Monday, May 12, 2008

Shopping Together

This week end my Babe Dako and I went grocery shopping together first time since I got my own car. I was lucky he was in great mood and kept following me to every corner of the store hehe. Well, we did a lot this weekend as part of celebrating Mother's day. Shopping, Cleaning the house, rearranging our things in the kitchen etc. I could say that I am completely happy with the new look of our kitchen. My Babe Dako managed to moved things/appliances to their respective nice place. Here are the things we bought summer styles napkins, paper plates and plastic glasses.

The Mandoline above is very cool because it makes my cooking easy and painless. I can easily cut onions, carrots, cucumber etc. to any style or slices I wanted.
Another vacuum cleaner for me. Our old vacuum cleaner is too big for me because every time I use it just so heavy though lol. So, I told my babe Dako I needed the smaller one. I liked this better because it smaller like me lol. btw, Its easy to use and clean the dirt. Not only all the shopping but we cleaned the house and did a ton of laundry.

After a very long day here's what we had for dinner courtesy of my Babe Dako-:)


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