others before. I felt it from my family here in the US especially the unconditional love from my Babe Dako. Thank you so much to my dearest Babe Dako for the love we share and to my in-laws, especially to Mum Dawn and Dad Jerry, I am forever grateful for having such a wonderful family with you all. Now, my tears started to fall down, no words can explain how I feel and greatful I am to have a loving and caring family I had in the States.

Ride The Horse With Complete Outfit

When I was growing up in the Philippines I always love to ride the horses around the village. But we rode bareback, with bare feet and just our short and t-shirt. I was shocked to find out here in the US they have really fancy equestrian riding apparel. I am thinking I will need to get some clothes like that so I can go for horse ride here in the States because I really miss riding a horse. I am surprise sometimes how much different things are here than in the Philippines but one thing stays the same and that is how much I love horses.

Cut The Husband's Hair

Today, I cut my Babe Dako's buhok (hair) since he had his last hair cut in the Philippines 3 months ago his hair has gotten taas kaayo (very long.) He was over due for a cut! So when I was done, there was a very large pile of hair on the floor. I could not believe he had that much hair on his head. Now he looks so guapo (handsome) hehe. I love to cut his hair especially since I am so much cheaper than the barber lol. Do you think I'm a good barber? Well, just love to cut the husband's hair that's all!

Women Burning Fat

I get so frustrated because my husband Babe Dako can lose weight to much faster than me. It seems that men are much better at losing weight. It can really make me mad when we are both on a diet and it seems like I am not losing any weight. So I am going to and get some help from a female fat burner which will give me that little bit of an edge that will make my husband jealous haha and I am sure he will be the frustrated one when he sees how much easier it is for me to lose the weight now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shrimp and Green Curry For Lunch

This is what I made for lunch today. While waiting for my Babe Dako to come home I take snap shot of it. I made chicken green curry with basil and bamboo shoot and put some spicy stuff on it and shrimp with extra hot cocktail sauce. Sounds yummy isn't ?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Golf Balls Best Gift This Christmas For Your Golfer Friend

So you have that golfer in your life and it is Christmas time. The question arises as to what gift to get that person. An easy standby is to get a box of golf balls. Well, it might not really make a good gift for a close friend or relative. However, you could always use them for stocking stuffers. They would even be a great gift at the office gift exchange this year. Everyone has someone in their life that plays golf so believe me they will not go to waste. Every golfer appreciates to have an extra box of balls sitting around because there is time to run out and lose them all over the golf course.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Pinay On Top Chefs Show

Babe Dako and I love to watch Top Chefs. Do you? Well, every season I didn't miss every episode although I don't like the host. I love to cook so while watching the show I learned at the same time. From the beginning of this season, I really thought it has a Filipino top chef again who was on the show but, I wasn't really sure! Now, I knew by reading this LINK my Babe Dako just sent me that a 27 year old Leah Cohen is a Filipina from Romblon. I am so happy when I knew she's Filipina. She had won twice on their last challenged. Wow! I can't wait to watch top chefs again. I hope she will go all the way to the end. But honestly, last time I've watch the show, I told my Babe Dako I don't like Leah Cohen because she's fooling around with someone on the show lol. Now, I know she's Pinay I don't know what to say hehe. Will see......

Need A Surefire?

When you're in need of tactical flashlight and other applications you might have. The answer to your need is to get a Surefire. The group who were in law enforcement officers and armed citizens, both may have a need to use light to identify threats and control people. You may ask how? Well, tactical light can take away an assailant's vision, affecting depth perception and mentally take away any perceived advantage your opponent may have. The other use of tactical light is for military special operations. If you are looking for your tactical lights for deployment or in other applications click the above link and you're even find all the tactical needs you're looking for.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fil-Am Association Christmas Party in Hagerstown

Last night we went to the Fil-Am Association Christmas party here in Hagerstown. I was happy I met my friends in the party, had fun chatting and lots of fun games. Of course I was more happier I ate different kinds of Filipino cooking. The food was great! Nice people to deal with and I meet new friends. After the party Babe Dako and I went home quickly because I don't want to miss Pacman's fight lol. Over all, it was pretty good weekend!

Pacman Won

Geee, hard to wake up this morning. Babe Dako and I stayed up sooooooo late last night to watch the PACMAN beat Oscar Dela Hoya in a Las Vegas Boxing match. It was awesome to see Manny just dominate him. It was not expected that Manny would even win let alone dominate the whole fight. We were so excited it was hard to get to sleep and now the next morning I am excited but tired. I am sure I will take a long nap this afternoon.

Preserving The Beauty Of Your Beautiful Home

My husband Babe Dako and I have decided that now is not the time to find a new house. So we are doing little things here and there to make the old house feel like a new house without spending a lot of money. One area of our house that is looking bad and making the house look old is our roof. We are thinking that a good roof cleaning will make our house look so much newer and if we do decide to sell our house then I am sure the small investment in a roof cleaning will pay off in more value to our house and thus a higher selling price.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Watch Pacman Vs. Dela Hoya Tonight

Hey guys! if you love boxing, watch here free live. Click video 1. Now, my heart is pounding while waiting for the main event. I hope he wins. Will update the result soon.. Enjoy watching! Wheww! Getting excited here...

Make You Feel At Ease And Give You Inner Peace

I know life insurance is more important to some than others. Your family needs life insurance benefits and you are the person who needs to make sure that this happens. It is not difficult to determine how much life insurance you need and what you can afford. As you move on, the last piece of the puzzle is purchasing a policy. When everything is said and done you will feel good about the policy you purchased, as well as the future safety of your family. Even though you may think that this is a waste of money, you should consider the benefits before you come to a final conclusion. The fact of the matter is that term life insurance is not very expensive. For only a few dollars per month you can buy a little bit of coverage that would definitely come in handy to your family if you were to die. You may not be able to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance on a few bucks, but any coverage is better than none at all.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Pinay Swept Away To Sea During Marriage Proposal

My Babe Dako sent me this LINK, I had teary eye while reading a very sad story about a pinay who swept away to sea during the marriage proposal of her husband to be. I believe she came here on K1 visa from the Philippines. Unfortunately, she was gone when a wave swept her out to the sea. Click this to read the complete details about the couple proposal rock turned deadly! Very Sad-:(

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Very Cool Personalized Gifts

With the proliferation of digital cameras everyone has hundreds if not thousands of pictures of friends, family and even pets. So now we all have photos hanging on the wall of every member of our family. I found a cool new website Photofiddle which will let you take one of those photos and make it look like a painting. You need to check out Photofiddle Before & After Sample to see how cool they are. It makes a very unique perfect gift to hang on the wall and really dazzle all your friends.