Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forgot And Found-:)

I went over through my Babe Dako's stuff after we arrived here from our vacation in the Philippines. I had found 10,000P in his small wallet where he kept his passport and tickets. I never thought he still have some pesos though in fact, I was surprised when I found out he still have that much pesos left lol. When he got home from work, I showed him what I found he was like What?? I still have some pesos left? That means he forgot where he kept his money hahaha. I send text to Papa told him about it he said, I have to send it to them. I am not sure how though. Any idea?


  1. well you can keep it on your next vacation or you can send it to your family in The Phil.
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  2. Hello Dezz, Gigi and I did the same thing when we returned from the Philippines last year. At first, I thought I would need more at the airport for luggage taxes and stuff, but we did ok..We have about 3000 pesos left.. Not a good idea to send cash by mail to the Philippines. Maybe you can save it for your next trip.. .. By the way please stop by new blog sometime and leave a comment..Don't think I can use CBox there.. Take care.. James/

  3. Hi Sis..Hows your Philippines trip? Did u enjoy it? Yes I agree with James. Just keep it and bring it back when you back home.. Ang ako kay ako rman gi keep.. :D


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