Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Do You Think? Stop Or Do I?

Ok, let me vent here! Some of you here may know that I am sending my nephew to college. He took IT course which he is on the 2nd year this year. I had been devastated before to my brothers who I had been helping in college and never finish their studies because they both got married. So, lesson learned! Ok, here's the deal before I supported my nephew in school. I told him; once I know you have a girlfriend I will stop sending you any peso. While were on vacation there, I've noticed something about him, he seemed he has a problem! He's not my nephew I've known before I left Philippines many years ago. So, vacation is over we came back here and got a text from my sister that the nephew has something to open with her because he feels guilty. Now, he confronted to my sister who lived in Korea who still on vacation there that he was hurt because he's gf broke up on him. He has gf for 3 years, they never seen each other only one time and the girl broke up with him and he was affected. Damn can't believe it!
Now, I know the story! I was mad and feel devastated again because I don't have any assurance if he can finish school or not and aside from that, he lets himself get affected!
I didn't give them any call since I got here from the vacation; just send them text on chikka. I send text to his mother who is my eldest sister told her how I feel. I told her that I don't have any interest in sending her son funds anymore because I don't have any assurance from him or he might just get married to soon. It just pissed me off you know!
How could I continue sending him to school if he didn't value my sacrifices and effort for him to finish hi studies? My Babe Dako and I done everything for him, in fact, while were still there we had found an apartment for him it will be paid monthly plus his tuition fees, allowance and all. I cannot imagine him taking for granted what we had agreed before I help him in school.
At the moment, I am contemplating if I continue to send him funds in school because I am so pissed right now! Helping him in college is so expensive. The school he went to is the most expensive school in the city. Notre Dame Dadiangas University in Gensan. Hays, I don't know what to do because I don't have any interest to send him any money for his second semester's enrollment.

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  1. Hi Sis,
    I can relate to your sentiment, the same situation happened to my cousin who I sent to college too. It's hard, because we only want what is best for them right? however, sometimes there are things that we can't control like "love". Relationships are part of growing up. About my cousin, she had a bf, pero I didn't stop sending her to school, however, I gave her an ultimatum, I told her na she can have a bf as long as her grades are good. Mahirap kasi sis eh, the more you stop them, the more na they'll do it. Masarap daw ang bawal di ba? Good thing naman nakatapos ang cousin ko and I'm happy.

    Why don't you talk to your nephew sis, know his side.

    Take care sis.. btw, I'm happy to hear that you're feeling better now. Babe Dako is going a great job ! :]


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