Friday, August 01, 2008

Do you need a new Cell Phone?

Since I have been in the US a short time I was exposed to many different cell phone companies. I realized that if you want cheap cell phones then you can find many companies that will sell you a very nice cell phone if you sign up for their service plan. If you want to find free cell phone offers you can find the cellphone you want but I am not so experienced with those kind of plans however, I've know my friends I've met here are really crazy about them. In my home town there are four major cell phone companies. My best friend she selected from at&t wireless phones and she got a very nice cellphone. She told me, how she loves the cellphone features and the connections were great. My husband's best friend chose from T-Mobile phones and he was so happy with his selection. I get tired of hearing how great his cellphone is, sometimes I want to throw his cellphone in the pond hahaha. My mother in law picked from Verizon phones all I heard from her saying, how great her cellphone is and she's been using it for many years. She picked the right service plans which gave her so much satisfaction.
Well, when I got here my husband chose from the Sprint phones for me. I was not happy with his first pick of cellphone because it wasn't so many features in there, but just a few months ago I was able to upgrade to a brand new cellphone that I was very proud to use. I guess the lesson I learned was not to let your husband pick your cellphone for you but do it yourself. But please don't tell my husband I said that since I appreciate that he got me such a nice cellphone to start with lol.

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