Friday, August 22, 2008

Here Comes My Beauty Supply

Thank you Bare Minerals! I am happy my beauty supplement arrived today as I almost run out of stock lol. No one beats my favorite SPF 15 foundation because I really saw the changes every time I put it on. I started using this since I got here when I saw on TV one morning Leslie introducing her Bare Minerals products. Since I love to try new things without hesitation, that day I ordered from them and booom--it arrived quickly as I never expected. Since then, I don't leave home without it lol. I know, every woman have their own cosmetics taste and beauty product used to maintain their skin tone looks beautiful and healthy. But here's mine, the Bare Minerals Products! I've been using most of their product from brushes kit, glamorous shades, SPF 15 Foundation to revival treatment. I find it very convenience because I received fresh supply of their product shipped automatically, just whenever I need it. Since I am a member of their club, I also save a little bit and received great surprise from Leslie from her favorite products. I admit it is very expensive beauty product to use. However, I am very happy and satisfied with the result when started using it. That's more important right? It's really worth it! Thank you Bare Minerals for always making me look blooming and beautiful!-:)


  1. hello are you? I added your 2 blogs sa new blog ko

    I like your layout here, very cool..

    i have a tag for you

  2. Woo hoo....tuloy tuloy ang kabyutihan natin....hahaha.

    Hi Dezz...musta ka na? I have not been here in a while but I'm back...for now.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Mommy Wahm

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  4. Couldn't find a CBOX..

    Say, come by and state your opinion on Barack Obama's choice for Vice-President.

  5. Sis,
    no wonder you are a beauty with a very nice skin.. :] keep it up! stay beautiful inside and out :]

  6. Thank you ladies for the kind words-:)
    Makes my day reading all the comments here.

    God bless all.



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