Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Me

Wow! The rate of Peso against the dollar is just incredible! I wish when we had our vacation last month we had the same rate as of today 50P to a dollar. My good Lord! I felt regret inside lol.
Anyway, few months ago most OFW feared of having 40P to a dollar, and hey it's now turn around. It only shows nothing in this world is permanent hahahah. (my belief-:))
Well, its good news for us, I'm sure there were a lot of OFW out there were glad with the current rate!

Goodnight everyone!


  1. good to know that but in Legazpi its still 48 a dollar.. we just sent some last week..

  2. OO nga daw sis, the dollar went up. That's a great news to all OFWs. Sana it will stay like that until dec no? para alam mo na..hehehe..
    btw sis got an Uber Amazing Award for you..hope you'll like it.

  3. hi dezz... just visiting and checking whats new...Ingat lagi!@


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