Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Shopping

I didn't know what to do when the sun goes down. While sitting in the couch I was thinking of going out to just walk around or shop a lil bit. When my Babe Dako got home I told him I've been feeling bored all day and I wanted to do some shopping outside. It was in my mind lately, I needed to buy another pairs of sandals for summer. Oh boy! I went outside late and shop around in Outlets. Here's what I got Perfume Spray from Ralph Lauren, 3 halter summer tops and 2 Clarks shoes.

See, when I think of something I need I can't sleep unless I have it. I get what I wanted that is why I am very grateful to my Babe Dako who is always there supported me all the way hehe never heard any complains spending his money-:)

Well, when I got home I tried the things I bought and put on fashion show in front of my Babe Dako. He was happy with my purchased. He said, everything looks good on me! I feel much better now I was able to buy what I need and wants.


  1. Sis, mahirama ko sa imong isa ka sandal na ala japanese style beh balik lang nako ugma buntag. ha! ha! ha! I like it. joke lang! I'm happy for you that ur relieve now after ur shopping. Adto sa ko balik ko higda matulog mi balik sa akong bugay na baby kay kami lang duha karon akong bana naa trip into other island. See ya around.

  2. wow! they're really cute..Can i have one of them sistahhhhhhhhhh

    Take care

  3. wow, shopaholic ka pala sis. heheh. all women naman ganyan talaga eh...


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