Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GFMC what is it?

I've been an avid customer of PNBRCI remittance since I got here. I thought of sharing this info about the Global Money Card to those who have lived overseas. Today, I just received my GFMC from PNB branch in my area. I really thought this is the best card for Filipinos who work or lived overseas. Why? If you are holding GFMC they offers a lot of benefits that awaits you when you go visit Philippines. For instance, when you go shopping to their partners merchants nationwide, just present your GFMC card and you will enjoy their fabulous discounts, you also earn rewards for every remittance transaction you make and more...
Even when you’re overseas, you can apply for a GFMC for your beneficiaries in the Philippines and of course for yourself. For me, its hassle FREE!
I am happy I own GFMC for my own benefits as well. I know this will be a big help for us when we go visit in September. I just reload my card here and take out the funds when I get there. Isn't that easy and safe?
GFMC stands for Global Filipino Money Card, it is a re-loadable ATM card with the following features:

-No need to open an account.
-No deposit requirement and maintaining balance.
-Purchase Card : Can be used at PayLink Point-of-Sale Terminals.
-24/7 ATM Access through PNB, MegaLink & BancNet terminals nationwide.
-Beneficiaries will receive text alerts when funds are loaded in the card.

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