Sunday, July 13, 2008

A month worth of food

My Babe Dako and I just got home bought some groceries good for at least a month. I told him we need to buy a lot of foods today because I am not gonna do any food shopping until after we go visit the Philippines in September lol. We went to Hoffman Meats yesterday bought tons of pork, chicken, and beef. They have chicken tenders special we bought 5 lbs. Of course most of the meat we put in the freezer that will last longer. And today, we bought tons of vegetables, pastas and stuff like that will last for at least a month too. We also got a whole variety of fruits to make a fresh mix fruits salad but that won't last a month.

Anyway, last week we turned off the AC because I got tired of it. I just cannot get used to it. So today, we decided to buy some electric fans to keep a little bit cooler air circulating in the house. Now, feels just right in the house, neither too cold nor hot. Hayss... Whether it's cold or hot I complain. I don't know where to go lol. Anyway,I am trying to get used to the 4 seasons in the US. Sometimes my body can't adjust to the temperature! By the time my body adjusts to it, the season has changed again. Just so hard you know, really hard!!!!(Just venting)

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