Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Monthsary

Today is our wedding Monthsary. It is our one year and 10 months wedding anniversary. I am so happy to be with my Babe Dako. We did not really do a lot today to celebrate but we did some shopping. It was nice to spend the day together at least. We ate lunch (which was really our breakfast) at Wafflehouse. Since it was lunch we did not eat any waffles but I had a pork chop, my Babe Dako had a steak sandwich. We also have a huge pile of hash browns which are the signature dish at Wafflehouse. After that, we went to the Outlets to find some shoes for Papa. We spent over 3 hours there and I got a pair of Nike shoes for Papa and I got myself the same shoes. I have not gone clothes shopping with my Dako since I got my car. I could tell he had enough though so I took him back home then I went back to the Outlets and bought some more clothes for myself and for him. Well, when I got back we had Chicken Satay on the grill for dinner. It was very nice to eat together and spend the day together. We really love to spend time together and can never get enough. I know there will be many, many Monthsary's ahead of us to celebrate.

I thank the Lord for his blessings into our marriage and we are forever greatful that we found each other.

I love you my Babe Dako. Happy wedding Monthsary!

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  1. Hi Dezz...

    Ang sweet naman nyo ni Baby Dako mo. Looks like you had fun. Happy monthsary sa inyong dalawa. Two more months and you will be celebrating your 2nd yr anniv....woo hoo...



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