Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thoughts, How it feels to be responsible?

Usually my relaxing moments come when I am alone. While sitting in the couch tried to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, a homesick thought strikes me! That means I missed my family and starts thinking different things about them. I guess not really homesick but a thought that I AM RESPONSIBLE! My family had served me well for a long time, and now I feel it was my responsibility to take good care of them. My life has been made better by the acts of another and my family so I should help them when help is needed. Do you agree?

Actually, I did help my family a lot. I gave them so much financially because all I know is we all have a responsibility to one another. Returning care of helping them brings a sense of joy and strength to my life. I've been helping my family since I was away from them and feels good to help others especially to someone you dearly love (My Family). Try to think of a time someone has helped you! I always think of the days when I was with my parents hands. They're always there helping me out through my difficult times and needs. I still remember those days when I was nothing, no one to turn into except for my family and friends. Is there someone you can help? Keep your eyes open for the chance to pitch in and help someone out. It feels good to be responsible!

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