Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ABS-CBN Ces News team released

Glad to see Ces news teams of ABS-CBN are freed after 9 days of captivity. It was very emotional to watch them on the news telling about their experienced in the hands of the kidnappers. Hard to imagine how she survived the greatest turmoil she had experienced. I'm sure it serves as the greatest lesson and challenge in her career as a journalist. I could tell she's a very strong woman; I was in teary eyed watching her on the interview. She says, sometimes she forgot that there are a lot of people who loves her especially her family, kids and sisters.
Now, with the release from the captivity of an ABS-CBN news team, GMA ordered an All-out offensive vs. kidnappers launched. Read More....


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  4. dili man di Abu ang nag kidnap sa ilaha ba..

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  5. Maau kay kahawa na sila sa mga bandido. Swertahan tawon sila ky gbuhi pa.

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    I hope that reporters and others in the field of news reporting learned something with what just happened.

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