Friday, July 18, 2008

What makes you happy?

I believe my wisdom is from the God above who created everything on earth. I have no knowledge without HIM. The wisdom that I had from God continues my learning to make the right choices. The book that I read shows us that it is not always easy to do the wise thing in life. Some of us loved material things in life, jewelry and money and you thought the more you had, the happier you would be. No! The money or gold you have can't buy happiness and that simple things can be the best. In the end, we grew wiser and we found out that gold or money did not make us happy and that the best things in life is our family, friends and the nice air we breathe everyday. And we are Free!


  1. Hi Dez...have a happy weekend here. Got you tagged!

  2. that's right sis, you can never buy happiness :-) enjoy your day and send my regards to all :-0


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