Friday, June 13, 2008

One to Grow On

Its nice Friday afternoon lay down in the couch relaxing. So, I grabbed some books and read. I just finished reading one story that talks about courage and hard work. I was touched by it. It is true indeed, that hard work is the secret to making dreams and wishes come true. The story shows that good things come from working hard. A couple worked hard and they were rewarded by the elves coming to help them out. In return the couple gave the elves the wonderful new clothes. They were grateful to the elves and wanted to thank them for all of their hard work.
Well, we all have different dreams in life, the couple in the story I've read dreamed of living comfortably, the elves dreamed of some fine new clothes. No matter what your dream is, hard work can help make it happen!


  1. Yep, hardwork is the key for success. I just wish some other people will realize that nothing in this world comes easy. One has to work for it.

    Nice one Dezz....

    Enjoy the coming weekend.


  2. you're right mummy wahm. thanks for reading. I wish you have a wonderful weekend.



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