Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do You Eat Out Of Boredom?

Today, we had a wonderful dinner with my in laws next door. I am not supposed to eat dinner with them because I do all my laundry and feel a little cranky. Gessh, after we ate I went over in our house and I was falling asleep. When I woke up my Babe Dako came in I told him I want to eat again. Ok, we ate our left over because Mum in-law wants me to bring it here, after we ate; I whispered to my Babe Dako "I FEEL BORED" in a sudden my tears falling down! I cried!
Now, I feel better he gave me some ice cream for dessert, and I am here again to write anything just to ease my boredom.


  1. Oh yes, I am always like this when I am bore. I eat and sleep and then sleep and eat.

    Hi Dess hopping by here. Have a great day to you
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  2. Hi Sis,
    hope you're feeling better now..
    not bored and not crying anymore..
    good thing Babe Dako is there to cheer you up sis.. I can relate to your sentiment, it is really very hard to be away from family..and it is harder leaving them again.. pg naka uwi ka na kasi parang ayaw mo nang iwan sila ulit..

    just cheer up sis :]

  3. Hi Sis,

    Sometimes I just cried for no reason.. but I usually hide it from my hubby.. maybe coz of the same reason ..missing our family home..But good thing that ur Babe Dako Cheer you Up..

    Sometimes I think that it's unfair since their family are here and ours are not..

    Ingat always sis..keep smiling..we are still in Tennessee..


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