Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Balikbayan Boxes send home

Here's what we did last weekend. We loaded the truck 4 boxes took them to Filipino Store where we got the boxes to send home for our family in the Philippines. I couldn't imagine how hard it was when I packed them. Imagine 4 boxes is a lot of work plus putting lots of tapes on it makes me almost give up sending boxes again hehe. I feel relieve after sending those boxes though I can't imagine how much we spent including the charges. Well, I am pretty sure our family is very happy knowing that most of the stuff inside the boxes was for all of them. I wish it will get there in time because I will be distributing the stuff inside when I get there in September. I believe it will arrive there before we do but I just make sure to send them out this early.
Honestly, I need a break to fill more balikbayan boxes. Hopefully, I will send out again next year. I hope! Just can't imagine how hard it is to pack different kinds of stuff from the US.Woaaa! I was very sweaty filled all those boxes though, good thing my Babe Dako helped me a lot. Thank you my Babe Dako!


  1. your family back home will surely be happy with those!

  2. Hi Dezz...

    Wow...4 boxes! Ang dami nga. But you did the right thing by sending them ahead of you. Sa hirap ng pag travel ngayon, mahirap na to take chances.

    Sama mo naman ako pag uwi mo. Kasya siguro ako sa isang maleta....hahaha.

    Mommy WAHM - Juliana

  3. wow, dami naman mga pasalubong yan. meron ba ako kahit isa man lang jan? LoL. Im sure your family will be greatful and happy.

  4. Happy ang lahat pag-uwi mo, Dezz. Kelan ang uwi mo?


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