Saturday, August 16, 2008

I need to Stop, Stop......

Tonight while I sat in the couch watched Olympics game, in a sudden I was thinking about going out. Here comes again I ended up in Outlets. I've been eyeing this Clarks Artisan Collection sandals for a while. Last time I went there with my friend I didn't find my size. Since I keep thinking about this sandal that I really want to buy it, I went back to Clarks today and check if they have my size already. As soon as I got there boommm they had it lol. So, without hesitation it will be mine! However, I still keep looking and I saw another pair there that caught my eye, the color is powder blue that seemed so comfortable in my feet. When I check the size, again its bigger than my feet. The sales lady seemed nice and told me they don't have my size anymore, if I can wait they're going to order and deliver it to me. So, I had to agree because it only takes a week to order before I receive it. So, I had to pay for 2 pairs of shoes but I only have one pair here and hopefully next week I receive the other pair.
When I'm on the way home the husband Babe Dako called craving for burger lol. I stopped by in Burger King and grab his all time favorite burgers Whopper with cheese with everything on it hahaha.
He asked me what I bought and I need to fashion show again hahaha I told him only sandals lol.
Sometimes I hate myself to always buy something that is not so important. I told my Babe Dako about it tonight, he said; it's a Filipino Blood lol and he mentioned about Emelda Marcos. I thought it was funny! He don't think I can stop buying my shoes whenever I go shopping-:)

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  1. hello dezz wow great ...but first i would like to thank you for dropping by at my blog and leaving me a comment i well appreciated it and as of taking back the courtesy i included now your blog in my blogroll so that i cn visit you here as oftn as i can
    and its seems that both of our blog was designed by twinks is it shes so sweet hehe
    have a great blogging day to you \
    and thank you again


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