Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sometimes We Laugh Together, Sometimes We Cry

It's 12 Midnight I am still awake! I have hard time sleeping at night because I still feel like I am in the Philippines. I have been sleeping at day time here and stay awake at night!
I feel sad sometimes when I think about my family, missed them so much! My thoughts are always with them and all the memories we had all together. I wish I could go back home again next year. I am in tears! My heart is still in pain, longing for a fine recovery soon.


  1. oh sis,
    I can really relate to your sentiments...I felt the same way when I left Phils too.. ang hirap ano? You'll see them again soon..

    For sure you esp Babe Dako had a great time.. 2 weeks wasn't enough no? next time make it a month vacation..

    Sad we didn't meet fault..been sick lately..and I know 2 weeks will not be enough for you to spend with your family.. next time make it longer ha? mwahugs!

  2. Sis its normal to feel that way. chaeer up, your family are fine. .

  3. they were so lucky to have someone like you dezz
    i wish to God your Family's Safetiness...
    and May God bless you there too okay?
    have a great blogging day


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