Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What's your dinner?

Hi everyone, how was your day so far? Mine has been crazy with all the cleaning and laundry in the house. I feel much relax now that I made all the things need to be done. Wednesday is my favorite day lol because I may able to rest, but a bunch of laundry needs to be done and do the cleaning. I feel uneasy If I still see some of the things scattered around the house. Not so bad day though because I finish cleaning and laundry around noon and of course I take a long nap again. When I woke up I have some sandwich and chips for snacks few minutes after my Babe Dako showed up. I was surprised he was home a little bit early not like the usual time he's home late. So now, I am sitting here typing and guess what? He went to the gym alone hehe I just didn't feel like going though so he goes alone. I will make up anyway, as soon as he gets home later he will eat a very nice dinner with pork chops, salad and corn. Isn't that yummy? Opsss I better go... I need to cook! see you all!

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