Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you feel homesick?

Not feeling so good today. I feel like I am having a headache. I just woke up from a very long nap; here I am still not feeling good! I need to drink more glass of water I guess. Hays, there are just times that our body needs more rest from being stressed or a long day work.

Last night, after we ate dinner we've watched TV on the couch in a sudden I cried. I don't know why! My Babe Dako asked me what was wrong I just said nothing! He said, you homesick? I didn't say anything! So he tried to comfort me until I felt much better and I started talking with him again. I am glad I have the most loving and understanding husband has the ability to lighten things up. It isn’t easy to laugh when you don’t feel good.

However, I know that being able to laugh and smile at yourself and the situation is helpful and good for both of us. I knew the lonely and homesick moments strike me out again. In reality, the feeling has been hard heavy even when I left Philippines 4 years ago. Life emotionally was tough sometimes; not everyday I faced full of laughter and happiness even I am with my Babe Dako's side, some days tears falling down my face! It has been hard coping well with all the emotions and feelings when you were inseparable from your beloved family in the past. In short, the homesickness! Just venting....


  1. Hi Dezz...visiting u here today. I hope you are feeling better now...

  2. Just think about the happy moment and u wont get homesick anymore...

    added u back sis.. thanks1

  3. Hi Dezz..

    Naku..I hope you're feeling a lot better na. I guess we all go through that, huh? We're thousands of miles away from what we've known home for the most of our lives so it's just normal to be homesick every now and then.


    Mommy Wahm

  4. HI ladies, thanks for the kind words. I am feeling much better right now. No matter how strong we are there are times we felt down when homesickness comes. Agree?-:)


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