Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Passport Renewal In Washington DC

We went to Washington DC today for my passport renewal. It was a bit frustrating but, I can't do anything about it! They already had new guidelines on new passport requirements and photos. If your passport is about to expire you better renew ahead because it take 6 weeks now for a passport to be released from the date of application. Glad I was able to read their website and found out that they had a Machine Readable Passport Projects here in the US which requires applicants to appear in person if applying for a new or renewal of passport. If not, I will get in trouble because I need to renew my passport before I go back home in September. Visit HERE for more information on Machine Readable Passports for Filipinos.


  1. Enjoy a lovely weekend with your loved-ones!!!

  2. I am here today! Please drop by my blog too and vote for me okay? Thanks!

  3. Hi sis!I was freaked out also after reading in wof about the passport thing,because were gonna go home this oct. I'm fine now we called the embassy in DC and I just need to ammend my passport. My passport is still fine to use because it will expire on 2011.have a good one sis!


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