Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Beauty Secret Tag

I have been tagged my lara.
Thanks sis for the tag.
Sorry for the late posting.
I guess its my turn to reveal my beauty secret hee.

My Foundation:
Bare Minerals.. Can't live without it, used since I got here.
My Mascara: Bare Minerals
My Blush: Bare Minerals
My Day Cream: Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15
My Lipstick: Bare Minerals
My Essential Beauty Product: Olay cream cleanser and Neutrogena Facial Wash, Dove beauty and body wash, sometimes using likas papaya and aroma therapy shower gel, Neutrogena for my night cream and skin revival treatment from bare minerals. Nivea and gold bond utimate softening for my hands and body lotion. For my eyes, lips, and brows I used bare minerals..

My favorite Make-up product: Bare Minerals
My Perfume: Dior and Ralph Lauren
My Nails: I do my nails all the time. Fav colors brown, red and white
My Feet: I do the same.
My hands: gold bond ultimate softening and Nivea
Women I admire for their beauty: Many to mention
Women with the best Sense of Style: many to mention
My ultimate dream: richest girl in the world to help the poor-:)
My favorite fashion Publication: many to mention.

I'm tagging Marlet, Anne,Mummy Sheng,Sweetpie, Ness, Lir and Yumz. Pls grab this tag girls let me know your beauty secret too.


  1. murag wala man bare minerals dre sa atua sis oi, mineral water lang hehe!tc sis..lamat sa pagduaw sa akong panimalay.

  2. Sis Dezz, thanks sa tag ako rana hulbotn unya...


  3. visiting you here on a sunday afternoon :)

  4. thanks for the tag!

    glad you're back! i miss reading your posts. take care!


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