Friday, October 03, 2008

I am Back Safe

We just got home from our 2 weeks vacation in the Philippines. It seemed the days went so fast as were not able to visit all my relatives and friends. However, the short time being with my family and friends became memorable! My Babe Dako and I enjoyed our vacation a lot. He was able to experience the things he never experience before. The sad part, when it was time to say goodbye. Tears have never come to an end until I came here! It's hard to leave my family behind it breaks my heart! For now, were still adjusting and hopefully we will go back to our normal routine when we both feeling better.


  1. glad your safe back home and had a wonderful time your family and friends in the Philippines

  2. Hi sis! welcome back! I sent you an email, but I was late already. I was sick and slowed down in blogging that time, I wasn't able to reply to you asap. Glad to hear you had a great time with your family here. I've been sick these past few weeks, Mk was in Manila that time too. Cge lang there'll be plenty of opportunities for us to meet. I'm glad to see you back blogging! Na miss kita :]

  3. Oh God, I can imagine now when it's time for us to say goodbye to them. We will be leaving next month na sis, yey! Excited nako kaayo! Heheh!

  4. I don't want to think the sad part muna. Though I know it will come.

  5. Oi sis, add my other blog naman pala, if you don't mind.
    Sharz2 -

    Salamat, sis.

  6. Sis, Thanks sa comments. I added your blog already. Yeah, I tell you. It was so sad leaving your family behind. So you must prepare emotionally before you go;). Me, even on the plane I cried sakit talaga to say goodbye. I hate it really!


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