Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy ThanksGiving Day

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the US that most Americans celebrate and considered as a great holiday. This will be my second thanksgiving since I arrived here on 2006. I love the fact that every thanksgiving my family in the US gather together to celebrate and have fun eating hmm.. yum. Today will be a joyful day as a family here in the US but I am a little bit sad when I think about my family in the Philippines. I wish I could celebrate with them this coming holiday! Sad, but its life and my fate is to be relocated in the US with my Babe Dako.

Anyway, I wish you all have a wonderful THANKSGIVING DAY! Enjoy eating the Turkey!


  1. I know how it feel. This is my first thanksgiving in the states but still I'm sad because my husband is not here with my family as well

  2. God will be there for your family, cheer up~ ^^


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