Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be honest and tell the truth!

I stay home again today due to my ups and downs mood lol. Seriously, I am not feeling really well though so I stay home all day. I am happy my Babe Dako come home for lunch and took a break in the afternoon he didn't go back to work. He's sister who lived in Virginia Beach were here so he wants to spend time with her. I feel bad because I didn't spend much time with them due to my monthly sickness. Anyway, I had so much fun spending time with them for couple of days but today is another bad day for me. So I just took a nap and do some reading again. Well, sometimes reading books inspire me to live and face my everyday life here in the US. Being far away from my own family is hard so when I do nothing at home and I am tired facing in the computer I rather do some reading because it does give an inspiration to me to become a good wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, and it does give me courage to face challenges in life. It does give so many lessons to learn that will guide me to better person or individual. Based on the story I've read sometimes being honest means telling people things they don't want to hear. It's not always easy telling the truth though. Sometimes it's even scary to be honest. I was raised with my parents with the pure honesty in my heart. I am an individual who believes that telling the truth is the best virtue I can pass on to my kids in the future. No matter how difficult it is, though, telling the truth is very important! It lets us know where we stand, and it helps keep us from making mistakes. If someone had been honest with the story I've read, he never would have made such a fool of himself. Well, the story of the honest guy reminds me that when you tell the truth, things always work out for the best. It shows that honesty really is the best policy. SO, BE HONEST!

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