Thursday, May 08, 2008

Put A Smile On My Face

I am working all day feeling so tired but when I received in the mail the new phone my Babe Dako got for me that put a big smile on my face. Honestly, the first phone he gave me I did not really like very much. He brought the phone to the airport when he picked me up so I just said I liked it even it was not what I wanted heheh.. After few months I got here I told him that I didn't like the phone just being honest right? When I got here at first I was not very interested in what kind of Phone I had like when I was in Phils and Singapore. Here, I am contented whatever kinds of gadgets I have as long as I have the means to communicate with my Babe Dako when he's gone or I am out. I have big smile on my face when I told him today that I like the phone... Funny we got unexpected call from our phone company yesterday it was happened the girl who called was a Filipina . Since our phone contract was about to expire they offered us some new phones so that we would extend our contract. The phone company we have is great and the reception here is very good so we had no interest in changing companies. So we were glad to take new phones and extend our contract since we had not planned to switch anyway. I was very happy to finally have a phone that I really like and can show off in public-:)


  1. tagged u here sis

  2. congrats on your new phone! it's nice!

    have a great friday!

  3. hello here r u? brought you some tag...enjoy your weekend!take care!

  4. Kumusta naman ka guaps? agi lang ko dri ha, doing my rounds here and to say hi. Have a great weekend!


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