Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trip to New York

We were thinking about going to the Pinoy festival in New York this weekend thinking about the things to do in New York and I was reminded of the last time I was in New York. We were trying to get to Manhattan and got lost when we got off the Highway to get some gas. Wow, we ended up on the bad side of town. I am sure it was safer than we thought but we made sure we locked all the doors. I remember seeing a burned out car on the side of the road and graffiti on all the walls. It also turned out not to be so easy getting back on the highway as we found out the roads were one-way and that one-way was always away from the highway. Well, eventually we found our way back onto the highway and found our way to Manhattan and the hotel we were supposed to stay in.

Next time I go to New York I am going to find sightseeing tours to make sure I know where I am going. If we make that trip I am going to use Trusted Tours & Attractions to plan my trip so as to avoid ending up on the wrong side of New York. You can sign up for their Newsletter here. If you sign up today for the newsletter at Trusted Tours & Attractions then you will be entered for the chance to win a $150 iTunes Gift Card. They have things to do in a lot of other cities too like Things to do in Atlanta.

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