Sunday, October 19, 2008

Car For Family

This is what we bought during our vacation in the Philippines a month ago. As soon as we arrived there on the 19th Sept. we went to look for some furniture in the house. We bought a bed, dining table and couch for the house. It had been planned that when we get there we might buy a Van and leave it for my family when we come back here to the US.

Were contemplating that time if we buy this because after 3 days of looking around I was disappointed we didn't find any. So, I told my Papa to give one last day to find a Van, he left so early in the morning at noon I got a call from him that he finally found this. We then went to check this van and liked it.

We only rode there for a week before we left, very sad! I know this car will be in good hands, because before we left, I told my family to must take care of this and when we go back hopefully next year, it will look the same. I know this is not inexpensive; I invested my dollar earnings on this so they must take care like human being. My family was so happy, they cannot ask for more. It seemed we gave them almost everything they wanted. They had nice furniture in the house, nice bed to sleep in, etc...
I am more than happy because my Babe Dako was willing to pleased and help my family in the Philippines in many ways. I cannot thank him enough for being so supportive to my family.

I always thank GOD for giving me the best husband in the world that is so loving, understanding and caring. I am always grateful and thankful to GOD the great blessings he has given for us and to my family. There's no one to be thankful with but my only Savior who never cease to fulfill his promises to his children.

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